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Ciemo's Funk[Sound of the AM radio tuning] It's the seventies, a rainy afternoon, and I'm tuning in the Philly stations picking up Motown, R&B. Soul Train on a Saturday morning. Later I add disco and funk to the mix. Some blue-eyed soul. I remember Prince's first appearance on American Bandstand. Rap and Hip-hop enter. It should all be blended together ... frappe to the beat.2005-10-31
Zoe's Radio Show show of '06...about 2 hours long...enjoy!2006-02-09
Zack2Zacks faves2006-03-06
My Recommended Songs - All genresyvonne's playlist2006-03-11
yvonne's jamzyvonne's jamz2006-03-11
love jamsyryeye2005-11-29
Wui WeeYour French Fix. When Nattur is Really Calling Badly!2006-04-06
pop I could hate moreyou'll hear it on the radio, but I like it anyway. I mean, you'll hear it on the *BBC*, home of irritating pop trends, and I still think it's ok. 2006-01-26
Elvis Costello CoversYou'll be hard-pressed to find a music critic worth his salt that dissmisses the music of Elvis Costello. The huge number of Elvis songs that have been recorded by other artists is a testimony to his powerful influence. This playlist contains 20 Elvis Costello covers. I have included "(What's So Funny Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" even though Elvis didn't write it because he has made it his own.2006-01-05
Angry ThroatYou will get the point, You Will Hear this! They wont be Ignored! Hang on and get ready to Hear Angry Throat!2006-03-02
Kathie's Country +You Want it,I got it2006-03-11
Dance, Bitch.You say gay as if it's a bad thing.2006-03-16
Excellence in ObscurityYou probably have never heard of these songs, but they are among my absolute favorites.2006-01-23
Shallow HalYou may or may not be able to hear these on the Motion Picture Soundtrack!2005-12-29
Celebrity Playlist: Henry VIIIYou may know that King Henry the VIII of England created his own church to get around the rules of the Catholic church, or that he had 6 wives, a couple of whom he disposed of bloodily. You also know that he got quite fat later in life. But do you know he was a musician and even a composer? This is Tudor period music that he probably heard, loved and maybe even played.2006-01-05
Monster Ballads Platinum EditionYou may have seen the television commercial for this two CD set called "Monster Ballads Platinum Edition". It contains some of the sappiest, pop-metal power ballads ever recorded. Break out the spandex and hairspray, then sway in time with your Bic in full flame mode.2005-12-31
Those Little Red EnvelopesYou know those little red envelopes with strange gold decorations on the front? Sometimes there are dragons, but the design that's so different I have to admit I'm surprised every time I see it is a fish, but I've heard that it's supposed to be for good luck. Have you ever held one of those little red envelopes, with their fancy Chinese symbols gloating in gold? I have and I have considered it - seen the way it almost glows every so often. 2006-03-03
StaggaYou havent heard anything 'till you heard this. Well, what you doing reading this?!?! Listen!2006-03-11
Classical FavsYou have to hunt to find this stuff in YMU. Well, I guess you don't because I have done the hunting for you. These are some of my Classical favorites. Enjoy!2005-09-05
Fridayyou have got to hear this2006-03-10
cher80'sYou favorite hits from the 80's & 90's Taken from the top 100 chart in 1980-19922006-02-18
Yolanda AdamsYolanda Adams2006-02-24
My Recommended Songs - All genresYME Recommendations do a great job of stuff I'd like to hear2006-02-07
Just can't get enoughYes, my formative years were the 1980's...2005-11-02
05, you wouldn't know itYes, it's 2005, but some of the big releases coming out this year would make you think we're still in the 60s or 70s. It's great to see that these artists are still churning out great music. More power to them. Enjoy!2005-09-23
Playlist 1Yes 22006-01-20
BurnlistYes 12006-01-21
Augustus PabloYer Mama is a big fan2005-11-09
Number One Hits of 2000Yahoo Music Unlimited has 17 of the 18 songs that hit number one in the yesr 2000.2006-02-20
XM Satellite Radio Channel 7: 1974XM Satellite radio channel 7 plays the most memorable songs from the 1970s. This playlist takes songs from the station's current roster. I have narrowed it down to 65 tracks by only selecting tracks from 1974. If you were in high school this year this playlist is a must have.2006-01-02
zoe's radio show 9-13-05www.zoeradio.com2005-09-13
zoe's radio showwww.zoeradio.com105-04-24
zoe's show 5-16-05www.zoeradio.com105-05-15
zoe's radio show 9-4-05www.zoeradio.com2005-09-04
zoe's radio show 5-5-05www.zoeradio.com2005-12-11
zoe's radio show12-11-05www.zoeradio.com2005-12-11
chrispWwide variety for complete listening pleasures!2006-03-29
Wu-TangWu-Bangers. RIP Ol Dirty. 2006-02-16
WTMXWTMX Interative Playlist - 2/12-20062006-02-12
RCU - 81-85WRCU 90.1 Colgate University Radio - "The First Station in the 90's" 2005-11-29
Rock, Sort OfWow! This playist is back. It had vanished, and now it has magically reappeared. I put the caveat in the title because it's my version of "Rock," no one else's, and I'm sure wouldn't pass muster among true rockers. But I like it!2005-09-28
Rockin WorshipWorship songs that have rock influences...................rock/worship songs pretty much.2006-03-11
My StationWorship Him!2006-04-02
47 Songs For 47 CountriesWorld music, literally. This is a work in progress. 2006-02-21
World musicWorld Music - Dunya Muzigi2006-04-06
Crazy Mental Bitch WorkoutWorkout to the endearing melodies of the crazy bitch workout.2006-04-20
WorkoutWorkout music of all sorts!2006-02-26
Workout MixWorkout Mix2006-03-06
running songsworkout jams2006-01-16
Bodyworksworkout -weights dumbell weight training class2005-12-29
Climbworkout - used for slow climb in cycling classes2005-11-15
Michael: My Signature PlaylistWorking on a playlist of good songs with my name in them. :-) There are hundreds of songs with Michael in them. These are ones that I think don't suck. 2006-01-11
My CDWorking on a mix disk to share2006-02-21
WorkoutWork-out music for the gym!2006-03-12
work listWork Playlist2005-09-23
Stuff I like alotWork Mix2006-01-03
Workout 1Work it out2006-02-25
Abby's iPodWork in progress of Abigail Whistler's playlist from Blade: Trinity.2006-03-10
ckwwork in progress2005-12-04
RainbowWith Dio or Joe Lynn Turner, fuck it even Graham Bonnnett sounds good.2006-03-02
Primal Scream - Screamadelica With a shorter version of Loaded than is really on the album. But we're not allowed that one so this'll have to do.2006-02-23
IvyWisin Y Yandel , Daddy Yankee, Alex & Fido, Don Omar, Ivy Queen, Kumbia Kings, N.O.R.E., Pilar Montenegro, And Pitbull Are My Favorite Artists - Ivonne : )2006-03-01
bad religionWIP2005-12-02
wilylistwilykat playlist!2006-02-08
Wilson PhillipsWilson Phillips - California2006-02-27
Hip Hop #999999...Will Smith, Rob Thomas, Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5 and more2006-04-15
Will DowningWill Downing2005-07-02
Crazy and Great MusicWild but good stuff tending toward world music and "new" music. As I find it, I'll put it here. Enjoy!2005-11-28
Panic-VegasWidespread Panic live in Las-Vegas: Halloween Show; southern rock jam band2005-12-09
Nonsense Word SongsWho needs real words? Scores of great Rock & Roll songs have been written with made-up words. Be-bop-a-lulu, Do Do Do Do Da Da Da Da, Do Wah Diddy, Papa Oom Mow Mow, Do Wappa Do, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da. You know the deal. These are some of the very best nonsense words in popular music.2006-02-07
50 Songs For 50 StatesWhile you wait for Sufjan Stevens to complete his 50 albums for 50 states why not try out this playlist. It has one song for each state in the union and will keep you entertained for almost 3.5 hours. Which song represents your state?2006-01-23
80's Obscurities & Lost Classic'sWhile some of the songs on this list don't exactly fit the obscurities part of the title (familiar or somewhat familiar bands/artists) they might be considered lost classics. (a work in progress) 2006-02-10
Tree SapWhether you were just falling in love ... or just breaking up ... have you ever felt more alive? This playlist hits on both extremes.2006-02-12
Easy ListeningWhen you're in that kinda mood, you know?2006-02-09
Missing YouWhen you lose the one you loved2006-04-16
Ms Ladys FavoritesWhen ur feeling in a Romantic mood and its just u and your man throw this on and lay back and enjoy each other.2006-04-10
Electric Blues Essentials When the blues migrated north and across the Atlantic, guitars were plugged on and a new, more powerful form of blues was born.2006-02-13
Y! Music Presents: Paris Hilton's PicksWhen Paris passes you in her limited edition Hummer, this is whats pumping on her 16-speaker stereo.Paris Hilton's Celebrity Playlist -- now that's HOT! 2006-01-31
Ode To MartiansWhen martians attack earth turn this playlist up. If you're lucky, they may let you live.2006-02-07
Angry,Sad, and LostWhen I'm sad, pissed, or just feeling depressed. Here's what I listen to.2006-03-12
DefaultWhen I feel like dancing I just play this one ...well it puts me in the mood for fun!:P2006-01-04
POWER POPWhen I am in love with life!2005-07-29
Sad moving musicWhen I am feeling blue!105-06-28
New Playlist #4whats the 411 queen?2006-01-27
What Would Journey DoWhat Would Journey Do?2006-02-02
Natalie`sWhat up holla if like my music2006-03-13
DanceWhat more can I say but ...DANCE!!!!2006-01-05
Pyatt Mainstream RockWhat I would consider mainstream rock from the early 90's to today. Everclear, No Doubt, Live, Goo Goo Dolls, Stone Temple Pilots,Nirvana2005-08-19
Save ME!!What I listen to when i'm depressed and amazingly no honorary title.... not yet2006-04-05
Too Chill for Chill Peoplewhat i listen to every day. mostly some type of rock, mixed with a little rap and some mainstream pop. everything you need to dance (skills not included).2006-03-30
new picksWhat I have been listening to lately2006-01-13
Lounge Versions of Classic Rock SongsWhat could be more fun than classic rock songs retooled as sultry lounge tunes? Sex maybe, but not by much.2006-01-02
Bathroom Songs What could be more fun than an album's worth of songs about the bathroom? Well, maybe a bunch of stuff...2006-02-09
Classic RockWhat am I editing?2005-11-22
My Stationwhat a metal head country boy would love!!2006-04-18
Caffeination: Vol 1Welcome to the sounds of Caffeination: Vol 1. A smooth blend of fresh grooves for that "pick me up" feeling anytime of the day. Enjoy with cream, sugar, or straight up. Have a nice day.2006-02-28
WelcomeWelcome songs2005-12-13
Songs to Study ToWeezer, Jack Johnson, Jimmy and others can help get you through your most painful studying and readings. So go study!2005-09-21
WeddingWedding music2006-01-04
birthdaywe want our baby to know about great music2006-02-02
Y! Music Presents: Lindsay Lohan's PicksWe know Lindsay's been through a lot, but her favorite music always keeps her spirits high in spite of it all. Check out Lindsay Lohan's Celebrity Playlist2006-01-31
Bands Named After MeatWe all know there are some really weird band names out there. This playlist concentrates on one subset of them. Bands named after meat. Includes great songs and not-so-great ones.2006-01-31
Cowbell Explosion!We all know the Saturday Night Live skit "More Cowbell", but "Don't Fear The Reaper" isn't the only great cowbell song. This playlist contains 41 songs with the greatest cowbell work in rock history to date.2006-02-14
Old SchoolWay, way back in the day. No one has some of these cuts. Breakwater, Aurra, Treacherous Three, Captain Rock, Kano, Spoonie Gee, etc..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!2006-03-13
the mixwas sad so tryed to cheer my self up with this one.2006-03-16
wiscombes fucking metalwarrior2006-03-10
reggae riddimsWarning Hot Dancehall 2006-03-14
mmm..pie/happy daysWanna slice? Green Day,Blink 182,Talking Heads,The Ramones,The Clash, Beastie Boys,Cake,The Offspring,Family Guy,P.O.D,Nirvana,Kid Rock,Jet,School Of Rock,All American Rejects CAUTION:CAUTION:CAUTION:CAUTION:CAUTION:CAUTION:caution?:CAUTION:!!2006-01-07
Virus 69Virus 69 is a lethal concauction of Bob Dylan and folk music with a little bit of techno by Sasha mixed in. I hope you like this deadly creation and it infects you as much as it does me.2006-03-16
Vienna Teng - Warm StrangersVienna Teng Chinese Song 2005-12-07
Flash FMvice city radio2006-03-12
Emotion 98.3vice city radio2006-03-12
Wave 103Vice City Radio2006-03-12
Fever 105vice city radio2006-03-12
VH1 Top Twenty (4-21)VH1 Top Twenty Videos Week ending 4-21-06 Available at: Note: Does not include songs not available through the MusicNet service.2006-04-22
4 StarVery good stuff here-- the kind that can be played quite a bit before getting sick of it.2006-03-07
shanghai mix of blissvery chilly smooth unwinding mix ...nick warren spins global underground via dr shulgin and thank him for the beautiful molecule he reawoke2006-02-10
Best of Vast AireVast Aire is an inconsistent emcee- when he's on, he's brilliant. When he's off he sounds horrible. The is a selection of the songs where's he's "on" and nails it.105-05-15
FUN!Various Dance, new wave, cool stuff2006-03-28
Beatles CoversVarious artists covers of legacy Beatles hits (they were all hits!).2006-02-01
randys musicvarious artist and music oldies, 80's2006-04-25
New Playlist #1various artist2006-02-20
Musicmatch-Sex MachineValentine's Day playlist recommended by the Musicmatch newsletter2006-02-12
V's Patience MixV's Patience Mix...You'll See Why. 2006-03-09
Praise PartyUptempo Gospel party of PRAISE. Shure to keep you dancing!2006-02-16
Norteños Y CorridosUpdated and made public on Dec 10th 2005, playlist includes 20 tracks.2005-12-02
public test for siddUpdate this playlist - again2005-11-09
check attributesupdate this playlist2005-11-11
final playlist for siddUpdate2005-11-09
PRE-PARTYUpbeat sounds to start boosting you up before a party. Play that during dinner or drinks with friends to put everyone in a good mood! With Dance, Electro and House, you'll be ready to go! Bands: Chemical Brothers, Moby, Groove Aramada, Masters at work.105-06-09
Play - Play #2upbeat song2006-03-14
022806upbeat pop and blues2006-02-28
Mood: EerieUniversally acclaimed songs with a undeniable eerie undercurrent.2006-03-04
all mineunique, full of latin music, great for me2006-03-16
SaY uNcLe!!!Uncle Les IS GOD !!!2006-03-20
Walk-OnsUNC Walk-Ons Fall '05 repertoire.2005-11-14
neptunesum, pretty much everything produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. STARTRAK SOUND!!! 2005-11-16
BritsUK and UK Inspired Bands/songs2005-10-04
Songs About U.F.O.sUFOs are the subject of many novels and films, but they are also the subject of many songsl. This playlist features some of the best UFO songs I could find on YMU.2006-01-11
ME3U2, specifically the stuff I like.2006-02-14
buddieu ant seen buddie on then block they call me docta doc 2006-03-07
Notorious BIG & Jay Z MixTwo of the greatest rappers alive. PERIOD!2006-04-05
Chris Rice & Building 429Two of the coolest Christian artists create the perfect feel good playlist.2006-04-25
Tweak FM CopenhagenTweak FM 95.2 is a chilled out electronica show on Hvidovre Naerradio (HNR) out of Copenhagen, Denmark. The show is known for it's hip mix of Minimal House, Minimal Techno, Ultra Minimal Cologne Techno and Experimental Electronica. Take a spin to an undergound Copenhagen disco for awhile.2006-01-10
surfTWANG! Park your woody (the car ... not your well...), hit the beach, start a bonfire, tap the keg, and grab your wahini (chick). Enjoy some of the sweetest sounds of surf.105-06-17
Turkish musicTurkish Songs - Turkce Sarkilar2006-04-06
Funky Drummer tunesTunes inspired or derived from the classic Funky Drummer beat by James Brown.2006-03-10
Amen Brother tunesTunes inspired or derived from the classic "Amen break" - a sampled loop taken from the track "Amen Brother" by the Winstons2006-03-10
Rare GoodnessTrying to put together songs that you may not hear everyday that are pretty good.2006-03-02
Recent RockTrying to keep this with the latest rock release in the last year2005-08-19
Breaking SoundsTrying to capture the essence of my new radio statiion Breaking Sounds. Somewhere lies a beat between medium and fast tempo with groovy tones and beautiful melodies. Hard banging, gut level rocking are cool as are tribal, primal beats. Pluses for rich, powerful bass lines combined with classical sounds: chants, violins, guitar, sitars, tablas. 2005-12-05
Love SongsTrue lyrical romance.2006-02-16
90's countrytrisha yearwood, deana carter, dixie chicks, collin raye, george strait, trace adkins, martina mcbride, and lee ann womack2006-03-08
Triple ATriple AAA2006-03-01
Soundtrack 2005Trav's best of 20052005-12-22
Rebel Civil War SongsTraditional songs from the Civil War era south. 2006-01-25
War Game (Concentration)Traditional Moderate speed Rock, good for Call of duty ect2006-02-16
To be burnedTracks that I'm going to burn onto CD's2006-03-05
4 starsTracks rated 4 stars!2005-12-15
Starbucks Hear Music Volume 8: Between StoriesTracks from the Starbucks compilation album "Hear Music Volume 8: Between Stories"2006-02-19
CBSTracks from the radio stream.2006-01-13
Modern RockTracks from REM, The Killers, Beck, Jamie Lidell and more!105-04-01
Madden06Tracks from Madden 06 - the best football video game ever2005-07-31
Coachella 2005Tracks from artists I heard at Coachella 2005105-05-09
All Tori, All the timeTori Amos, Totally, Naturally.2006-04-26
R.E.M.Top songs by R.E.M. 2006-02-02
Hit Mix - Summer 2005Top Hits - Summer 20052005-09-18
Grateful DeadTop grateful dead songs.2006-03-06
Hot Dance Club Play 2006-02-18Top 25 Hot Dance Club Play (2006-02-18)2006-02-13
Alltodas musicas2006-02-20
High Energy ChristianToby Mac, Relient K, Mary Mary2006-03-14
Toby Keith CD White Trash With MoneyToby Keith's new CD Its AWESOME as always!2006-04-12
Thursday Pissed Offto Thursday, when i seem to have a good day but just get really pissed off about something. this loud set will let you know that it's ok, things really are as bad as they seem...2006-01-18
That Bitchto those womens that just went out of their way to make a guy feel bad. sure it only sucks for two weeks, but being mad stays much much longer...2006-01-18
Herto this hot asian of mine...2006-01-18
PatriotTo love a country as diverse as it's music... a work in progress.2005-09-15
80's cheeseTitle says it all! Good for memories 1-2 times a year. Cheers~2006-03-05
TOTAL CHILLTime to chill with this mix of trip-hop and electro chill influences. Perfect to unwind after a long party, hard day's work or DURING the hard day's work, to create a perfect little bubble of peace around you. Enjoy Zero 7, Massive Attack, Groove Armada, Air, Thievery, Conjure One and Sigur Ros.105-06-09
Tift MerrittTift Merritt hits. Was always a fan but cemented once saw her privatre performance for Musicmatch. Playlist made 03/27/062006-03-27
