Easylistener is a Flash music player which can literally play any page on the web. Simply point it at your favorite music blog, RSS feed or playlist document and it will crawl that URL and start playing back any mp3s it finds.

Easylistener was developed in the Yahoo! Media Innovation Group by William White and Joseph Magnani. It was inspired by the work of Fabricio Zuardi, Lucas Gonze and many other amazing and talented engineers working for Yahoo! Music in San Diego and Santa Monica, who were developing the Yahoo! Media Player.

The widget was released in 2007 on the now defunct Yahoo! Next site and hosted off Webjay's legacy XSPF player URL which had been embedded on numerous blogs and MySpace pages around the world at This URL is no longer valid, but you can still use Easylistener today by accessing it through this redirect URL:

Use this handy Code Creator to configure Easylistener just how you want it. Click "Copy to Clipboard" when you're finished customizing it and paste the codes into your blog, myspace or webpage.

Oops, you need to get the Adobe Flash Player (9.0.28 or greater).
Get Flash. Or Try anyway.

Note: You'll need to swap the URL:

to be

in the embed code.

Querystring/flashvar parameters

  • playlist_url - The URL of the page you want to play. (HTML, RSS/ATOM, or a playlist document)
  • rounded_corner - If set to 1, nice rounded corners will appear.
  • autoplay - If set to 1, playback will begin immediately.
  • visualizer_enabled - If set to 1, a visualizer will be displayed.
  • metadata_position - Options: top, left or right.

Easylistener Dark

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