Rap and HIp HOpThsi Playlist is a wide range of current hip hop and rap. Most of the songs on the list you hear mixed in all the clubs. This is a great mix to listen to on the way to clubs to get you pump up.East coast, west cost, dirty south, old school. Enjoy...2006-02-17
Kiss CoversThousands of successful musicians have daydreamed about putting on the Kiss makeup and playing for thousands of starstruck groupies. This playlist looks at the songs of Kiss through 26 cover versions.2006-02-05
spanishThis would make a great cd! Especially in the car or when you are thinking of that special one!!!!2006-02-22
yahoo smooth jazzThis woman has jazz in her blood. These are a smalll representation of her work. Listen and appreciate an artist.2006-04-25
My NFL Playoff Predictions 2006This weekend is a big NFL playoffs weekend. This playlist contains only 4 songs. Each one represents a team I am picking to win. 2006-01-12
Coal Mining SongsThis week our hearts went out to the families of the miner's who lost their lives in the Sago coal mine in West Virginia. Coal Miners have faced danger, hellish working conditions and, at times, coporate thuggery. This playlist looks at the long and distinguished history of the American coal miner, his work and his struggles.2006-01-04
bubble gum soulthis was the best years of my youth. this is the music i hear on wdia early 70's2006-04-20
The best of JaheimThis was put together for my wife Lyn.2006-03-10
High EnergyThis was my playlist for working out at the gym...when I was going to the gym. Now it's all about yoga.2005-09-28
New Playlist #1this thing is off the hizzle fa is hott2006-03-07
KidsThis the music my kids love to listen. Great for them to dance, jump and sing!2006-02-09
bluesthis the blues i love 2006-03-09
My StationThis station doesn't suck. Be forewarned, it contains a wicked variety that crosses many varieties, and may not be for the faint of heart!2006-03-04
Acid SoulThis started out as acid jazz, with an emphasis on guitar, inspired by the Wes Montgomery number which is the second entry. After I surfed around for a while I found that 60s soulfunk was so closely related that it said something important about the acid jazz genre, so I added in some stuff from Maceo Parker, the JBs and the Meters. The first tune, "Fire Eater" is a truly monster jam by a guy named Rusty Bryant.2006-03-08
missing you...This song is for your loved one.2006-02-19
nana playlistTHIS SHIT IS THUGGED OUT2006-04-13
New Playlist #1this shit is hott dont front2006-02-18
No Smooth JazzThis set leans toward Avant Garde, but isn't entirely out there. There are some deep explorations, but also a liberal sprinkling of tight numbers. Ellington may seem out of place in this list, but that's Coltrane with him - a great recording.2005-11-28
Time to chillThis set is for relaxing and getting romantic.2005-12-04
Indie 1This playlist was devised on a lonely Saturday night after a drama filled Friday while allowing my headphones to make a dent in the top of my head. Enjoy the randomness of indie selection, and I am sorry about the two unavailable tracks.2006-02-26
Coachella 2005This playlist takes a look back to the Coachella festival in 2005. It includes one stand -out track by 71 bands who performed at the festival in April 2005.2006-02-03
Insult SongsThis playlist offers 2 full hours of some of the best insults in music history. From the Beastie Boys and Ice Cube to Bob Dylan and Steely Dan to The Ramones and The Dead Kennedys. It's an eclectic, cross-genre list that only has one thing in common: bad vibes.2006-01-04
Dave - From First To LastThis playlist links to local files on Dave's work machine - as long as he is at work and not listening to them they should work for me 00 right? 2006-02-27
MARCH 11 2006THIS PLAYLIST IS.........IDK....tee hee 2006-03-11
BUMPIN 1this playlist is some of the hottest songs new and old 2006-04-15
Car AllThis Playlist Is Made For Burning Into CDs For The Car. Rock,R&B, And Hip Hop, Make Up This Playlist. Please Listen By: Rebecca And Wesley Reno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2006-04-02
Stuff I LikeThis playlist is just a random compendium of tunes that make me feel good...2005-11-16
PWNThis playlist is heavy and will kick your asses. <32005-08-27
songs of honorThis playlist is for my son and the rest in Iraq2006-02-26
Gay EmpowermentThis playlist is for all of those gay men of color who need something extra today to make life worth the drama of being a gift from God.2006-04-13
Never AgainThis playlist is dedicated to the oppression of the pagan folk. Our numbers are growing! Heehee!2006-02-07
Thinking Of YouThis playlist is dedicated to my lover! It contains songs that relate and remind me of him.2006-02-07
People Who Appear On The Cover Of Sgt. Pepper'sThis playlist is composed of singers, comedians, composers and and writers who appear on the front cover of The Beatles 1967 album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 2006-02-02
partythis playlist is awsome2006-03-03
Rock MeditationThis playlist is a mix of rock everything from old school punk to ska to modern rock. Turn it up and enjoy!2006-03-14
Jay Dee and AFThis playlist is a little shout-out to the late, great Jay Dee (J Dilla) and his mentor, Amp Fiddler. They are and always will be, two of Detroit's finest.2005-09-25
Young Billy BraggThis playlist includes some of my favorite early Billy Bragg tracks - 1983-1988.2006-03-05
paige's playlistThis playlist has the hottset joints on the charts so check it out 2006-04-19
My 5 favorite songs of the momentThis playlist has only 5 songs. But it's the songs that fuel my days wight now. Hope you will like them too!2006-03-25
No Context: Angular Help For My Warped BrainThis playlist has no context. It's just a mix that helps me focus. Wait.. is that context? 2006-03-07
Songs Inspired By The BibleThis playlist features 16 songs that were inspired by bible stories. However, these are not by Christian bands, but by popular rock and pop bands.2006-01-20
Focus on Bass - Part 1: Strong Bass LinesThis playlist explores different and interesting ways that the bass guitar can be used in popular music.2006-02-18
All About My MoodThis playlist depicts exactly what my mood is presently: all over the place! Everyone from Steely Dan to Scarface, this eclectic mixture is not for the tame...2006-04-19
Mood: RecklessThis playlist contains the very essence of recklessness. A great set to raise hell to.2006-02-15
2006 Brit Award NominationsThis playlist contains the 2006 Brit Nominees, which will be awarded on February 16th, 2006. The Brits are better than the American Grammys, but still not free of some crass commercial pop.2006-01-12
Grey's Anatomy Season 1 This playlist contains songs that were used on the first season of the ABC series "Grey's Anatomy". It includes lot's of hip female voices. Rilo Kiley, Bang Sugar Bang, Jem, Tegan & Sara, The Cardigans, Butterfly Boucher and more.2006-01-07
Banned By The BBC For The F-WordThis playlist contains songs that were banned by the BBC for using the F-word. Some of these were never played, while others were played after the artist released an "edited" version of the song.2006-01-02
JazzWeek Chart - February 13, 2006This playlist contains songs from albums that were on the JazzWeek Charts for the week of February 13th, 2006.2006-02-18
Bonnaroo 2006This playlist contains songs by artists who will be perfoming at the 2006 Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, TN this June. Almost 4 hours of seriously great music.2006-02-04
Artists Who Have Died in Plane or Helicopter CrashesThis playlist contains songs by artists who have died or lost band members to a plane or helicopter crash.2006-01-08
Kerrang! Award Winners 2005This playlist contains songs by artist who won a Kerrang! award in 2005, which are reserved for the best hard rock acts of the year.2006-02-18
Top Grossing Concert Tours of 2005This playlist contains one song for each of the 19 top grossing concert tour artists of 2005. The Rolling Stones lead the list as they brought in a cool $162 million during their 2005 tour. U2 came is second place with $139 million, followed by Celine Dion who raked in $136 million at her killer Las Vegas gig. 2006-01-02
Ray's Favorites (english)This Playlist contains many of Raymond's english gospel music and contemperary christian music. Enjoy.2006-04-18
Bubblegum Pop CoversThis playlist contains covers of sugary-sweet bubble gum pop from the golden age, ala The Archies, The Monkees, etc, as well as contemporary pop artists like Britney Spears and Lionel Richie.2006-01-25
Vanessa Carlton - all songsThis playlist contains all the songs of vanessa Carlton Available in Y! Music Unlimited. 2006-03-01
Adam MetzThis playlist contains a mix of Adam Metz solo tacks and Bicycle Rider songs.2005-07-16
Classical Music For BeginnersThis playlist contains 24 of the big "hits" of classical music. If you are not familiar with these classics you should take a music appreciation course right away.2006-01-19
The Who: The CoversThis playlist contains 22 cover songs as performed by The Who. Use it to get a perspective on this legendary band's influences. 2006-02-03
A Capella CoversThis playlist contains 20 rock covers done completely A Capella. That is, with vocals doing all the instrument parts. Very entertaining stuff, but it wears thin fast.2006-01-08
The Best of Adult AlternativeThis playlist contains 101 of the very best Adult Alternative songs ever produced. The genre was born in the mid to late 80s when "Alternative" music started showing up on major labels and began having more slick production. Also called "Adult Album Alternative" or "Triple A" the genre is also a popular radio format. Many successful Triple A songs never chart since Billboard does not carry an Adult Alternative chart.2006-01-23
music to promote byThis play list is set up from all of my favorite songs from special moments in my life. I started with Henry Mancini because he is the greates composer of all time. If yuo like the sound of true Jazz then you will love this set I put together.2006-03-08
New Playlist #1This play list is bad2006-03-05
Made from Ed's HouseThis play list is a test to see if we can have dynamic playlists streaming from the interent2006-04-11
BailaThis music will make you want to jump up and get down. Feel the Latin fever. Baila!2006-03-11
Wednesday of Oldthis music will make you feel bad and when you realize you're not gonna do anything about it, you'll feel worse....2006-01-18
Ruby's fuzzy red mittensThis mix of kids' songs works wonders for quieting down my varmints in the back seat during road trips.2005-12-03
New Playlist #1This list is made up of songs that I absolutely love and can listen to continuously.2006-02-15
Fatty ListThis list is FAT. It has a BILLION different totally disparate songs. This represents my insane and completely chaotic personality. Skitzo anyone?2006-02-08
Classy -- SeriouslyThis list is best listened on shuffle.2006-02-13
My songsthis list is a mixture of love songs rock songs that are all very special to me I hope you like them two2006-03-10
Don't play for your girlfriendThis list is a handy guide for those who are romantically challenged. Don't play these songs for your girlfriend.2005-12-12
The Top 25 Love Songs Ever Recorded This list is a combination of picks from VH1's "Top 100 Love Songs" with some additions and omissions in order to arrive at pure love song zen.2006-01-19
Celebrity Playlist: Antony of Antony & The JohnsonsThis list contains five complete classic albums selected by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons as some he feels must be heard. Includes Cat Power, Devendra Banhart, Otis Redding, Nina Simone and The Velvet Underground.2006-01-21
LaDawn's Throwback MixThis is where you get it at...25 and older this one is for you...2006-02-18
Jam SessionThis is where I come to listen to all of my favorites. Just one long party.2006-03-09
Mellow HitsThis is what you want to hear when you just want to relax. Go ahead. Get in the bath. 2006-02-24
Real SingersThis is what singers are made of... Listen to real music with real voices and real talent.2006-02-10
Workout 1018This is what keeps me going during my 90 minute cardio workouts2005-10-20
What I'm Listening To Right NowThis is what i'm listening to at the moment...enjoy!2006-04-27
From My Radio ListThis is what I listen to when working on my novel "Enough." The music fits my character's moods & situations, and helps me to focus on the feeling I'm trying to get across in their story.2006-03-03
grooveThis is what I listen to when I'm just chillin'2006-03-01
BLASTThis is the stuff that i blast through my house when no ones home.2006-03-13
Workout/GymThis is the stuff that gets the T corsing through your veins -- true neural stimulii to get you pumped, aggressive, and yearning to hit the iron.2006-03-17
CodecoreThis is the stuff I put on when the coding gets hard and hard needs to get coding. High energy, bad attitude but keeps it focused. Doctor recommends listenning to it at a considerable volume.2006-03-22
Unreal MusicThis is the music I listen to while playing UT2004. This playlist is constantly updated. For those who also play, my name is kriegor919.2005-10-11
Coheed/Avenged Set listThis is the most probable order of songs for the april 21st show of the two bands2006-03-31
Birth Mix for LaneThis is the mix which played for nearly 8 hours while Shelly was in labor. I wanted to make sure that Lane entered the world with at least some decent music. This is mostly stuff that Shelly digs, but I like most of it too.2006-03-06
Live_olo1_Feb062006_BackStreetBoys53This is the first public playlist for olo1, but is a non-subscriber account. Only 30-sec clips.2006-02-06
Song I Just LoveThis Is the best playlist you'll ever hear, i've got from Chris Brown to Avril Lavinge on here!! Go nuts...and while ur here why don't u buy something...2006-04-11
The MixThis is the best mix out there u should burn all of these songs2006-03-02
best guitar solosthis is the alltime best guitar solos2006-03-17
MP3 PlayerThis is some of my favorite music, always changing.2006-03-16
COUNTRY FAVORITES 2/27/06this is some of my favorite country hits by various artists. listen and enjoy......2006-02-27
Relient KThis is Some of my favorate songs from my favorate band Relinet K2006-03-07
Just fuckin aroundThis is some hot dance shit! This music will keep the party going! 2006-03-11
Live_olo1_Feb062006_Lifehouse40This is public now. Feb. 06, 2006 4:14 PM.2006-02-06
Rock Me @ WorkThis is one of my favorite work day has a little of everything!2006-03-14
Smile Empty SoulThis is one AWSOMEEEEE Album ! It's called Smile Empty Soul (2003), and it's the bands debut album and IT ROCKSSSSS !!2006-02-19
SariMixThis is old and new, crossed genre. A drive groove. Think move. Motivation. Not relaxation. Enjoy2006-03-03
The Songs Of Gene McFaddenThis is my tribute to Gene McFadden, who passed away this week (Jan. 27, 2006) at age 56. He had a huge hit with "Ain't No Stopping Us Now", but he also wrote great songs for many other artists. This playlist contains songs that Gene McFadden has a songwriting credit on.2006-02-02
La'Quanta's PlaylistThis is my playlist. This playlist expresses how i am and what i like to listen to. I love all types of music and this is the only way i can express it now, but when i become a singer u will hear other expressions of my music. i'm Out!!!! LQ2006-02-26
IndonesiaThis is my playlist of cool tunes from Indonesia.2006-02-26
FrenchMix1This is my first shared playlist. It's got a mixture of bad and really bad music.2006-02-07
DefaultPlayListThis is my favorite christian music. It helps me think and gives me peace of mind. There are a couple of audio books that i like as well.2006-03-04
New Playlist #3this is my 80s mood music2006-02-17
MexicanoThis is music from my home country. It's filled with broken hearts and lots of hope, plenty of love and sweet memories.2006-02-09
MTony's CDThis is MTony's Makeout Playlist.2005-12-31
MUSIC FOLDER\#!q$^$$&^&^*(!^(q&^&!THIS IS KEKE MUSIC FOLDER2006-04-17
mineThis is just some of the music i listen to. I have many more for all diferant days and moods. Im a ferm beleiver in music makes the mood. This is just a mixed up mood for me. Calm but excited. This is the mood im in just about every day.2006-02-12
Main PlaylistThis is just Christian artists with mainly Christian artists.2006-03-17
Good Songs - VariousThis is just a variety of the music I listen to more will be added later...stay tuned...2006-04-13
CountryThis is just a list of my favorite country songs.2005-12-28
EVERYTHINGthis is just a bundle of my good musik so i dont have to listen to the stupid crap that was already on here...2006-03-11
Songs to Break a HeartThis is inspired by an incredible playlist I came across on (the audioscrobbler website). It's the work of user Galahad_duLac and contains all the songs on his list that Yahoo has (at least of this moment!) 2006-04-13
ContemplateThis is growing. Into what - i've no idea.2005-12-31
DepecheModeConcertThis is from the Atlanta Show 20062005-10-31
relient kthis is for all the people who <3 relient k!!2006-02-27
HAPPY GOODBYES - The Break-upThis is for all the break-ups out there.2006-03-30
classic rapThis is for All my Hood Bitches, this here is something to bang in ya wips for the summer. Make dem Bitches hate ya..2006-03-07
AllThis is every song I have in my playlist as of right now!2006-03-01
Curtian CallThis is curtian call the hits2006-04-15
sandithis is cool2006-04-04
The All-American Rejects - Move Alongthis is cool2006-04-22
kaylathis is basicly the type of music that i like cause im fun hyper and like to jam to my main beats of like........all sorts of types of music and this is the music that describes me and sometimes my life and everthing like that sometimes so my play list is sort of like moving with the beat of my life and thats the kind of music i listen to im fun funky and love to jam and my play list is pretty much my music 2006-01-21
Radio Los Santosthis is based on the game gta2005-09-26
bad ass rock from all agesThIs Is BaD aSs RoCk FrOm AlL aGeS!!!2005-12-26
LordThis is an unbeatable station, hope u'll like it, enjoy urself2007-03-08
Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up In MeThis is an ok song, it's cool.2006-03-14
Current AlbumsThis is an ever changing, growing, and shrinking list. Sometimes I find albums I want to try out, but don't have the time. So in they go, and I'll listen and evaluate later.2005-10-14
Skateboarding through VeniceThis is all over the place, but it goes well with slaloming through pedestrians on a sunny day at the Venice boardwalk. "Regulate" throws off the flow, but hell, guilty pleasure...2006-04-16
The best of orbit and friendsThis is all of my favorites from William Orbit.This man is a genius when it comes to the sounds of ambient dub! This is what ambient is meant to sound like.2005-12-02
KevinThis is all my favorite songs. A lot of oldies!! It's classic!2005-10-11
Derekthis is a wide variety of the hits today, 90's,80's,and some movie themes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2005-12-26
Live Playlist testThis is a test of a live playlist...this should make it into my profile. 2005-10-25
firefliThis is a test2006-03-03
Folk Indie PopThis is a playlist of songs that I would consider Indie Rock (maybe not Ronny "the man" Sexmith). However, I believe that they are all heavily influenced by Folk music.2006-03-07
Carson LovesThis is a playlist of my 5 year old son's favorite music. We rock out to this mix on our way to pre-school every day. I can only imagine how amped he is during the first part of the school day. Sorry First School teachers.105-04-28
touch-listThis is a partial list of the songs on my Creative Nomad Touch that I listen to when I walk after eating dinner. The real list is around 470 tracks. The ulterior motive is to create a profile that will suggest songs like I receive on MusicMatch On Demand. I play in shuffle repeat mode. It is more than 20 hours of music.2006-04-25
Love songsThis is a palylist of love songs from all times, including Al Green, Barbra Streisand, Barry White, etc.2006-02-14
03.06This is a list of songs which I've been enjoying in the month of March, 20062006-03-12
cool musicThis is a list of all the music that I listen too. 2005-09-28
latenight with CalvinThis is a list I did late night just chillin'2006-03-17
hammersthis is a jim greco playlist!!!if ya like this one try the boss !!2006-03-19
Never play the same song twiceThis is a hot mix of songs that are rarely played.2006-03-12
GymThis is a Hardcore list for HARDCORE WORKOUT! OBVIOUSLY! 2006-03-06
vietnam era musicThis is a good compilation of popular vietnam era music.2006-03-13
Minimal Techno ChillThis is a fantastic chillout mix. If you're stressed out, just cue up these tracks, grab a martini and you've got the recipe for relaxation. Includes some of the very best minimal techo available on Yahoo Music Unlimited.2006-01-13
MiscellaneousThis is a collection of old and new songs; some from Notting Hill, a great rendition of "Over the Rainbow," wonderful Lyle Lovett song and one of my favorite songs from Simon and Garfield2006-02-26
sat am bugs n drugsthis is a 3hr mix of some music that would have made bugs bunny and crew rethink the whole classical approach in accordance with music score for cartoons..includes a great 1hr mix live from Godskitchen and also a sasha n digweed set...stay outta K holes but all candyflippers welcome2006-02-11
The Best of BritpopThis is 50 track playlist of the very best of Britpop, a British alternative pop genre, which is influenced heavily by the bands of the British Invasion. Britpop incorporates big hooks into the music without straying too far from straight-up rock & roll instrumentation.2006-01-04
alt countryThis here's a coupla tons of alt country. 2005-08-16
GymThis helps me make it through the gym. Prob not for a step class but works for hitting the weights2005-09-23
Cisco's TraxThis has a little bit of everything.2006-01-10
Late NinetiesThis compelation of music chronicles the top hits from the late nineties starting from 1994-1998. Smashmouth, Greenday, Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, No Doubt, and Goo Goo Dolls are some of the artists that you are able to here their first hits.2006-02-16
tiesto summerbreezethis collection of ethereal hypnotica spirals in perfect fibonaccic intervals to let the listener travel without moving2006-02-10
Juvenile Reality CheckThis CD goes hard.2006-03-10
rita no 1this are mine favorrite songs i like .2006-02-21
BluesThis and a bottle of tequilla are whats needed sometimes when love seems lost and the future looks dark2006-04-26
all my crapTHIS AIN'T EVEN HALF MY CRAP!!2006-02-21
Van Halen CoversThis 18 track, all covers playlist contains remakes of classic Van Halen songs. Pre and post David Lee Roth.2006-01-24
nmw Club MixThink 80s Detroit Clubs. Detroit Shelter. CityClub. Todd's. 3D. 2005-11-15
my gangsta tunesThese varieties in music selections I've decided were indeed hard, but I managed to gather a few for a short decription from one's ears in imagination.2006-01-22
Classic Alternative Deep CutsThese tracks are all from the 1980s when the term "Alternative Rock" meant, well... Alternative Rock. Do you remember when Bono had a mullet and Michael Stipe had hair? Well this playlist includes overlooked tracks from some of the biggest bands of the alternative 80s.2006-02-04
Broken Philosphy: Songs I GetThese tracks all seem to reflect some aspect of my own worldview. They are slightly more personal to me than most music I like. 2006-02-06
Generationsthese songs will liberate you. jump, and Jeremaih 33 are full of energy 2006-03-15
The Best Guitar Solos in Rock and Roll HistoryThese songs were voted on by the readers of "Guitar World" magazine as having the best guitar solos ever recorded. If you're not familiar, the readers of "Guitar World" are serious guitar geeks, so you should take their word for it and check these solos out.2006-01-19
Eurythmics ReconsideredThese songs were collected from the remastered re-releases of the Eurythmics CD's. Remixes, live versions, acoustic, previously unreleased and more. Most were not available before these CD's came out.2006-02-27
Flashback AnthemsThese songs remind me of college. That is all.2005-12-26
1958 #1 HitsThese songs reached #1 on one of Billboard's singles charts in 1958 (according to Wikipedia). These songs are missing: "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" Laurie London "Witch Doctor" David Seville "The Purple People Eater" Sheb Wooley "To Know Him Is To Love Him" Teddy Bears "All I Have To Do Is Dream" by the Everly Brothers is presented in a later live version105-06-03
1961 #1 HitsThese songs reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1961. The following tracks are missing: "Wonderland By Night" Bert Kaempfert "Tossin' and Turnin'" Bobby Lewis "Wooden Heart (Muss I Denn)" Joe Dowell "Hit The Road Jack" Ray Charles A couple are later re-recordings: "Mother-In-Law" Ernie K-Doe "Quarter To Three" Gary U.S. Bonds105-06-03
1960 #1 HitsThese songs reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1960. The following tracks are missing: "Running Bear" Johnny Preston "Teen Angel" Mark Dinning "Alley-Oop" Hollywood Argyles "Mr. Custer" Larry Verne "Georgia On My Mind" Ray Charles105-06-03
1974 #1 HitsThese songs hit j#1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1974. The following tracks are missing: "Seasons In The Sun" Terry Jacks "Hooked On A Feeling" Blue Swede "The Streak" Ray Stevens "Band On The Run" Paul McCartney & Wings "Rock The Boat" Hues Corporation "Rock Me Gently" Andy Kim "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" John Lennon "Kung Fu Fighting" Carl Douglas Re-recording: "You're Sixteen" Ringo Starr105-06-02
1954 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1954 (according to Wikipedia). The following songs are missing: "Make Love To Me" by Jo Stafford "Sh-Boom" by Crew-Cuts2006-02-21
1957 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on one of the Billboard singles charts in 1957 (according to Wikipedia). The following tracks are missing: "Young Love" Tab Hunter "Tammy" Debbie Reynolds "That'll Be The Day" The Crickets2006-02-21
1956 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on one of the Billboard singles charts in 1956 (according to Wikipedia). A few songs are missing "Moonglow and Theme From 'Picnic'" Morris Stoloff "Green Door" Jim Lowe"105-06-03
2006 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2006.2006-02-22
2005 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2005. No tracks are missing.105-05-26
2004 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2004. One track is missing: "Slow Jamz" Twista105-05-26
2003 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2003. No tracks are missing.105-05-26
2002 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2002. No tracks are missing.105-05-26
2001 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2001. The following tracks are missing: "Stutter (remix)" Joe featuring Mystikal "Lady Marmalade" Christina Aguilera Different version: "I'm Real" Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule105-05-26
2000 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 2000. One track is missing: "With Arms Wide Open" Creed105-05-26
1999 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1999. No tracks are missing.105-05-26
1998 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1998. One track is missing: "Lately" Divine One is a live re-recording: "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Aerosmith105-05-26
1997 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1997. No tracks are missing.105-05-26
1996 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1996. The following tracks are missing: "Tha Crossroads" Bone Thugs N Harmony "How Do U Want It / California Love" 2Pac105-05-27
1995 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1995. The following track is missing: "Kiss From A Rose" Seal105-05-27
1994 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1994. No tracks are missing.105-05-27
1993 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1993. No tracks are missing.105-05-27
1992 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1992. There are no missing tracks.105-05-27
1991 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1991. The following tracks are missing: "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" Janet Jackson "One More Try" Timmy T "Good Vibrations" Marky Mark "Romantic" Karyn White105-05-27
1990 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1990. The following tracks are missing: "Escapade" Janet Jackson "Black Velvet" Alannah Myles "Black Cat" Janet Jackson "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" Stevie B.105-05-26
1988 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1988. The following tracks are missing: "Got My Mind Set On You" George Harrison "One More Try" George Michael "Look Away" Chicago105-05-27
1989 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's hot 100 singles chart in 1988. The following tracks are missing: "She Drives Me Crazy", "Good Thing" Fine Young Cannibals "Rock On" Michael Damian "Baby Don't Forget My Number", "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You", "Blame It On The Rain" Milli Vanilli "If You Don't Know Me By Now" Simply Red "Batdance" Prince "Miss You Much" Janet Jackson105-05-27
1987 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1987. One track is missing: "Shakedown" Bob Seger105-05-27
1986 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1986. The following tracks are missing: "Rock Me Amadeus" Falco "Glory of Love" Peter Cetera "Take My Breath Away" Berlin "When I Think Of You" Janet Jackson "The Next Time I Fall" Peter Cetera & Amy Grant105-05-27
1985 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1985. The following track is missing: "We Are The World" USA for Africa105-05-27
1984 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1984. One track is missing: "Say Say Say" Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson105-05-27
1983 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1983. The following tracks are missing: "Down Under" Men At Work "Say Say Say" Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson105-05-27
1982 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1982. The following tracks are missing: "I Love Rock 'N Roll" Joan Jett "Ebony and Ivory" Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder "Do You Want Me" Human League "Who Can It Be Now?" Men At Work "Mickey" Toni Basil105-05-31
1981 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1981. The following tracks are missing: "(Just Like) Starting Over" John Lennon "Medley" Stars On 45 Re-recording: "Arthur's Theme" Christopher Cross105-05-31
1980 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1980. The following tracks are missing: "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" Rupert Holmes "Coming Up" Paul McCartney & Wings "(Just Like) Starting Over" John Lennon "another brick"105-05-26
1979 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1979. The following tracks are missing: "Too Much Heaven", "Tragedy", "Love You Inside Out" Bee Gees "Knock On Wood" Amii Stewart "Ring My Bell" Anita Ward "Sad Eyes" Robert John "Rise" Herb Alpert "Heartache Tonight" Eagles "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" Rupert Holmes Re-recorded: "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" Rod Stewart105-05-31
1978 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1978. The following tracks are missing: "How Deep Is Your Love", "Stayin' Alive", "Night Fever" Bee Gees "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water", "Shadow Dancing" Andy Gibb "With A Little Luck" Wings105-05-31
1977 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1977. The following tracks are missing: "You Don't Have To Be A Star" Marilyn McCoo "Torn Between Two Lovers" Mary MacGregor "Blinded By The Light" Manfred Mann "New Kid In Town" Eagles "Don't Give Up On Us" David Soul "Gonna Fly Now" Bill Conti "Undercover Angel" Alan O'Day "Da Doo Ron Ron" Shaun Cassidy "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" Andy Gibb "You Light Up My Life" Debby Boone "How Deep Is Your Love" Bee Gees105-06-01
1976 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1976. The followings tracks are missing: "Theme From 'S.W.A.T.'" Rhythm Heritage "Let Your Love Flow" Bellamy Brothers "Welcome Back" John Sebastian "Silly Love Songs" Wings "You Should Be Dancing" Bee Gees "A Fifth Of Beethoven" Walter Murphy "Disco Duck" Rick Dees "Rock'n Me" Steve Miller Band105-06-01
1975 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1975. The following tracks are missing: "Laughter In The Rain" Neil Sedaka "Best Of My Love", "One Of These Nights" Eagles "Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" B.J. Thomas "Listen To What The Man Said" Paul McCartney & Wings "The Hustle" Van McCoy "Jive Talkin'" Bee Gees "Fallin' In Love" Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds "Bad Blood" Neil Sedaka "Fly, Robin, Fly" Silver Connection105-06-01
1973 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1973. The following tracks are missing: "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" Vicki Lawrence "My Love" Paul McCartney & Wings "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" George Harrison "Brother Louie" Stories Re-recording: "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" Jim Croce105-06-02
1972 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1972. The following tracks are missing: "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" Roberta Flack "Alone Again (Naturally)" Gilbert O'Sullivan "I Can See Clearly Now" Johnny Nash 105-06-02
1971 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1971. The following tracks are missing: "My Sweet Lord" George Harrison "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" Bee Gees "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey" Paul & Linda McCartney105-06-02
1970 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1970. The following songs are missing: "Venus" The Shocking Blue "Let It Be", "The Long And Winding Road" The Beatles "My Sweet Lord" George Harrison105-05-26
1969 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1969. The following tracks are missing: "Get Back", "Come Together / Something" The Beatles "In The Year 2525" Zager & Evans "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" Steam105-06-02
1968 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1968. The following tracks are missing: "Hello Goodbye", "Hey Jude" The Beatles "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)" John Fred & His Playboy Band "Green Tambourine" The Lemon Pipers "Harper Valley PTA" Jeannie C. Riley105-06-02
1967 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1967. The following tracks are missing: "Penny Lane", "All You Need Is Love", & "Hello Goodbye" The Beatles "Somethin' Stupid" Nancy & Frank Sinatra "To Sir With Love" Lulu105-06-02
1966 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1966. The following tracks are missing: "We Can Work It Out", "Paperback Writer" The Beatles "Lightnin' Strikes" Lou Christie "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" Nancy Sinatra "Winchester Cathedral" The New Vaudeville Band Re-recording: "Strangers in the Night" Frank Sinatra105-06-02
1965 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1965. The following tracks are missing: "I Feel Fine", "Eight Days A Week", "Ticket To Ride", "Help!", "Yesterday" The Beatles "Eve Of Destruction" Barry McGuire "Over and Over" The Dave Clark Five105-06-02
1964 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1964. The following tracks are missing: "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "She Loves You", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Love Me Do", "A Hard Day's Night", & "I Feel Fine" by The Beatles105-06-02
1962 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in 1962. The following tracks are missing: "Peppermint Twist - Part 1" Joey Dee & the Starliters "I Can't Stop Loving You" Ray Charles "The Loco-Motion" Little Eva And this one sounds like a re-recording: "Monster Mash" Bobby Pickett2006-02-22
1963 #1 HitsThese songs hit #1 on Billboard's Hot #100 singles chart in 1963. Lots are missing: Go Away Little Girl -Steve Lawrence Walk Right In -The Rooftop Singers Hey Paula -Paul & Paula Our Day Will Come -Ruby & the Romantics I Will Follow Him -Peggy March If You Wanna Be Happy -Jimmy Soul Sukiyaki -Kyu Sakamoto Easier Said Than Done -The Essex Sugar Shack -Jimmy Gilmer I'm Leaving It Up To You -Dale & Grace Re-recordings? He's So Fine -The Chiffons Fingertips, Part 2 -Stevie Wonder105-06-03
compThese songs are the bizzomb2006-02-17
4-star songsThese songs are my favorites, regardless of genre.2006-01-12
the hot jamsthese songs are great songs and i really enjoy listening to them. My favorite song out of all of them is aaliyah i miss. That is the description about these songs on my playlist. 2006-03-16
Filter Magazine: The Best of 2003These songs are from albums selected by Filter Magazine writers as being the best of 2003. It's mostly an indie / alt rock blend that really makes for some great listening. 2006-01-21
NeneThese songs are for those days.2006-03-06
Love JerilynThese songs are all original with the exception of I Could've Seen the Sunshine which is an excerpt of a poem written by my sister Peggy Luna, NIN a line is taken directly from their song and Your Soul the line I Will Rape Your Soul is a quote of a friend named Christine. Ah ha! This will only let you hear them if you already have a copy. Eamil if you would like to hear them. 2006-03-19
heartbrokenthese songs always got me through those tough times... 2006-02-08
Number One Hits of 1983These songs all reached the number one spot on the U.S. charts in 1983.2006-02-26
1959 #1 HitsThese songs all reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1959. A few songs are missing: "The Three Bells" The Browns "Sleepwalk" Santo & Johnny105-06-03
Will to LoveThese song attempt to describe my feelings for my baby2006-03-10
1946-9 #1 HitsThese singles were among the top five singles of the year from 1946 to 1949 on the Billboard charts according to Missing tracks: "Rumors Are Flying" Frankie Carle "Near You" Francis Craig "Peg O' My Heart" Harmonicats "Heartaches" Ted Weems "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)" Tex Williams "Twelfth Street Rag" Pee Wee Hunt "My Happiness" Jon & Sandra Steele2006-02-22
1955 #1 HitsThese singles hit #1 on one of the Billboard singles charts in 1955. The following are missing: "Hearts Of Stone" Fontane Sisters "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" Bill Hayes "Dance With Me, Henry (Wallflower)" Georgia Gibbs "Unchained Melody" Les Baxter 105-06-03
Slipknot - Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses) (Parental Advisory)THESE GUYS ROCK!!!!2005-11-11
Almost FamousThese artists all have names similar to famous musicians, but haven't reached stardom themselves quite yet.2006-02-15
Songs For A Divorce PartyThese aren't just songs about divorce. That could be a very long list indeed. This playlist is more designed for a divorce party. All of these tracks empower and throw a middle finger. These tracks will make you feel better with their snide remarks and independent spirit.2006-01-11
slow jamsThese are those songs you listen to when you thinking about that special someone!!!2006-03-12
The Top 25 Country Love Songs, So FarThese are the very best 25 country love songs ever written according to Country Music Television. 2006-01-02
NeverThese are the songs that meet the highest standards of my musical universe. Enjoy-2006-02-16
Songs of the momentThese are the songs I'm listening to over and over and over again. Subject to adding or deletion at any moment.2006-02-13
70-80s Road TripThese are the songs I imagine I would listen to if I ever do a road trip in the US in an old Cadillac with the top down.2006-03-08
1952 #1 HitsThese are the singles that hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1952 (according to Wikipedia). Missing: "Blue Tango" by Leroy Anderson "It's In The Book" by Johnny Standley 105-06-04
1952 #1 HitsThese are the singles that hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1952 (according to Wikipedia). Missing: "Blue Tango" by Leroy Anderson "It's In The Book" by Johnny Standley 105-06-04
1951 #1 HitsThese are the singles that hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1951 (according to Wikipedia). The longest-running hit was "How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford. No singles are missing from this playlist. 2006-02-22
1950 #1 HitsThese are the singles that hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1950 (according to Wikipedia). One song is missing from this playlist: "The Thing" Phil Harris2006-02-22
more southern rockthese are the ones i like the best,2006-03-24
The Most Requested Ballroom and Swing Songs for Weddings These are the most requested ballroom and swing songs requested at wedding receptions in America according to wedding DJs.2006-02-15
the Jams I like...These are the hits I like. Check them out.2006-03-17
NPR: All Things Considered 02.12.06 to 02.15.06These are songs used as musical interludes on NPR's "All Things Considered" between 02.13.06 to
Celebrity Playlist: The Rolling Stones These are songs that The Rolling Stones selected for their Starbuck's Artist Choice CD compilation.2006-02-11
awesomely bad songsThese are songs that are great because they're so awful.2006-04-05
Time Life: Ultimate Seventies: 1970 These are songs that appear on the Time/Life compilation album Ultimate Seventies: 1970. The series feature one hit-packed CD for each year of the decade.2006-02-11
Novel Soundtrack: White ApplesThese are songs mentioned in Johnathan Carroll's 2002 novel "White Apples"2006-01-18
Rock and Sammy HagarThese are some somgs that I listen to when doing homework or trying to party or have a good time. Some classics that always put a smile on my face.2005-10-24
Easy BreezyThese are some of the songs that I listen to when I just want to sit back and relax. Or if I want to just lay down on my bed and read.2006-03-03
arissa's playlistThese are some of my most favorite songs!!! :) <3 arissa2006-02-18
Nikki Favsthese are some of my favorites a lil of everything2006-03-13
CountryThese are some of my favorite country songs!2006-03-06
Only The BestThese Are Some Great Christian Rock and Rap Songs. It starts with a rap, but it is mainly Rock. These are My Favorites!!!2005-12-22
Songs About MoviesThese are not songs about a particular film, but rather about the medium of film itself. 2006-02-19
My Fav White StripesThese are my favorite tunes by the White Stripes. Rock on.2005-06-29
KNAK 2005These are my favorite tracks from 2005.2005-12-20
Party MusicThese are my favorite tracks for playing at parties--great for dancing!2005-11-27
my picksThese are my favoite they tell tales from me and other people that i have ran into my life.2006-03-04
Songs Beatles WroteThese are mostly songs the Beatles wrote but didn't record commercially themselves. I included all instances of a song by one group on Yahoo because some are stereo versions and some are mastered differently. There are a few exceptions - Paul plays bass on James Taylor's song, "Do You Want to Know a Secret" was recorded by the Beatles.2006-02-18
best musicThese are most of my favorite songs.2006-02-08
Celebrity Playlist: Keith RichardsThese are Keith Richard's top 10 tracks. An homage to the the roots. From the Rough Guide book of playlists.2006-02-20
rapThese are good songs 2006-04-14
Songwriters Hall of Fame Nominees 2006These are compositions by songwriters who have been nominated for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame for 2006. Only 5 will make it based on votes by members of the National Academy of Popular Music.2006-01-23
1953 #1 HitsThese are all the singles that hit #1 on the Billboard charts in 1953 (according to Wikipedia). The longest-running song at #1 was Percy Faith's "Song From Moulin Rouge." No songs are missing.105-06-04
Bob Marley: The Alternate MixesThese are all the alternate mixes of Bob Marley songs currently available on Yahoo Music Unlimited. Get a new perspective on the greatest Reggae master that ever walked the planet.2006-01-13
TV-EPThese are all local MP3s Do you really want to hear this stuff?2005-09-30
songs i like a lotThese are all just really good songs - probably my favorites out of these songs would be: one of all, like if I could only listen to one of them, would be: Scenes from Italian Restaurant; Thunder Road; The Things we do for Love; Under Pressure; I feel like a bullet in the gun of Robet Ford;Daughters;Beth; My Old School; Isn't she Lovely. They all remind me of someone or some time in my life that made an impression on me - some happy some more poignant, but all struck a chord in me (no pun inten)2006-04-16
mixed rock listthese are all great bands. the music ranges from metal, hard rock and punk! just enough songs to fit on an 80 min. cd.2006-02-27
Favorite Christianthese are a collection of my favorite Christian songs.2006-02-23
Tom Waits' Favorite AlbumsThese albums were selected by Tom Waits for as some of his favorites. Tom Waits is someone whose opinion about music demands respect.2006-01-24
Booty SongsThere's not much to say about this playlist except that it's all about the booty.2006-01-16
'80s Triumph - What A Feeling!There was plenty to sing about in the '80s. Mary Lou Retton had gone for the gold, America was winning the Cold War, we'd all learned who shot J.R., Pac-Man had his own cereal, Luke and Laura had finally found true love, and there were enough leg-warmers in stores to ensure that no shin in the nation would ever go cold again. Listen now to relive this golden age of big hits, big hair, big attitude, and big money, and savor the thrill of vintage victory.2006-02-23
One Word Britpop Band NamesThere is some sort of unwritten rule that if you are a modern Brit Pop band you must have a concise one word band name. Usually less than 7 characters in length. Pulp, Travis, Blur, Oasis, James, Doves, Muse, Elbow, etc.2006-01-03
Top Ten Songs Titled "Fire"There have been tons of songs titled "Fire" recorded in popular music over the last four decades. These are my top 10. Since Arthur Brown's track is not available I have replaced it with a cover by SAS Band.2006-01-25
Songs For JoesThere have been thousands of songs inspired by guys named "Joseph". This playlist focuses on Joseph's with the nickname "Joe", or the use of the name "Joe" as a description for a regular guy, or an "average Joe".2006-02-03
Freak Folk SamplerThere has been lots of buzz about the newly crowned genre of "Freak Folk". if you are not quite sure what "Freak Folk" is, this playlist will give you a good understanding.2006-02-04
Do The Robot: A Fully Automated MixtapeThere are tons of songs about robots, artificial humans, technology. Not al of them are listenable. Yoshimi can't front on this! Not having Kraftwerk's complete catalog kills me. Feeling like a robot now... No one cares about your favorite robot songs! 2006-03-01
Best Songs Titled "Heaven"There are thousands of songs titled "Heaven". These are the very best. Sorry, no Brian Adams or Warrant.2006-02-15
Bands That Have Numbers in Their Names There are thousands of bands that have numbers in their name (i.e.: U2, 311, UB40, L7, Zero 7, etc) This list has a scant 75 of them.2006-02-11
Greatest Rock & Roll Rain SongsThere are literally thousands of songs about the rain. This playlist cuts the numbers down by only selecting the most important and critically acclaimed rock songs about rain. The end result is an remarkably listenable "rain song" playlist that clocks in at over 3 and a half hours.2006-01-01
Popular Music Inspired By ShakespeareThere are a lot of classical compositions inspired by ythe work of Shakespeare, however this list concentrates on some memorable popular music inspired by Shakespearean writing.2006-02-02
MTV 120 Minutes: January 1988 There actually was a good span of time when MTV actually played great music. I know it seems hard to believe, but it's true. In 1988 the MTV show 120 Minutes was on my "must see" list and I stayed up late many a Sunday night to catch it. All the songs in here were played on the show in January, 1988.2006-01-09
Thelonius Monk CoversThelonius Monk is a legend because of the unique and quirky piano style that belonged to him alone. This playlist looks at 13 attempts to interpret his work.2006-02-02
Electric Ladyland CoveredTheis playlist features covers of the songs from Jim Hendrix's classic 1968 album "Electric Ladyland" in the same order as the original album. Jimi fills in where a track is not available.2006-02-08
Korn RocksThe World is Korn.2006-04-01
White StripesThe White Stripes2005-07-20
Garter Toss Songs For A Wedding ReceptionThe wedding reception tradition of tossing the bride's garter to a crowd of bachelors was actually started in the 14th century. This playlist contains the most popular songs a DJ can play during this wedding reception event. 2006-01-21
Mp3the want work to go by quick jam2005-12-22
Top Ten Blue SongsThe very best songs titled "blue" that are currently available on Yahoo Music Unlimited.2006-02-13
Butterfly SongsThe very best songs that sing directly about the butterfly or use it as an effective metaphor.2006-02-18
Ode To PlasticThe very best songs about plastic or songs that use plastic as a metaphor.2006-02-19
Great MarleyThe very best of...2006-04-21
The Best of 1978The very best music of 1978. Hands down.2006-02-12
Union Jack SwingThe U.K. may have stricter gun-control laws, and its rappers may rhyme about such polite subjects as footie matches, pub quizzes, and mushy peas. And yes, these Brit-hoppers' crisp, lilting accents may be a little more Masterpiece Theater than Master P. But as Dizzee Rascal's knife wounds and Goldie Lookin Chain's voracious narcotic intake attest, life in Britain's council estates can still be hardscrabble indeed. Listen here for a bit of Brit grit from the 'hoods across the pond.2006-02-22
A New HopeThe tracks on this list will be decided with 3 AM Euphoria. Aw hell, make a decision now. This list is pretty much set. Works great on its own, no matter what you decide.2006-02-21
Most Popular Bar Mitzvah SongsThe tracks in this playlist are the most requested of event DJs at Bar (and Bat) Mitzvahs. The Jewish celebration of a Bar Mitzvah marks the time when a child transitions into adulthood, so these songs tend to be reflective of that transition. Sometimes in a comedic way.2006-01-18
Pitchfork: Top 50 Singles of 2005The Top 50 Singles of 2005 according to Pitchfork. YMU had 32 out of 50. Not too shabby. Enjoy!2006-03-02
Top 100 - Adult Alternative - 03122006The top 100 Adult Alternative songs from the week of March 12 2006 on Yahoo Music.2006-03-12
Songs That Start With Telephone SoundsThe title of this playlist pretty much sums it up. These 17 tracks all kick off with some sort of telephone sound. You could drive someone nuts with this one.2006-01-10
Musical Recipe: SalsaThe title of each song in this playlist is an ingredient for the perfect bowl of salsa. Enjoy!2006-01-20
Ode To The TelevisionThe television is loved and hated. It's responsible for educating the masses as well as dumbing them down. This songs in this list are the very best TV inspired songs I could find.2006-01-09
Songs That Feature The Talk BoxThe talkbox is an effects box used with an electric guitar that enables a musician to literally "talk" with his or her instrument. These are some of the finest "talk box" examples available.2006-02-07
Star OceanThe soundtrack of the best RPG ever made! Star Ocean 22006-03-02
L Word Tunes...The sounds of The L Word2006-03-06
Unintelligible Lyrics The songs in this playlist can wear out your rewind button. No matter how many times, or how closely you listen, there will be lyrics you just cannot decipher.2006-02-08
Songs For A Nuclear HolocaustThe songs in this playlist are about nuclear destruction or the cold war. You'll notice that most of the tracks were written in the 1980s when cold war tensions were at their peak, including in the minds of musicians.2006-01-21
Abbey Road CoversThe songs in this list make a complete covers version of The Beatles "Abbey Road". 2006-01-09
Smashing Pumpkins: The CoversThe Smashing Pumpkins have not been afraid to record cover songs over the course of their illustrous career. This playlist contains 14 cover songs as recorded by the Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan. They make a better original band than a cover band, but it's interesting to hear Billy's take on his influences.2006-01-17
Sub Pop Box SetThe Seattle based Sub Pop label set their place in history with the release of the debut album "Bleach" by Nirvana and their involvement with the birth of Grunge. Since that time, the label has released a diverse mix of indie, grunge, alternative and retro music. Sup Pop has kept their fine reputation alive, even without breaking another Nirvana-scale act.2005-12-31
The Same Old Guys with New Good SongsThe same old fucking rock'n roll guys recording new stuff2005-08-22
geetar: electricThe rock gods are smiling.2005-12-21
Classic rockThe rock and roll that inspired a nation and made you feel so good.2005-12-30
Al Stewart: Discracefully OverlookedThe Robyn Hithcock of the 70s. The man who came into his craft in Soho along with Paul Simon. Brilliant songs, career, not so much.2006-02-20
mel`s goove timethe right music for the right time. a mix of tunes that`ll satisfy eveyone.2006-03-21
2006 Grammy Hall Of Fame Inductees The Recording Academy has announced their 25 selections for a 2006 induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame. This playlist includes 12 of the 25 albums that available on Yahoo Music Unlimited. 2006-01-17
Dance Hits (Euro-Sound)The Real Dance mix that is missing from the other playlists. Bringing the sound of Ibiza to Y! Unlimited!2006-03-11
Bill Gates Has A PosseThe premise for this playlist was a strange one, but one that works. It contains rap songs that have the name "Bill Gates" in the lyrics. Considering Mr. Gates is the richest man in the world he's the ultimate symbol of money and power.2006-01-01
RAPThe playlist U should listen to2006-02-10
Battle of Serenity ValleyThe pinnacle of listening enjoyment. Sounds of life and living. Ultimately listenable and prolific. The songs that make every day complete. Without this there is only silence. Be one with the turmoil and with the peace. This is the battle of Serenity Valley. Listen. 2005-12-26
Songs About CloudsThe next time you lay back on your lawn and watch the clouds go by, plug this playlist in and pump it through your headhones. It contains 42 songs about or inspired by clouds.2006-01-24
2005 New Pantheon Award FinalistsThe New Pantheon Award was created to reward the artist who created the most creative and artistic album of the year. The album must have sold under 500,000 copies. This playlist contains songs by artists who made the final 10 and is the one of the best award lists you'll find. Great stuff all the way through.2006-01-12
2006 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Weekend 1The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival has always been one of the best in the country. It has gotten more attention recently post hurricane Katrina. This playlist features artists playing the first weekend of the 2006 festival.2006-02-18
Songs For Girls Named MaryanneThe name "Maryanne" is derived from the feminine "Mary", which comes from the Hebrew "bitter" and the feminine "Anne", which comes from the French form of "Hannah" and is traditionally assigned to the mother of the Virgin Mary. So if you know a girl named "Maryanne" you can call her "Bitter Virgin Mother" and be completely accurate.2006-01-14
Songs For Girls Named JulieThe name "Julie" is the French form of the name "Julia", which is derived from the Latin feminine form of "Julius". So the next time you see your friend named Julie give her a "Hail Caesar!" 2006-01-31
Songs For Girls Named EvangelineThe name "Evangeline", sometimes shortened to "Angie", means "good news" from the Greek eu "good" and angelema "news or message". The number os songs inspired by women named Evangeline is astounding. This playlist contains 20 of the very best.2006-01-04
Songs That Feature The Musical SawThe musical saw is the poor man's Theremin. It can be a standard metal hand saw or one that is made specifically for it's eerie musical qualities. It's usually played sitting down with the handle between the player's legs. The musician contorts the saw with one hand and bows with the other. The resulting sound is a high-pitched, spooky whine that you can hear in all of the songs in this playlist.2006-01-16
Get PumpedThe music to get u pumped !2006-02-22
70s DiscoThe music of my childhood. Exciting and soulful, it always makes me smile!2006-01-25
Songs Like "Imagine" by John LennonThe Music Genome Project uses knowledgable musicians to classify songs one attribute at a time. The database of their music analysis work created this playlist of songs that are similar in attribute to John Lennon's "Imagine". They are similar in that they all have mellow rock instrumentation, folk influences, mild rythmic syncopation, major key tonality and acoustic sonority.2006-01-03
The Fighting Temptations Motion Picture SoundtrackThe motion picture soundtrack to one of the most emotionally riveting and heart-wrenching films of 2003, The Fighting Temptations featuring Beyonce Knowles (of Destiny's Child fame) and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Listen to its message and above all, ENJOY!2006-03-08
The Most Popular Song Title In The WorldThe most popular song title in the world is "Angel". It's a word that can speak lovingly of both sexes, children, friends, and good people, as well as the supernatural. In fact, 10 songs with the title "Angel" have been in the top 40. Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Eurythmics, Jon Secada, Massive Attack, Ralph Fridge, Lionel Richie, Shaggy and Sarah McLachlan. This playlist contains 20 Angel tracks.2006-01-04
Brutal TechnoThe most insane incredibly intense techno I could find.2006-01-11
The FinestThe Most critically acclaim lyicist to touch a mic. A lotta cats get it twisted quick. Don't let a little cash make some wack ass nigga a great rapper. If that's the case, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice should always be in your top 10. This list is for real MCs with real skills, those who made you believe that HIP-HOP would takeover the world.2006-02-18
Junk in Your TrunkThe mix to end all mixes. Or something.2006-02-13
Songs With MellotronThe mellotron is an instrument invented in Birmingham, England circa 1960. It utilizes a series of magnetic tapes and tapeheads to playback recorded sound. Controlled with a keyboard, they are hard to maintain and are the very first sample-playback instrument. This playlist contains over 7 hours of music, with each song featuring the mellotron.2006-02-06
Sting Side ProjectsThe man who was given the stage name "Sting" because of the black and yellow striped sweater he wore while performing early in his career has lent his talent out to many other artists over the years. Sting helps out on all the tracks in this playlist, sometime on cover versions of his own songs.2006-01-03
Country Rock EssentialsThe majority of songs in this playlist come from the late 60s or early 70s when country rock really came into its own. Since there is disagreement on what constitutes "country rock", let me just say that these are the "classics". Repected by country and classic rock fans alike. 2006-02-03
Songs That Contain GunfireThe loudest percussion instrument and probably the hardest to record is the gun. Any sound above 65 decibels can cause hearing loss and a gunshot tips the scales at around 140 dB. That should give you an idea of the difficulty in recording a gunshot. This playlist contains song that contain gunfire. Although not all of these are real gunshots recorded live, many of them are.2006-01-11
Jazz 5 o'clock shadowThe local independent radio station, WTMD, has a daily feature called the 5 o'clock shadow where they play a cover song, then they play the original. Here's a whole bunch of jazz cover songs followed by the original version. WTMD programmers take note.2006-02-21
Little Willies UncoveredThe Little Willies are a band featuring Norah Jones and Richard Julian. Their new album features 9 "standards" . Here are versions that made those songs famous.2006-03-09
Richard's RadioThe latest Alternative, Rock, AC singles.2005-12-08
Newer WaveThe last few years have seen a noticeable 80s New Wave resurgence. What I like to call "Newer Wave". These can include bands who were around during the "first wave" like The Cure, New Order and Depeche Mode and are still making great music. Or it can include, new bands who incorporate a heavy use of sythesizers, jerky tempos and a general new wave sensibility.2006-01-21
Songs About ElvisThe king of rock and roll has been the inspiration for many great songs since his death. This playlist contains 32 of the most memorable.2006-01-19
Radish Rock Opera #1: The JailbreakThe Jailbreak: A playlist rock opera in 4 acts. 2006-02-21
Songs Accused of Satanic BackmaskingThe hysterical accusations of satanic backmasking in popular music came on strong in the 1980s. When the songs in this playlist are played backwards some say you can hear subliminal messages from satan promoting sex, drugs violence. Some of these backward messages in these songs are coincidence and some are intentional. natas liah!2006-01-02
lorathe hottest playlists2006-01-12
The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire CollectionThe hottest group of all times! Check them out and be taken on a musical journey! 2005-12-06
2006 Alt RockThe hottest '06 Alt Rock. This is a growing list.2006-02-28
New Playlist #1THE HOTTESE LIST 2006-03-18
Songs About HorsesThe horse is an exceptional animal that has the ability to form complex bonds with humans. This historic bond has inspired scores of timeless songs. These 34 tracks about horses are the very best currently available on Yahoo Music Unlimited.2006-01-21
chickenThe Green Day paradise of Green Day ness. I call it Green Day land (I'm not the one whos running the annelynaugh account. IM the green day daughter freak like. Hey, i didn't make this playlist! my brother did. but it rocks. green day2005-09-03
Rock that RocksThe greatest rock bands of all time are played in this playlist.2006-03-01
Nina Simone mixThe goddess sings!2006-04-07
Introduction To Fretless Bass The frettless bass has a smooth, distinctive sound and requires the hands of a pro to make it really sing. This playlist contains 21 tracks that utilize the instrument to great effect.2006-02-13
rated songsThe essence of sandwich2006-03-19
Etro AnimeThe essence of CHILL2006-03-03
ElementsThe Elements collection of Indian classical music selections - Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Space2006-03-01
essential pettyThe Echo tracks aren't on YMU for some reason. Might be his second best album (Damn the Torpedos is clearly #1). Anyway I am sure I missed a few great tracks. Petty is an icon but for some reason I still feel like he doesn't get his due in the pantheon of Rock n Roll.2005-12-01
Contemporary ChristianThe contemporary sounds of Christian music. Uplifting, upbeat and will fill your soul.2006-03-07
Progressive BluegrassThe combination of bluegrass, instrument virtuosity and jam band aesthetic are responsible for what you'll find in this playlist.2006-02-10
Deep Classic Rock CutsThe classic rock songs in this playlist are all from timeless albums that have been played on AOR radio for decades. However, these are not the songs you'll hear on the radio, but the deep cuts. If you're a classic rock fan, check this out to rediscover the genre with fresh ears.2006-01-10
Play - PlayThe cheetah girls do this song too, but I like play's version better.2006-03-14
20051227The CD when I bought recentry.2005-12-27
Car Accident SongsThe car wreck song is something that stretches back to the classic "teen tragedy" songs of the 1950s. This playlist is an eclectic blend of songs about car wrecks. From "Dead Man's Curve" to "Warm Leatherette" to "Three Wooden Crosses", a diverse collection of genres is represented.2006-01-01
Ode To The CadillacThe Cadillac is a uniquely American icon that is the center of it's own subcultures. These subcultures can easily be identified across musical lines. These songs are inspired by or mention the Cadillac.2006-01-23
Sexual Innuendo In The BluesThe blues has given us some of the wittiest sexual innuendo in music history. From Robert Johnson's lemon, to Bessie Smith's Jelly Roll to Bo Carter's banana. This playlist explores sexual innuendo in the blues.2006-01-18
Smooth JazzThe best variety of Smooth jazz!2006-03-06
90sThe best variety of 90s music!2005-12-31
Steve EarleThe best that I've heard 2006-01-18
Best of 2005The best songs of 2005. yeah, I know I'm forgetting some... give me a break.2005-07-21
The Best of 1977The best songs of 1977. Almost 4 hours of critically acclaimed music released in '77.2006-02-12
The Best of 1971The best songs of 1971. The are the songs that repeatedly pop up in critics "best of year" lists. 2006-02-05
ToppiesThe Best Songs in One Playlist2005-12-25
World class TRANSEThe best songs from the best Techno & Transe DJs are here! Tiesto, Van Dyk, Oakenfoald, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, BT and even Moby and Madonna... Dance on electonic beats.105-06-09
Philip's shitthe best shouthern rap mix2006-03-09
TinaThe Best of Tina Turner2006-04-17
Rap's FinestThe best of the best. Continually growing as new hits are discovered.2005-12-05
80s HitsThe best of the 80s2006-03-14
Live MusicThe best of live R&B and Rap music albums.2006-02-08
The Best of House The best of house music from the collective agreement of multiple music writers.2006-02-12
Best PraiseThe best of contemporary worship.105-06-10
Cooking MusicThe best of classic hip-hop and R&B2006-02-11
Buddyhead Best of 2005The best of 2005 from www.Buddyhead.com2006-02-04
Best of 2006The best of '06. What am I missing?2006-01-20
MarquettaThe best music you can here. Love to hood music. What else could you want? 2006-01-08
2006 Film ScoresThe best music from 2006 Film Score releases.2006-02-15
2006 MetalThe best LOUD rock of '06. 2006-03-23
Live With Stretch! The Best of Live MusicThe Best Live Performance From Some Of My Favorite Artist! A Chance For You Feel Like Your Live At The Concert! Ticket Price-There Is None! Enjoy! 2005-12-07
2006 Underground RapThe best in underground Hip Hop in '06. Work in progress.2006-02-23
New WorkoutThe best in angry rock and groovey dance!2006-03-05
2006 Adult AltThe best in Adult Alt. in '06. All of these songs are on albums released in '06. '05 is a thing of the past, even Dec 31st... it feels like a lifetime ago. In with the new, out with the old.2006-02-28
2006 FolkThe best in 2006 Folk.2006-02-22
Female ArtistsThe best female vocalists from WOW.2006-03-12
Little Big TownThe best country cross-over group in years. If you like Fleetwood Mac or Crosby Stills and Nash, you chould check out Little Big Town. Especially Bones!2006-03-07
Dark Metal/Death MetalThe Best Black Metal & Death Metal.2006-03-01
smashing pumpkinsthe BEST band of the '90's....2006-03-03
The Living Room SetThe best alternative rock playlist2005-10-04
2006 Alt CountryThe Best Alt Country/Americana in '06.2006-03-09
Mojo Collection - 1960-1965The best albums of the early 60s according to Mojo Magazine's book, "The Mojo Collection".2005-12-29
Mojo's 50 Best Albums of 2005The best albums of 2005 according to Mojo Magazine (
The thesThe bands2006-02-08
The B-52'sThe B-52's Playlist. These tracks are from the group's first two albums, "The B-52's" and "Wild Planet." Also, as an added bonus, is one song called "Love Shack" from their album "Cosmic Thing." April 09, 2006.2006-04-09
sexualThe automatic in draws dropping action. Please believe it!2006-03-21
Best of 2004The albums from my 2004 "best of" list ( that were also in the YMU catalog. Disappointingly few found, but enough to give a glimpse. Enjoy.2005-12-17
Eighties MusicThe 80'S was a time of great music. Musicians like blondie, duran duran, cyndi lauper, and foreigner were everywhere. I have compiled music that I think best represents the 80s. Let me know how well you like it. 2006-02-09
Wakarusa Festival 2006The 2006 Wakarusa festival is set for June 8th through June 11th in Lawrence, Kansas. This playlist features bands that will be appearing at the festival this year.2006-01-18
zachThe "Zach Playlist" was made on Febuary 26,2006. It has music from the Rock, Rap, and Reggae genres.2006-02-25
Songs About The Mona LisaThe "Mona Lisa" is, without much doubt, the most famous painting on the planet. This playlist features songs that were inspired by this famous Leonardo da Vinci painting that 6.6 million people visit each year at the Louvre.2006-01-02
All EminemThat's right... Eminem or D12. Read it and weep.2006-04-13
DIRTY Radio 666That Gangsta Shit More to Come!!! 2006-03-26
NINthank you victor, i would not have known how wonderful nin is if not for you2006-02-16
Dj dodger420ogtha very best of hip hop and West Coast gangsta rap.2006-03-07
sexxy slow jamzTha Sexiest of tha Sexy2006-03-31
SloMotiontha Greatest Collection of music of tha Slower persuasion2006-03-04
DODGER radiotha best of hip hop and West Coast GANGSTA rap(today and back in tha day)2006-03-04
Live_Mooca01_PL3Th Rolling Stones2005-11-23
heavyTex's heavy2005-09-17
joseg_yme1_11-21_2056Tethered bookmarks - Public 1/31/06 Added 3 more tethered tracks to PL2005-11-21
test_2test playlist.2005-11-29
ShakiraTest album for cover art ;-P2005-11-30
9Jan2006Ten tracks in mixed order2006-01-09
10 Versions of "Wild Thing"Ten different versions of one of the most popular "Guitar Rock 101" songs ever written. Kicks off with the original by The Troggs. 2006-02-02
New Playlist #1tejano music #12006-04-14
Y! Music Presents: Teairra Mari's PicksTeairra Mari knows a thing or two about laying it down smooth and sultry. Her Celebrity Playlist playlist is perfect for poppin' the cork on some Cristal, lighting candles and gettin' down with your boo. 2006-01-31
Musical Tea PartyTea has seen a resurgence over the last few years in America, but it has a long tradition in England where the social tea is an important part of the culture. This playlist looks at songs that mention this popular beverage.2006-01-31
Dance The Night AwayTalking Heads. Rockwell, Abba, Berlin, Abc Wang Chung, A-Ha, Tone Loc, Bangles, Billy Idol. Robert Palmer, Billy Ocean, Yes, Sheena Easton, and so much more. 2006-03-16
FavoritesTalk about a little of everything! This list is truly a unique expression from a guy who has travel all over Latin America and has been enfluenced by European and American taste. One minute you could hear some Clear Water Rival then next you may hear some Andre Bocelli followed by Brazilian Timbalada. Enjoy!2006-02-26
BizarradiOTales of the Weird. We broadcast anything that is considered unusual such as ghost stories, ufo sightings, ancient mysteries, eerie music, etc. If you'd like to make a request, please visit our website.2006-03-06
50 Greatest US Punk TracksTaken from the Mojo article of the same name, a US punk primer. I don't agree with all their choices (NOFX?!) and many greats from the article couldn't be found in the Yahoo! catalog (Minor Threat, Black Flag, Husker Du, etc), but still a good playlist for anyone looking to learn or reminisce.2005-12-11
1990's Soft RockTake a Trip back in time with everything from Blues Traveler to Third Eye Blind!2006-02-23
Y! Music Presents: Good Charlotte's PicksTake a little N.W.A. add a dash of Morrissey, a teaspoon of Rancid and just hint of Hilary Duff to taste. DING! Your Good Charotte Celebrity Playlist is ready! 2006-01-31
Trans-Siberian OrchestraSymphonic Rock at it's Best!!!2006-03-09
Songs About ChickensSurprisingly, there are a bunch of great songs about chickens. Many of them are in this playlist.2006-02-16
Songs That White People Can Dance ToSure, white people can't dance. But the songs in this playlist are sure to get even the most rhythm impaired caucasian onto the dance floor.2006-01-19
KaskadeSuperstar SF DJ ( and my future husband?)2006-04-24
Roberto Coelho Rio 58Sung mostly in English by a variety of female vocalists, the tracks on this album deliver a 2005 version of the image many international listeners have of Brazil. Late 1950's, Copacabana, smooth Bossa Nova tunes. Masterful, pop-oriented songwriting by Brazilian soundtrack composer Roberto Coelho in his first solo release. April 13, 2006. 2006-04-13
Coachella - Sunday EssentialsSunday is great! 2006-04-26
Sullys Summer 2002Sully's Beer Garden circa summer 20022006-03-01
chris' musicsugar wolf is a sweet song!!!!!!!!!2005-12-17
LOVESuch an exquisite feeling. Just close your eyes and let goooooo......2006-03-01
joseg_yme1_1-31_2026Subscription - Public 1/31/06 old PL not showing, rename to see if it will revive2005-11-21
Whitey's Hip HopStuff you can like even if you're not exactly street.2005-12-09
4 Star StuffStuff that's always on my MP3 Player2006-02-20
alt.die.billy.corgan.die.die.diestuff that is in some way, no matter how tangential, related to smashing pumpkins 2006-02-01
To Download LaterStuff I've heard on LAUNCHcast Radio that I want to download later on my primary computer.2006-03-01
Heavy RotationStuff I'm listening to now.2006-01-03
back upstuff I like2006-04-22
His StuffStuff 'he' picked out. I like most of it.2006-03-07
little feat and lowellstudio little feat and lowell's solo2006-03-05
Who is Jacques Lu Cont?Stuart Price is a producer who also goes by the alias "Thin White Duke" and "Jacques Lu Cont" and is a central figure in the bands Les Rythmes Digitales, Paper Faces, and Zoot Woman, among others. He has produeced Madonna and New Order and remixed countless others. Here is some of his work in YMU.2006-02-16
April 26 2K6Strange, yes,2006-04-24
dancestevie nicks remix thunder2006-03-15
New Playlist #1Steve Kim's favorite songs2005-11-23
Steely DanSteely Dan's Greatest Hits2006-03-08
NorteñosStarted with 20 tracks, Last updated on 12-10-05.2005-11-23
Music For BreakdancingSpread the cardboard out on the basement floor and get this old skool playlist pumpin'. We may be a little old to do the windmills and headspins, but we can still do the wave and the moonwalk. 2006-01-12
AlisonClassSpin Class2006-03-15
Cool musicSpecial music from the hit TV show One Tree Hill2006-03-01
Special EFXSpecial EFX, Rippingtons and Marc Antoine2006-04-10
Sync Listsource is nx70102006-01-13
Guitar HeroSoundtrack from the game Guitar Hero for PS2. Missing Higher Ground and I Love Rock and Roll2006-02-16
My Recommended Songs - All genressounds of all kinds of music mostly and very interesting2006-03-05
MJSoulful Michael Jackson type music.2006-02-17
New Playlist #3Souled out muzik!2006-03-06
Bethel's Own SoulSoul adds Life & Meaning to Music. Without Soul, Music, would simply be, Just Words!!2006-04-18
New Playlist #1sonia's spanish songs2006-02-04
Love SongsSongs...Love2006-02-11
Songs Used in Gap Television AdsSongs you will hear selling Gap clothing on the television.2006-04-25
Saturday Morning CoffeeSongs you might want in the background of a good weekend morning conversation. Guster, Keane, Postal Service, Mason Jennings, etc...2006-03-09
Coffee ShopSongs you hear while drinking the coffee and writing the Great American Novel.2006-03-07
Osies all original musicSongs written,produced arranged and performed by Osie Harris2006-03-17
99 SongsSongs with the number "99" in the title.2006-04-13
Steve signatureSongs with Steve in the title2006-01-11
LicksSongs with outstanding guitar solos...2006-02-06
GrittySongs with either dogged, plucky and bold themes or strong, spirited and brazen voice.2006-02-17
Great OpeningsSongs with best opening sequences2006-01-27
KindlingSongs which enkindle any kind of emotion- usually though hope and happiness. Usually the kind which give you wings.2006-02-16
Glossolalia SongsSongs where the lyrics are completely made up words, or glossolalia song.2006-03-30
wallow in itsongs to cry to105-05-12
Mellow (under construction)Songs to chill out to2006-03-01
HeadbangerSongs to bang heads to2006-02-10
electro-goodnessSongs that your computer can feel good about.2006-02-24
ultimate rock cdsongs that would mak a great rock/hard rock/classic rock cd2006-03-17
LOSTSongs that were on the TV show LOST.2006-01-08
Songs About Ship DisastersSongs that speak of boats loast at sea or shipwrecks.2006-03-20
Sounds Like "Glōsōli" by Sigur RosSongs that sound like "Glosoli" by Sigur Ros according to the music recommendation service Pandora.2006-02-17
hotSongs that should make you all hot and put you in the mood, or at least make you smile devlishly.2006-01-26
Band Name = Song NameSongs that share the name of the band performing it. 2006-02-18
Songs That Remind Me of DavidSongs that remind me of David. Songs that remind me of our marriage. Songs that are our songs. Songs that when I think about David they make me smile. It's Your Love - Our Song since Day one!2006-04-10
Number One Hits of 1978Songs that reached the number one spot on the US charts in 19782006-02-25
Number One Hits of 1991Songs that reached the number one spot on the U.S. charts in 1991.2006-03-02
Number One Hits of 1985Songs that reached the number one spot on the U.S. charts in 1985.2006-02-27
Number One Hits of 1959Songs that reached the number one spot on the U.S. charts in 1959.2006-03-06
Number One Hits of 1957Songs that reached the number one spot on the U.S. charts in 1957.2006-03-06
Number One Hits in 1981Songs that reached the #1 spot on the U.S. charts in 19812006-02-25
Songs That Mention MTVSongs that mention MTV somewhere in the lyrics, mostly in a negative light.2006-03-10
HalloweenSongs that make you wonder about Halloween.2005-12-14
foreverSongs that make sense if you are with the right person or you at least have hopes of one day finding someone to share your life with2006-01-19
Samples in Kanye West's Late RegistrationSongs that Kanye West used on his hit album Lat Registration2006-03-01
107.3 songsSongs that I used to to listen to on 107.3 in Kansas City back in the 90's. with a few extras in there. I miss the 90s....2006-02-12
Can't Get EnoughSongs that I just can't get enough of, no matter how many times I hear them.2006-01-06
The ShitSongs that I can't stop listening to.2006-02-27
Amazing SongsSongs that I can't get enough of.2006-03-25
Number One Hits of 1989Songs that hit the number one spot on the US charts in 1989.2006-02-28
Number One Hits of 1984Songs that hit the number one spot on the U.S. charts in 1984.2006-02-27
Number One Hits of 1982Songs that hit the #1 spot on the U.S. charts in 1982.2006-02-25
Number One Hits of 1980Songs that hit number 1 on the US charts in 19802006-02-25
Number One Hits of 1979Songs that hit #1 on the US charts in 19792006-02-25
Number One Hits of 1974Songs that hit #1 in the USA in 1974.2006-02-22
Boom!Songs that go Boom!2006-02-10
Billy Preston's Organ Songs that feature the keyboard work of the most distinguished, Billy Preston.2006-02-26
Kazoo Madness!Songs that feature the kazoo. An instrument that is easy to learn and easy to master.2006-02-06
Focus on Bass - Anthony Jackson Songs that feature the acclaimed sideman Anthony Jackson on bass guitar.2006-03-18
Iggy Pop Side ProjectsSongs that feature Iggy Pop.2006-02-18
Fall of the RepublicSongs that echo decay in society2006-03-04
Misc. MusicSongs that are just there. They sometimes make you think and other times, make you dance.2005-12-14
Euro____Songs that are Euro-something-or-another. Sometimes it means hip, sometimes it means lame and most times, it has heavy electronic elements.2006-02-07
HolidaySongs that are both secular and sacred sides of the holiday season. Some make you think and others make you laugh.2005-12-14
Produced by FloodSongs produced or engineered by Mark Ellis AKA Flood.2006-03-10
Produced By Trevor Horn Songs produced by Trevor Horn.2006-03-27
Produced By Jerry FinnSongs produced by Jerry Finn. Known for his work on the pop-punk resurgence ala Blink 182, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio, etc, but branching out to more diverse work with Morrissey, Nancy Sinatra, Eisley and more. 2006-03-02
TodoSongs or versions of songs I might like, but I need to evaluate.2005-09-19
ComedySongs or scripts that are so funny that they make you laugh at work.2005-12-14
Songs Inspired By Edgar Allan PoeSongs inspired by the poems of Edgar Allan Poe.2006-04-10
Bon Jovi ConcertSongs in the order they were played at the San Jose Bon Jovi concert on February 27th. Only "Treat Her Right" is missing...but it is the last song on the list. (part of the encore).2006-03-09
Good SongsSongs i like.2006-04-10
SingSongs I like to sing along with.2005-10-09
Bus Nap MixSongs I like to relax and/or nap to. Artists range from James Blunt to Ryan Adams to Radiohead and Trent Reznor. Good mellow stuff...2006-02-14
april 2006songs I like for now2006-04-17
recommendationssongs i like2006-01-05
OldiesSongs I grew up with that are not in the Energy Songs Playlist.2005-09-21
dance classsongs i compiled for my clueless dance teacher (school pe dance is a joke)2005-09-21
Rock SongsSongs from U2 and the Rolling Stones.2005-11-13
The Decline Of Western CivilizationSongs from the 1981 punk rock documentary.2006-03-15
Grey's Anatomy - Season 2Songs from season 2 of Grey's Anatomy.2006-02-06
Grey's Anatomy - Season 1Songs from season 1 of Grey's Anatomy.2006-02-06
Guitar heroSongs from Guitar Hero. The songs do not sound EXACTLY the same. Got this off of a diffrent profile. The extra tracks are not included. Missing Higher Ground, I love Rock And Roll, and All Of This2006-03-02
Celebrity Playlist: Lucinda WilliamsSongs from albums that alt-country star Lucinga Williams selected as albums you should own.2006-02-10
New Release Spotlight 03.07.06Songs from albums released on 03.07.062006-03-08
New Release Spotlight 04.05.06Songs from albums released in the first week of April 2006.2006-04-06
Songs to Fight Orcs, Goblins, Drow, and Duergar toSongs from 3 Inches of Blood, DragonForce, Rhapsody, and Kamelot. All the songs have epic themes, and as I find more songs dealing with these themes I will add them.2006-03-08
Radio 03062006Songs found on the air on 99x and 105.3 in the greater Atlanta area on 030620062006-03-06
Idiot SongsSongs for, or about idiots.2006-02-21
muddled bewilderment.songs for the moment. the juxtaposition of seemingly discordant tunes .. slightly eclectic, pure simpatico. 2006-02-19
Car MusicSongs for the Car2006-02-08
GoodiesSongs for my mood2006-04-20
Lullabies for SavannahSongs for my beautiful baby girl to listen to at night with Mommy. Put together on March 14, 2006.2006-03-14
Fun TunesSongs for fun times.2006-01-04
Rock Around the ClockSongs for every hour in the day.2006-03-18
TV Commercial MusicSongs featured in TV commercials2006-02-28
dos gringos (fighter pilot songs)Songs by F-16 pilots. Anyone who knows about being a fighter pilot will enjoy these. Props to Trip and Snooze.2006-03-20
Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival 2006Songs by artists scheduled to perform at the 2006 Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival on June 3rd.2006-03-06
Sopranos MusicSongs as heard on the Sopranos over the first five seasons. (Not complete or comprehensive)2006-03-08
Rachel Ramble (3/20-3/24)Songs and artists I rambled at Rachel about between 3/20 and 3/242006-03-20
Rachel Ramble (3/13-3/17)Songs and artists I rambled at Rachel about between 3/13 and 3/172006-03-14
Songs For Evangelines Songs about, or inspired by girls names Evangeline, or Angie for short.2006-02-20
Execution SongsSongs about the death penalty are about as old a music itself. Many people are familiar with the history surrounding the "murder ballad", but this list is a bit more specific. It includes songs about execution from many different perspectives, including that of the condemned, the victim and the law.2006-01-01
Ode To The StarfishSongs about starfish. I know it's about as niche as you can get, but it's really pretty decent.2006-02-18
Ode To RubberSongs about rubber or that use rubber as a metaphor.2006-02-20
Presidents of the United StatesSongs about Presidents of the United States of America.2006-02-20
Ode To San FranciscoSongs about or inspired by San Francisco.2006-04-09
Ode To The CameraSongs about or inspired by cameras.2006-04-25
Patsy's "Heaven songs"Songs about Heaven that I like...2006-03-01
Songs For a Night At The BarSongs about drinking, getting drunk, bartenders and alcohol in general. 2006-02-16
Ode To The DiamondSongs about diamonds, either literally, as a symbol of greed or as a symbol of something spiritually valuble.2006-02-06
Kitten SongsSongs about cute little fuzzy kitty cats.2006-03-29
CocaineSongs about Cocaine. No reason not to have multiple versions of a few songs.2006-03-07
Songs About Cocaine Songs about cocaine and its effects are weaved throughout the history of popular music. In many cases, from the perspective of first hand experience.2006-02-13
Ode To The BalloonSongs about balloons both large and small. 2006-02-06
Ode To OhioSongs about and inspired by the great state of Ohio and the river that runs through it.2006-02-14
Grammy time-machineSong of the year... 1959 to 2006 (minus a couple years not included in YMU)2006-02-08
That's The Way I Feel About YouSometimes, when I cannot find the words to express the longing melancholy of a romantic soul, it is then that these songs speak for me. Emotion is deeply felt, inarticulate, and often cannot be intelligibly mined; I am thankful that a merciful God has permitted the vehicle of music to convey the ineffable.2006-03-26
CrazySometimes you feel like a nut.105-05-13
Favorite AlbumsSometimes I like so many songs from an album it's silly to put it in my "Select Favorites" playlists. So those albums reside in this playlist. This is good for long drives, or airplane trips. 2005-09-28
all countrySometimes I just want some good country music and nothing else. This covers it for me. All of my favorite artists and songs so I can sing along without worrying if something I dont like will interrupt. 2006-02-28
5onitsomething to burn to105-05-12
100greatestdylansongsSomeone decided these are dylans 100 greatest tunes.2005-10-03
Most Upbeat Playlist... EVER!Some upbeat songs that really make you feel upbeat, maybe even disturbingly so. Seriously, this is upbeat. Happy, gleeful, exuberent, ecstatic, bouncy, cheerful too.2006-01-11
GroovinSome tunes for your listening pleasure. Long live playlists...2005-09-27
It Keeps You RunningSome tracks to keep your feet moving during your workout. It's all over the board but it'll keep your mind occupied as you go for that last mile. 2005-06-30
MapSome stuff to run with.2006-03-24
weddingSome songs I will use at me wedding reception2006-03-05
SadSome songs I like when I am sad. . . what can I say? If you like to listen to these songs or ones simillar when you are sad send me a message I also have yahoo messenger.2006-02-07
BritrockSome songs from Britrockers.2005-11-12
Ska MixSome ska tracks for skankin' away!2005-11-12
electrosome recommended new albums and other stuff2005-12-06
Old SchoolSome old school flava fo you hip hop heads c/o MC Chen2005-11-11
Best of BlaxploitationSome of the very best songs to come out of the era of Blaxploitation films circa the early 1970s.2006-02-14
Great MusicSome of the very best music (but not the greatest)2006-03-04
Greatest balladsSome of the greatest ballads (that are a bit outside of what people normally include in such a list).2005-10-31
hip hop historysome of the great tracks, need to get Doug E Fresh online ;)2006-01-04
EclecticMixer2Some of the good music from now and some from the 90's pop and country, as well as rock. Hope you enjoy!2006-02-11
EmoSome of the current most popular songs in the emo genre.2006-02-18
The Best of Roger WatersSome of the best Roger Waters songs out there, solo and with Pink Floyd2006-03-03
My Stationsome of the best rock of today and yesterday2006-02-04
QueenCityAllStarsSome of the best Albums from Charlotte bands.2005-10-28
80s Goth MixSome of the best 80s Goth - and none of the newer rubbish. Oh, and a little Industrial thrown in for good luck.2006-03-16
Some of Nick Hornby's 31 SongsSome of the 31 songs written about by Nick Hornby in his book of the same name.2006-03-06
Prince FavzSome of my Prince favs. Hope you like th3m too.2005-08-07
Rock 'til you hurl!Some of my mostest fave rockers.2006-03-10
My HelpSome of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!2006-03-15
Bob's AmericanaSome of my favorite tunes from a local radio that specializes in Americana Music!2006-03-04
favorite songs during '05some of my favorite stuff of the moment...2005-09-20
macko's fav songssome of my favorite songs of the moment2006-02-08
Best of GBVSome of my favorite songs from Guided By Voices, including solo stuff from Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout.2006-02-17
Spectacular SlowcoreSome of my favorite slowcore tracks. This list is a current favorite with some coffee on a Sunday morning. Life just doesn't get better.2006-02-16
Love SongsSome of my favorite love songs of all time! Enjoy! =)2006-02-08
Excellent Covers By Indie BandsSome of my favorite covers as performed by Indie bands.2006-03-18
Excellent Newer Hip-HopSome of my current Hip-Hop favs.2006-04-19
Favessome of my all time faves.2006-03-28
New Playlist #3Some of my absolute favorites - Tori Amos, Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., Tom Petty and more2006-02-14
lobosSome of LL's betters things2005-12-21
George CarlinSome of George Carlin's funnier moments2006-03-04
Broadway IISome of Broadways greatest hits, sung by some of Broadways greatest sings.2006-04-10
Chillout and RelaxSome music to chill out to late at night.2005-11-12
New Playlist #4some music2006-02-09
sleepySome mellow, relaxing tunes.105-05-23
FavoritesSome great songs.2005-11-17
At Last... The Body Accoustic, and then someSome great songs from Cyndi Lauper's last two ablums, along with a couple of my other favorites.2006-01-07
Hurnt De DurntSome great music you might have missed over the past 11 or so years...2005-12-15
RockabillySome good, modern rockabilly!2006-04-02
Gym Mix 1Some good workout songs that will get you pumped up. Very wide range from electronic to rock, to metal, to rap. 2005-12-28
New RockabillySome Good Some Bad. All Rockin.105-06-17
Trance SinglesSome good singles from some of my favorite trance mixes.2006-04-03
Ben's KidsSome fun tunes for Toddlers2005-09-24
hawaiianSome fun and cool surf-inspired tunes, along with some authentic Hawaiian music.105-04-22
Hooked on Flamenco Some fantastic Flamenco music for laying by the pool or a romantic evening.2006-02-14
Songs I LikeSome easy listening songs I enjoy listening to when cleaning the house or doing homework. Catchy tunes and some classics from growing up.2005-11-04
Reiner's Favorite 80sSome cool songs from the 80s or so.2006-02-22
Unto The Rave EternalSome classic British music from the early '90s, both directly from the rave scene and inspired by it - from The Shamen to 808 State and beyond. Vital for those who love electronica and techno, I claim.2006-03-14
Soft Listening MusicSoft Listening Music, with singers from the 50s and 60s2006-04-23
Raganas Rain Vol. 1Soak up this smooth mix--Everything But the Girl. Alana Davis, Aimee Mann, Beth Orton, Dubstar, Tori Amos, Jayhawks and more.2006-04-14
Arkansas's FinestSo you thought Arkansas was just filled with country ol' Red Necks huh? Think Again! Arkansas's Best Kept Secret, LevelOneRecords and The D.R.C are here to prove to the world that Arkansas has what it takes to do this music thang just as well as New York, Atlanta, and Cali. Just give them a chance. Str8 Southern, Str8 Country Boyz, Str8 Up Real.2006-03-10
Current Favorite AlbumsSo these albums haven't made the cut into my favorite songs or favorite albums playlists yet, but I'm intrigued. Thanks to Damian for introducing me to Imogen Heap. London Elektricity was a YME recommendation, and with the album title "Power Ballads" I thought it was a parody. But it's dead on, I really like it.2005-10-25
Pull Your Head Out of Your AssSo much ignorance. So little time.2006-03-06
Far under the radar 2005So much great music that never finds its way to the public airwaves. It takes some digging, but it's worth it. Check it out for yourself. This is all new stuff. 2005-09-21
Celebrity Radish: Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg picks some of his favorites for your listening pleasure.2006-04-01
My Stationsnake list2006-03-16
Mood: StylishSmooth, sophisticated and stylish music. 2 and a half hours worth. 2006-02-17
smooth R&B/ spring mix 2006smooth r&b jamz,for the road or chillin' at the crib2006-04-26
Joseg Smooth Jazz MixSmooth Jazz mix - 2h 12m 29s - 120505_1657 - Public 1/31/06 rename only2005-12-05
emo songsslow, sad songs.2006-01-23
Slow DownSlow paced music.2006-02-13
KeenaSlow Jamz (old and new)2006-03-07
Quiet StormSlow Jams - 70's/80's2006-03-21
Shall we danceSlow dance tunes.2006-01-21
Danger DoomSlick tounged Dangerdoom breaks it down with the boyz of adult swim to some sick rap beats2006-01-19
SleepSleep. A relaxing mix.2006-03-16
Best of SKSleater-Kinney is the best band currently making music. This is my attempt to distill over a decade of music into a single CD of high points in chronological order.2005-09-07
Skeephi TestSkeephi Test2005-07-27
SkeePhi Party MixSkeePhi Party Mix2006-03-29
Ska-townSka, reggae, selected favorites.2006-02-13
Oldies, Goodies, and 1 hitsSingles, one hits, and other favorites from the 80's and 90's.2006-03-06
Passionate BalladeersSingers who are feelin it and can make you feel it too.2005-11-17
Music from TrainspottingSince the soundtrack isn't available, here's a selection of music from the movie.2006-02-28
The M.C. Mix #2Similiar to the OC soundtracks. Some of these songs may have been on the show, some are just similiar artists or songs that sound like they should be there. Mostly all indie pop and indie rock.2005-12-09
The M.C. Mix #1Similiar to the OC soundtrack's. Some of these might have been on the show, some maybe simliar artists, most just sound like they should be there. Mostly all indie pop and indie rock. Yahoo removed 3 songs from this already (2 by Belle & Sebastian and one by Bright Eyes).2005-12-09
sidd's playlistsidd test2005-11-30
Baby Showershower2006-02-19
General mixshop mix2006-03-05
nowshit i'm listening to, on, mon, march 13th 2006-03-13
ShinerShiner, Shiner, and more Shiner. Yahoo is missing Starless for some reason, though.2006-03-23
New Playlist #1shelly music playlist2006-02-08
80-90Shay's 80's 90's Flashback2005-08-01
covergirlwithoriginalsShawn Colvin released an album of covers that I really like. Here it is with original versions where possible. "Window to the World" (Greg Webb) and "Satin Sheets" (Willis Alan Ramsey) and "One Cool Remove" (Greg Brown) arent on YMU so I tried to fill in some other versions where I could. The Colvin version of Prine's "Killing the Blues" isnt licensed either.2006-03-04
New Playlist #2sfdgdsfgdfgdfgdsfg2005-12-12
Mood for LoveSex, love, and rock'n'roll. Have it soft, have it sweet, have it hard, have it loud, so long as you love me... a work in progress.2006-01-16
seu jorgeseu!2006-02-23
JD SlickSet list2005-12-29
my songs of the daysertech3 songs of the day2006-03-01
Serious PartySerious Old School Get Down - inclusive of: Mary Jane Girls, Ann Nesby, Ashford & Simpson, B.T. Express, Colley's Hot Box, Colonel Abrams, First Choice, James Ingram, Janet Jackson, Jeffrey Osborne, Kem, Kool & The Gang, Maxwell, Midnight Star, New Birth, Rick Astley, Teddy Pendergrass, The Gap Band, Whispers and that's just the hot start of this 30 plus 3 hours plus groove set. It's the "Truth"( -Colonel Abrams - remember him?) it's hot!!!2006-03-03
Songs About Serial KillersSerial killers are a source of great fascination in America. Heaps of books and movies have been written about them. Songwriters have also penned many songs on the subject. Some are based on real life killers and some on fictional characters. This playlist contains 29 tracks about serial killers.2006-01-01
Kids bop 9serfaty2006-02-08
RockishSemi-rock/ popish mix2006-03-06
CMJ #945 SelectionsSelections from CMJ #945's Radio Chart. Discover some new music here! College & indie superhits. January 20062006-01-20
Eighties Prog PopSelections from albums called 'daring epics of the 1980's' by Mojo.2006-04-15
Best SongsSelection of Best Songs2006-02-22
Song Name = Band NameSelect * From ymu_db Where song_name = band_name Order by quality2006-01-11
Yesua Hamasia(Bagus)selamat mendengarkan semua lagu....saya harap bisa berguna dan bermanfaat dalam hidup kita semua......segala puji hormat kemuliaan hanya bagi tuhan saja....2006-02-24
Rock & Roll JesusSecular Rock & Roll songs about Jesus. Way better than contemporary Christian music.2006-02-14
Dinner SongsSearched for Norah Jones and found a wonderful dinner time playlist. Enjoy!!!2006-03-07
New Playlist #2sdgfdsgdsf2005-12-12
New Playlist #3sdgfdgdfsgdfg2005-12-12
New Playlist #7sdgdfgsdfg2005-12-12
New Playlist #8sdgdfgfdgdfgdfsgdfsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #6sdgdfgdfgfdgdfgzxvdcv2005-12-12
New Playlist #5sdgdfgdfgdfsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #10sdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfs2005-12-12
New Playlist #9sdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdsf2005-12-12
New Playlist #4sdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdvvvvsfd2005-12-12
New Playlist #5sdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgdfgfdg2005-12-12
Going the Distance: A Marathon Playlist for ScottScott's running the LA marathon this weekend. Here's something to inspire and amuse.2006-03-17
scary string/piano musicScary string music2005-12-08
New Playlist #1scars papa roach2006-02-11
otsuka aisaya suker laguh nieh.....2006-03-13
SB1savage garden, lover boy, lita ford, self-exploring meditations.2006-02-21
Black Metal Straight From HellSatan himself is scared of the bands in this playlist. Please keep all sharp objects out of reach while listening.2006-01-13
My GirlsSarah Mclachlan sade Melissa Etheridge Joan Osborne Bonnie Raitt2006-03-09
santanaSantana 2006-03-08
Western PopSanjay Gangal's Western Song list on Yahoo2005-10-06
WesternClassicalSanjay Gangal's Western Classical Yahoo music2006-02-27
HindiSongsSanjay Gangal's Hindi Song playlist on Yahoo2005-10-07
K-RoseSan Andreas Radio2006-03-17
Samantha FoxSamantha Fox2006-04-25
Sam'sSam's playlist comes with very good music from the 21st century. It also has a lot of christen music.2006-02-16
SamSam Rocks!2005-10-10
Sally CountrySally Country2005-09-19
Shane's Sad Songssad songs i found strictly through Y!2006-04-09
sad songsSad country love songs......2006-03-01
bryansmusic!!!s/o/a/d/ rocks!!!2006-03-12
Halat AlbRomanian alternative rock band2006-02-01
Romantic-MP3 PlayerRomance 2/25/220062006-01-29
Rolling Stones best of 2005Rolling Stones - Top of 50 Records in 2005. Thanks to Steve.2006-02-20
Rolling Stones best of 2005Rolling Stones - Top of 50 Records in 2005. Thanks to Steve.2006-02-20
CountryMixXxrockin country d00d 13372005-12-15
mattRock, comedy and disco (that is right ppl I said DISCO)2006-03-24
Depression RockRock that comes from the pit of despair. Deep messages and not a major third to be found2006-03-13
Bitchin CamaroRock out, dude.2006-02-13
BadbuzRock on Rock Candy, Baby!2006-02-24
AlexROCK AT ITS BEST!!2006-04-15
rockRock and pop2006-03-29
Robert Johnson ShortRobert Johnson Short Blues2006-03-11
CountryRobbie Robertson, Nickel Creek, Neil Young, Gary Allan2006-03-07
Produced By Rob CavalloRob Cavallo was born into a Rock & Roll family. His dad was a famous manager whose clients included Prince, Little Feat, The Lovin' Spoonful and the Weather Report. Rob Jr. went on to produce some huge selling albums by Green Day, The Goo Goo Dolls and others.2006-01-24
Rickbra'sRickbra's Bachelor Weekend2006-02-21
ExoticaRetro exotica music by all the greats :-D This playlist will take your imagination to an island shore.2006-02-21
Show TunesRent, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Roger and Hammerstien's Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, Chicago.2006-04-23
JoseG_993_11-16_1650Renamed plalylist2005-11-03
Bjork RemixesRemixed Bjork tracks available on YMU.2006-01-25
David's playlistremember our troops have a harder life...oh sorry im telling my bro to calm2006-03-19
REM "Maps And Legends"REM "Maps And Legends" This is an intro to REM compilation that I made for my two daughters. They just recently turned six, so there is a pronounced lean towards the band's sing-song, nursery-rhyme style characterized by tunes like "We Walk," "Swan Swan H" & "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite."2005-12-07
Funny MusicRelient K, Fountains of Wayne, Bowling for Soup2006-03-15
chill study musicrelaxing, inspiring, slow, and soothing music perfect for listining to when putting your mind to something . 2005-12-03
New AgeRelaxing new age music featuring: Will Ackerman, Tim Janis, Michael Hedges and R. Carlos Nakai.2006-03-11
RelaxationRelaxation for the soul...2006-02-02
ZONERelax and Regroup.....Share2006-03-01
A phat monster ###1relatively high bpm electronika with some downtempo + ambient/chill2006-04-15
Mojo Reissues November 2005Reissues from Mojo Magazine's Filter, November 2005. Highlights: Beta Band, Glen Brown, Siouxsie, and Coltrane and Monk.2005-12-16
gettyReggae is the best of all time music on the world . Any time I listen to reggae . It makes me feel happy & i love it .and reggae is my life to me the firest time I have start listening when i was 4 since then this is my music.2006-02-15
New Playlist #1really great song dude2006-03-10
Dance W/ Me (please)Real Old School Disco! None of that Wannabe S**t. (Know What I Mean?)2006-03-02
daddy yankeereaggaton2006-03-15
Kurt's Ultimate Techno HitzRead the name of the playlist. Do I need to say more?2006-03-13
Ray, Goodman & Brown playlistRay, Goodman & Brown public playlist2006-03-26
carride twoRandomness Acheived 2006-02-23
The CoffeehouseRandom tracks from YME Coffeehouse station.2005-12-12
Interesting FindsRandom stuff I found while surfing on Y! Unlimited.105-04-21
SpringRandom spring appropriate material.2006-02-26
Brian's StationRandom playlist generated from my "Launchcast Station" on Yahoo. Pretty damn sweet!2006-02-07
Cody's playlist #2Random party mix 2005-09-10
Rock MixRandom mix of the Rock Songs in my Library2006-02-20
FunkyRandom funky mix. Excellent live James Brown!2006-01-04
random favesRandom favorite songs of mine.105-05-25
Countryrandom country music2005-10-07
Country MixRandom Country Mix from the Library2006-02-20
Ragga 101Ragga is Reggae music, but performed with mostly electronica backing. This playlist is a great sampling of the genre.2006-02-20
New Playlist #1rafael caro quintero2006-03-01
My StationRadio12006-03-11
Radio Teen TaalRadio Teen Taal. Superb Radio. Superb Sound Quality. Superb Songs. Live form France.2006-04-26
R&R Country (4-14)Radio & Records Country National Airplay Chart Week ending 04/14/06 Songs 1-50, New and Active, Going for Adds (TM), and finally Most Points Recurrent View at: Note: Does not include songs not available using the MusicNet service.2006-04-17
My List OneR&B, Jazz, and Soul. If you like music starting from the late 70s on, then you will enjoy my nostalgic beats. Enjoy2006-02-22
Various 1R&B and Hip Hop2006-03-08
Straight Chillin SonR & B Mix2006-02-14
Quiet SongsQuiet Music2006-03-09
QQueer and queer-friendly music (almost all male singers)2005-10-11
QueenQueen ROX my socks2005-11-13
Queen - my greatest hitsQueen favourites - Enough for a whole afternoon, spanning their whole career. Queen, Queen, more Queen and just Queen. 2006-02-12
257 Party MixPut this playlist on shuffle at your next party and enjoy the good vibes.2005-09-02
Puppet SongsPuppets can represent someone easily directed, or someone who is being controlled by others, more powerful than themselves. This metaphor lends itself to the craft of songwriting. These are 16 of the best puppet songs available on Yahoo Music Unlimited.2006-02-04
i like to ROCKpunk/heavey rock/a pinch of mellow rap2006-02-16
My 1st PlaylistPunk and Rock2006-02-25
28FEB2006Public on 28FEB20062006-02-28
Mooca4public on 23Nov2005-11-23
New Playlist #8public on 23mar2006 21:002005-12-12
New Playlist #9_nameChangepublic on 23mar 2006 21:002005-12-12
Happystep1_Public5public on 21:00 Ma2 23, 20062006-02-05
MUD Prodpublic on 2/27 (post MUD move)2006-02-27
For Christapublic on 2/27 (post MUD move)2006-02-26
HappyStep1_300trackspublic on 12Dec05 16:06 Made the playlist 300 tracks on 19Dec2005 14:302005-12-12
2 hr Boz Skaggs mixPublic as of 1-6-06 1614hrs2005-12-22
Melody61_PL9_26Novpublic 17:582005-11-26
Melody61_PL8_26Novpublic 17:572005-11-26
Melody61_PL7_26Novpublic 10:352005-11-26
Syn[th]-full MusicProof that giving synthesizers to the British was like givin whiskey to the Indians.2005-06-13
New Playlist #4private2005-11-23
New Playlist #3private2005-11-23
pretenders 1Pretty much the first disc of the new Pretenders box set.2005-10-17
Cello RockPretty much that, Cello Rock Music.2006-03-02
3 StarPretty good stuff here, but could get sick of it after a while...2006-03-07
KaterinkPrea tare......2006-02-18
Power PopPower pop (or related) artists that I'm currently into.2005-11-14
Power PopPower pop (or related) artists that I'm currently into.2005-11-14
Highly Eclectic Classic DancePop, Club, House, Freestyle, Disco, Funk, and R&B mostly from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.2006-03-15
80sPop 80s2006-04-16
PodcastsPodcasts on the MP3 Player2006-02-20
old school rapPlease email me with any comments or suggetsions. I have nearly 40 public playlists online for your listening pleasure. This was a lot of work, but it was fun and I hope you enjoy. 105-05-30
70s popPlease email me with any comments or suggestions. I have nearly 40 public playlists online, which took a lot of time and effort (but it was fun). I have 4 playlists dedicated to the 1970s alone.105-06-26
classic punkPlease email me with any comments or suggestions. I have nearly 40 public playlists available for your listening enjoyment, including an 80s alternative playlist, which contains some classic punk-oriented bands.105-06-18
R + B sounds of today, hip hop soulPlease email me with any comments or suggestions. I have close to 40 public playlists available for your listening pleasure. 105-06-07
modern metal, goth rockPlease email me with any comments or suggestions. I have close to 40 public playlists available for your listening enjoyment. However, if you enjoy this playlist, you probably won't like most of them.105-05-30
50s rock, 50s nonrock hitsPlease email me with any comments or suggestions. I have almost 40 public playlists available for your listening pleasure.2005-07-03
dance musicPlease email me with any comments or suggestions. I have almost 40 public playlists available for your listening enjoyment, including a techno/trance/etc. playlist105-05-29
60s R + B, motown soundPlease email me with any comments or suggestions, and feel free to listen to any of my almost 40 public playlists. There is an R & B playlist for many decades, from the 50s to today.105-06-28
light, adult contemporaryPlease email me with any comments or questions. I have nearly 40 public playlists availalble for your listening enjoyment.105-05-30
jam bandsPlease email me with any comments or questions. I have nearly 40 public playlists available for your listening enjoyment. This one is probably the least developed, but I will continue to work on this.105-06-19
70s R + B, funkPlease email me with any comments or questions. I have close to 40 public playlists available for your listening enjoyment, including 80s R&B/Funk.2005-07-03
00s mainstream Please email me with any comments or questions. I have almost 40 public playlists available for your listening pleasure.105-05-30
90s alternative, indy rockPlease email me with any comments or questions. I have almost 40 public playlists available for your listening pleasure, including 80s and 00s alternative playlists.105-05-30
Music Is The Best, Nov 27th, 2005Playlist to go with the blog post of the same date from
Music Is The Best, Nov 27th, 2005Playlist to go with the blog post of the same date from
Music Is the Best, August 26 2005Playlist to go with the "best new music" blog post from the same date at
California Uber Alles, 1980-2005Playlist to go with my blog post at about California Uber Alles through the ages. State-centric political punk about Jerry Brown, Ronald Reagan, Pete Wilson, and The Governator.2005-12-17
Guardian Article 24 FebPlaylist to accompany an artcile in The Guardian about songwriting.2006-02-26
AudioVoxPlaylist Test, Crazy Mix.2006-01-21
Def Jam PlaylistPlaylist of the music from Def Jam: Fight for NY2006-01-19
WorldlyGroovesplaylist made public 11:30 2/262006-02-26
BK is a beetchPlaylist for that BEATCH BK2006-02-17
Rebecca's Partyplaylist for running & parties2006-03-17
Stel 1Playlist for reaching out to a friend who needs a hand.2005-12-05
Maria Mix 13Playlist for indoor cycling. MM13
Maria Mix 14Playlist for indoor cycling MM14 http://ynotthrive.blogspot.ccom2006-02-18
Mike D, Beastie BoysPlaylist created quickly over lunch with Mike D of Beastie Boys. He gave me some more songs to add via email but I haven't gotten to it yet. I suck.2005-08-29
Mike D, Beastie BoysPlaylist created quickly over lunch with Mike D of Beastie Boys. He gave me some more songs to add via email but I haven't gotten to it yet. I suck.2005-08-29
Melody61_PL2_25Novplaylist created on 25Nov20052005-11-25
ExoticaPlaylist created for Exotica Bike and Stunt Show at Wekiva Assembly iin Longwood, FL. Also created custom sweepers and used DRS2006 to mix music and sweepers.2006-03-08
orbbbbbplain n simple this is drug music fire up the bong or tear off a corner sheet of blotter and blow yer mind not yer speakers 2006-02-09
PJCS RadioPJCS Radio is the best internet Radio Station on the Planet,With PJCS Radio Station you can enjoy your favorite music 24/7 at no cost.Stick with PJCS the Magic Radio.2006-03-14
PJCS RADIO (Only Reggae)PJCS INTERNET RADIO is the best internet Radio on the planet,this Radio Station has been programmed by PJCS Music Services in Yahoo Plus music engine,Please enjoy you reggae music 24/7 with PJCS Magic Radio Station.2006-03-27
Pitchfork Best New MusicPitchforkmedia's 10 most recent (& available) additions to their "Best New Music" page. Missing: Serena Maneesh - s/t Broken Social Scene - s/t Clipse - We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 2 The Clientele - Strange Geometry Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering Love Is All - Nine Times That Same Song Sun O))) - Black One Boris - Pink The Knife - Silent Shout Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies Tapes n Tapes - The Loon Islands - Return To The Sea2006-02-27
Angry White guy mixPissed off white guys with guitars. N'uff said.2006-02-02
Pink's Ironic PlaylistPink has this new song "Stupid Girls" where she makes fun of just about everyone in this playlist. The irony is that this list was created by pressing the "Creat a playlist by similar artists"2006-04-07
Pink Floyd MixPink Floyd Mix 2006-03-18
werd foolspimpage son2005-11-27
George Winstonpiano music2005-12-15
FAVORITESPersonal favorites. Many types of rock.2005-11-17
AllNadaSurfPerforming February 22 @ Henry Fonda Theatre $16.50 Opening bands: - Rogue Wave - KOF2006-01-13
Sub Zero ChillPerfect music if you want to slip into a waking coma ... 2006-02-12
NightlifePerfect music for late night hangouts.2006-04-24
DarrylsPerfect mix 2006-03-21
beachin itperfect for a day at the beach :)2006-01-04
Bug MafiaPentru cei care stiu cum este lumea reala & pentru cei care nu stiu "TREZITI-VA FRATILOR"!!!2006-03-03
Passacaglias and ChaconnesPassacaglias and Chaconnes are slow 3/4 time processional over a repeating "Basso Ostinato" with each passing verse havng a different variaiton.2006-02-16
downtempopass the blunt... I'm so chill I can hardly get off the couch, but damn these tunes sound wicked 2006-01-03
ComedyParental Advisory....Funny as hell...seriously, there's bad language on this one.2006-03-19
Oscar'z Top PickPara una persona que apensa conocio a su significant other aunque no tanto la/lo conoce........................2006-04-06
Classic MTV: Class Of 1983Over 10 years ago Rhino Records released a 30 song compilation called "Classic MTV: Class of 1983". It was obviously targeted to people like me who grew up on early music videos. Although this 2-disc set is not available on YMU, I was able to reproduce it here sans 5 tracks.2006-01-17
Feel Good MusicOutkast, DMX, Raekwon, Mos Def, Jadakiss, Ludacris and more2006-03-25
New Playlist #4Otis Redding2006-04-06
The Mastery of MadlibOtis Jackson Jr, better known as Madlib is seriously prolific and skilled. These are some of his greatest tracks under a variety of different names and projects.2006-02-19
Original CoversOriginals followed by their most famous covers... you decide which is better.2006-02-13
Songs That Sample "Atomic Dog" by George ClintonOriginally released in 1982 on the album "Computer Games", the song "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton hit #1 on the R&B charts. It became legendary to DJs across America and has been used in many successful rap songs over the last two decades. This playlist starts with the original song by George Clinton and is followed by 18 tracks that sample it.2005-12-31
Chicken and the Egg: These Came First, Vol. 1Original versions of 20 songs you probably thought were first done by other artists. 2006-03-01
Organ MusicOrgan Polka's, Waltz's and Standards2005-10-07
opm songsopm songs2006-03-03
opm songsopm songs2006-03-03
Sunday Morning ChillOpen up the curtains, lay in your pajamas... Just relax, chill and groove. If you cant do that, then this playlist ISN'T for you.2006-03-03
Relaxabilityoozing music that should sooth somewhat maybe....2006-01-19
Michaelsooooooooooooo yyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh.Now lets listen to albuqurqe.beastie boys rock my dirty socks.three cheers for sweat rvenge. ya shake ur rump.2005-09-20
Great Alternative Drug SongsOnly the very best Alternative and Indie songs with the word "drug" or "drugs" in the title.2006-03-19
80sOnly the best 80s hits!2005-12-31
breaking benonly one of the best frikkin playlists ever! I LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN! YAY!!! plus the lead singer is wicked hott!!! lol2005-09-14
Number One Hits of 2003Only a dozen songs hit the number one spot in the U.S. in 2003. These are those 12.2006-02-20
Rhino Hi-FiveOne track from each available Rhino Hi-Five album.2006-03-01
112One of their BEST2006-04-06
AC/DC CoversOne of the largest classic rock gaps in subscription music services is the music of AC/DC. For some reason they have not made their music available in digital form. Until they come to their senses, check out this fine list of other artists covering classic AC/DC songs.2005-12-21
Jazz FavesOne of the greatest ... home grown ... American inventions ... jazz. You'll find a combination of cool jazz, bebop, and some modern jazz in this playlist. My introduction to jazz ... came as a student at SJSU. I used to study during the week at The Phoenix (waay gone ... used to be by the Old Spag Factory) ... and party on the weekends ... at Ajax ... a small jazz bar/club above Eulipia. 2006-02-09
AllOne of the best2006-04-23
WBLM Ladies PickOne day a local radio station asked its female listeners, "What songs make you feel sexy & you have to dance to"? Here is that list. 2006-02-28
Live At The Village Vanguard - March 2006One album by each of the four artists performing at the famous Village Vanguard jazz club in New York City, March, 2006.2006-02-18
COACHELLA 2006On your way to Coachella on April 29th 2006? Still on the fence? Here is a sample of what you will or might enjoy there. You can't pass on Massive Attack and Daft Punk!2006-02-02
When the Sun ShinedOn Memphis' Union Street, a brand-new sound was born at a hole in the wall recording studio called Sun Records. It happened through the genuis of Sam Phillips and a lot of a raw talent ... including a guy named Elvis.2005-11-25
Bill Simmons Rocks OutOn Jan 18, ESPN sports columnist Bill Simmons suggested some good instrumental hooks for sports montages. Here's that playlist.2006-01-18
Olla EllinikaOLLA ELLINIKA TRAGOUDIA!!! ENJOY!!!2006-02-08
PlayListoldies radio2006-03-18
oldies n sucholdies n such2006-02-11
The Friday Blues SessionsOld, new and some classic blue tunes from my favorite genre. Enjoy!2006-03-03
Old Timey MusicOld timey country and bluegrass.2006-04-12
funkyold school funk, keys2006-01-17
New Playlist #7old school chillin2006-01-31
New Playlist #2OLD ROCK2006-03-01
Depeche A La ModeOld and New Mode... gotta love the boys2006-03-13
Country (New & Classic) Old and new lets mix it up. Country is a feeling of the heart.2006-02-08
New Playlist #1OLD AND NEW2006-03-01
PublicOld 97s and the Gourds remind me of rainy days in Seattle.2006-02-06
Workoutola's workout playlist2005-10-16
80's MusicOkay ... it isn't all eighties. Some is seventies and some is nineties. The tracks cover bands in the genres of new wave, KROQ, college radio, KDVS, MTV, punk, dance (post Disco), clubbing, US festival I and II, John Hughes, John Cusack, and Adam Sandler films, and the stuff I started to listen to in college and beyond.2005-10-24
#1 Hit Singles: 1986Of the 31 songs that hit the number one spot in America in 1986, Yahoo Music Unlimited has all but four. Not too shabby. Madonna and Whitney Houston each scored two number 1's in 86. Other artists who made it to the top include Lionel Richie, Prince, Heart, Starship, Steve Winwood, Cyndi Lauper, Boston, Bruce Horsnby, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Mr. Mister, Huey Lewis, Bananarama, The Bangles, Amy Grant, Robert Palmer, Pet Shop Boys, Dionne Warwick, Billy Ocean, Simply Red, Bon Jovi and Human League.2006-01-08
Number One Hits 2001Of the 15 songs that hit number one in the U.S. in 2001, YMU has 13 of them. 2006-02-20
PoppyOf beat pop songs.2006-03-10
Bewitched Season 1Number 1 songs during season 1 of Bewitched 2006-04-02
Top 20 of the 2000sNudged by Todd, I picked my Top 20 of the 2000s. 17 of those albums are in YMU - so here is a playlist of one song from each of those albums. I'm not sure it works as a playlist, but I like it.2005-12-05
Songs for the LonelyNothing bright about this playlist. Sometimes it's always darkest before dawn...2006-03-01
Flava FlaveNot your everyday hip hop ... rap ... or whatever you want to call it ...2006-02-12
Songs in 3/4 Time Not sure what 3/4 time sounds like? This playlist can help. Although what we know as the "waltz" is in 3/4 time. There are many popular songs that use the time signature that you probably haven't realized were in 3/4.2006-01-24
The Best of Modern Postbop Jazz Not sure what "Modern Postbop Jazz" is? Well, just give this playlist a spin to find out. You'll be hooked.2006-02-12
edumamenot just techno trance, not just hip hop and phat beats, edumame spins2006-03-16
tranc-anot all trance, a little redundant, but if you put it on shuffle and let it play, it a good mix!2006-03-06
Not 'til I Hit the CeilingNot a bad way to occupy your ears for 4 hours.2006-02-28
Caddie SongsNo major theme here ... just random 'top 40' tunes that are fun to hear ... LOUD ... on the radio ... on a warm summer night ... in my caddie ... top down of course!2006-02-17
geetar: acousticNo electricity here.2005-12-21
Muddy Waters CoversNo conversation about influential legends is complete without mentioning Muddy Waters. After all, even the mighty Rolling Stones named themselves after one of his songs. This list contains cover versions of his music.2006-01-23
Beatls CoversNo Beatls in YMU, so I found some covers.2005-09-23
Marcus' PlaylistNiice mixx listen 2 it... its hot fer reals2006-01-19
New Playlist #1nigers12006-03-13
NickelbackNickleback favs based on subject (memories), beat, whatever. The essential Nickleback??? Hardly, just my quick pics. Someday - helped me get through the big D. Shrooms anyone? Photograph is just what old memories and photo albums are all about.2006-03-01
NickelbackNickleback favs based on subject (memories), beat, whatever. The essential Nickleback??? Hardly, just my quick pics. Someday - helped me get through the big D. Shrooms anyone? Photograph is just what old memories and photo albums are all about.2006-03-01
Nick Hornby's SongbookNick Hornby wrote a great book called Songbook where he talks about these songs.2006-02-27
georges musicnicetall777"s favorit music2006-02-22
romancenice romantic songs2006-03-02
80's Nice road trip 80's mix-set the mp3 player to shuffle:>).2006-01-02
Old Punk MixNice punk playlist2006-04-27
MixNice little mix from my favorites.2006-03-10
Urban Mystic Ghetto RevelationNice CD2006-04-04
alternativeNewer and older "alternative" sounds that I love.2005-09-28
LEXAR MEDIA (G:) Playlistnew shit2006-03-02
V_L_IP_2New Public playlist for time(updated date testing) on 12-20-2005 5:33 PM.2005-12-14
Mojo New Music December 2005New Music via Mojo Magazine Filter, December, 2005.2006-01-21
Mojo New Music November 2005New Music from Mojo, November 20052005-12-16
Mojo New Music January 2006New music from Mojo ( Filter for January, 2006.2006-01-29
2006 Celtic ChillNew music from a greener place: Selections from the Celtic Woman series of albums released in early 2006 - originally based on a PBS special. Very chill, very haunting. Meav has the best voice. other keywords I should mention: chillout, world, classical crossover, female, relax, Irish.2006-01-18
new mix1new mix1 is part one of a series of playlists2006-03-06
New Playlist #2New Artist I haven't heard much about2006-03-25
Harv Dawgnew2006-03-15
NerdcoreNerdcore Hiphop as popularized at PAX2006-03-06
nice stuffneeds to be merged with other nice stuff2005-12-21
Just like RED BULLNeed to wake up? Yet you think there are better ways to do that than with Metal or Hip Hop? Then this playlist is for you. Recharge with Groove Armada, the Chemical Brothers, The Killers and a few other bands.105-06-09
Ne-Yone-yo is so sexy--this is masturbating music for girls2006-03-02
BelleNamed after my daughter =o)2006-03-13
Melody61_PL1_23Nov_name_changename change on 21:50 Nov232005-11-23
Musica Variada ENada, son unas canciones nada mas, practicas para radio, su amigo: Jorge Coronado "La Voz del Pueblo"2006-04-04
Celebrity Playlist: Nada SurfNada Surf selects some of their favorite albums for
Mystery LoungeMysterious lounge music and the like.2006-02-13
workoutMy workout mix. A mix of dance, electronic, rap, and high energy rap. Keep runnin!2005-10-07
Anne's MusicMy wide variety of favorites; all included in one convenient place. My husband and kids better watch out since our preferences tend to conflict from time to time...2006-03-03
relaxmy ultimate relaxing evening2006-03-13
TranceMy thinking music.....yes, i do think every now and again.....didn't say i was smart, just said i think....2006-02-21
southern rockmy southern rock list2006-03-23
My StationMy Rock Station - Lots of new rock as well as some from the last 10 years - also some techno here and there.2006-04-04
Playlist 1My puchased tracks.2005-10-11
MP3My Public Playlist: I will update daily2005-12-24
Helenmy playlist dont touch or die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love runescape2006-03-03
sarahmy playlist2006-02-07
Korn FavoritesMy personal favorite Korn songs2006-04-11
Julie's FavoritesMy personal all time favorites. I love most songs, so it's hard to place songs on this list.2006-03-05
Collin's Musicmy party mix2006-03-15
RachelMy own.... my preeeecious.... YAAAH2006-02-18
Good TunesMy muzak 2006-03-07
UntitledMy music: Alternitive, Metal, Nu-Metal, Indie, and most other rock.2006-04-03
winampMY MUSIC JTJ2006-02-08
03212006my music blog =
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juliesmy music2006-04-03
raitis mitenbergsMy message is raitis.mitenbergs@inbox.lv2006-02-12
Bailame Erosmy loves2006-04-07
Thrill Kill KultMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Need i say more? I do? Well Alright, 11 albums from TKK, all good, all bad, all right, all wrong you decide2006-04-13
My StationMy LAUNCHcast station, in playlist form.2005-07-27
KNAK NINEMy latest list of alt-indie tracks. You can get descriptions and more lists at -Dnak (April 2006)2006-04-03
JulianaMy Juliana Hatfield recommendations2005-08-11
calliemusiclistmy good rap music2006-04-15
Songs my pal Damian likesMy friend Damian likes singer songwriters and I think he digs these songs.2006-02-01
KNAK SEVENMy first playlist of 2007. hope you enjoy.2006-01-12
moosemy favs2006-03-07
Soft Tori AmosMy favourite Tori Amos soft songs. 2006-04-20
4-Star SongsMy favorites, regardless of genre.2006-04-24
Yay AreaMy favorites from the bay area.2006-03-09
TranceMy favorite trance songs2006-03-24
Super Duper FurriesMy favorite Super Furry Animals songs.2006-01-12
Duff's FavoritesMy favorite songs of all time - all carefully selected!2006-03-03
The girlzMy favorite songs from lady rappers.2006-03-09
Best of Groove ArmadaMy favorite songs from Groove Armada.2005-06-08
Barenaked FavoritesMy favorite songs from BNL. Its most of the songs, and certainly all of the popular ones.2006-03-06
playlistMy Favorite Songs2006-03-03
KaraokeMy favorite sing along arrangements.2006-01-28
Modern RockMy favorite rock songs2006-01-04
My Rock and RollMy Favorite Rock and Roll songs!!!2006-02-14
Paula AbdulMy favorite Paula Abdul songs2006-04-15
Dee Dee's Listmy favorite music all on 1# is get together music. this is a great list.2006-03-03
Mariah CareyMy favorite Mariah Carey songs2006-04-14
Favorite Kelly Clarkson SongsMy favorite Kelly Clarkson songs2006-02-22
Best of Flaming LipsMy favorite flaming lips songs. Enjoy!2006-02-10
Acoustic MENMy favorite acoustic mix of male performers. Lots of Jack Johnson (I just love him!) but there are some other great artists in there as well! I usually just shuffle this mix to keep it fresh. Go hunt down the tracks that aren't available here - it's worth it!2006-03-05
2006 Just for KicksMy faves from 2006. music2themax has better more focussed 2006 lists.2006-01-24
AwsomeMy fave songs all in one grouip yeazz2006-01-08
John MayerMy fav John Mayer hits, no orfer.2006-01-24
John MayerMy fav John Mayer hits, no orfer.2006-01-24
Joy Division Best OfMy current Joy Division favs from Heart and Sould Box set2006-03-10
Top HitsMy current hit list2006-01-04
GymMy Current Gym Mix2005-08-24
Savage GardenMY Collection of Savage Garden / Darren Hayes Music2006-03-15
FavoritesMy collection of favorite Praise and Worship songs.2005-12-01
Best of DTmy best of dream theater collection2005-12-16
Sara's FavoritesMy Ballets list2006-03-19
Best of ACOUSTICMy all time favorite acoustic mix! I know you can't get some of these songs here, but they are available on other venues - hunt them down!! Some great music to discover! Enjoy the mix... I play it in shuffle mode to mix it up. 2006-03-05
Best of the BestMy absolute favorites ... songs that I could listen to ... until my ears bleed ... and still smile and say ... I love this song!2006-02-09
Rock On!!!Must ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2006-02-07
Songs About Famous MusiciansMusicians like to write songs about other musicians as this playlist shows. Neil sings about Hank and Hendrix, Robyn Hitchcock sings about Nick Drake, Johnathan Richman sings about the Velvet Underground, They Might Be Giants sing about XTC and Adam Ant. And that's just the begining.2006-01-24
smoothMusica suave2006-03-19
Bad 80's METAL and RockMusic you rocked to with your mullet flappin' and your shredded jeans tearing. Why be embarrassed? Raise the goblet of bad 80's rock high, my fellow headbanger! Enjoy Ozzy, drink deeply of Dokken, relive Ratt - yes even the all stars of Christian Metal, Stryper, will rock your face off. Also includes these delightful metal nuggets - Skid Row, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Night Ranger, Triumph, GnR, Bon Jovi, Whitecross, and more!2006-02-27
More than OnceMusic worth playing more than once!!2006-02-22
Music with AttitudeMusic with Attitude - Great for work-out and headbanging. Get the rush of blood to your head. 2006-02-02
WritingMusic to write depressing screen plays to2006-02-23
WorkdayMusic to work by... Makes the day go much faster!2006-03-08
Enigmamusic to think too2006-04-26
ChillMusic to relax to. Mostli Ambient, Downtempo and trip hop.2005-11-23
MeditationMusic to meditate to.2006-02-13
GymMusic to listen to while working out2006-01-31
Sleeping MusicMusic to listen to while sleeping2006-03-02
InspirationalMusic to listen and keep the day going right. Not distracting nor loud, but won't put you to sleep. Great for working happy!2006-03-09
great musicmusic to get me through the day2005-09-26
Morning MusicMusic to ease you into the day2005-11-13
kick it upMusic that rocks me, makes my feet tap, gets me going.2005-12-25
Ant's Cool MusicMusic that put's me in a good mood2006-04-23
making love jamsMusic that makes you want to give him or her the pleasure you always wanted to feel from floor to bed. Take this time to enjoy and get your freak on with the sweet sounds of lovemaking beats. Let this music take control of your very being making it the best time you ever had with that special someone.2006-03-05
Pumped Up MixMusic that gets you pumped up for the day!2006-03-09
Party ListMusic that gets me through crazy days.2006-02-16
Tanya'sMusic of different kinds for all your music taste! (other than country) they are all full songs! Tanya2006-04-11
NowMusic I'm listening to now.2006-01-03
BedtimeMusic i listen to at bedtime to help me sleep. 2006-03-14
Work JamMusic I like to listen to while working2006-04-25
Scrubs MusicMusic heard on the best show on TV - Scrubs!2006-02-09
HIMYMMusic from the tv show How I Met Your Mother2006-01-27
Guitar HeroMusic from the rockin' PS2 game Guitar Hero2006-03-06
Dianne Reeves - Good Night, Good LuckMusic from the movie Good Night, Good Luck and other Dianne Reeves sultry classics2006-03-07
c & emusic from shows that my kids like2006-02-12
PartyMusic from our housewarming party105-05-14
107.7 The EndMusic from 107.7 The End's February New Music Playlist!2006-02-08
WorkoutMusic for working out at the gym. 2006-01-25
Happy Happy Joy Joy MusicMusic for when I'm in a happy mood.2006-02-23
Wedding MusicMusic for wedding and reception2005-09-29
teh stuffmusic for the idealist...2006-02-19
In a Place Like ThisMusic for the drive home from...2006-03-01
Ellie 2-24-06Music for my daughter at night2006-02-24
MobileMusic for i-mate2006-02-09
CAL SOUNDmusic for a mendocino county hottub, circa 1977. grab some of that humboldt, a bottle of good napa chard, and be mellow, mellow, mellow.2005-12-28
mushy musicmushy love songs2006-04-25
Disco FavoritesMUD testing. Made public on 2-8-06.2006-02-08
Mucho Mambo Madness!Mucho Mambo Madness105-05-10
The Rock ListMuah 2006-02-16
IPOD (K:) PlaylistMsBrandy's Mix2006-04-16
mother's day is every daymother's day is every day2006-03-06
Memories & FeelingsMostly R&B. Romantic. Nostalgic. I'm so over him songs.2005-12-26
Goth and New WaveMostly alt-tunes from the '80s and '90s, a couple new ones thrown in.105-06-11
Ted LeoMost of what Ted Leo's done since 2002.2006-03-05
SaxMaam 4 Star Jazz RemnantsMost of my ratings got wiped out when I upgraded to yme 1.1. These were left ...2006-02-12
Slow songsMost of my fave slow songs2006-01-13
Canadian Hip-HopMost Americans are not aware of Canada's vibrant Hip-Hop scene. This playlist is a tasty sampling of some of the very best rap currently being created north of the border.2006-01-21
Tim's Morning Morning Jazz and New Age Coffee Shop2006-01-08
early 90sMore grunge than you can probably handle2006-03-13
Shaking Butts and Boobsmore dance, not so much hip/hop, but great for closing one's eyes and just seeing lady lumps jiggle with the music....mmmm.....2006-01-18
safranekqa-play2more coldplay2006-02-17
New Playlist #1moonlight feels right2006-03-30
testmonkeymonkeys know how to look good when drunk2006-03-17
monicamonicas hits2006-04-13
Monday, December 19th, 2005Monday, December 19th, 20052005-12-19
Mojo New Music September 2005Mojo New Music, September, 2005. Highlights: Richard Hawley, Laura Viers, Kid Carpet, Super Furry Animals.2005-12-17
Mojo New Music August 2005Mojo New Music, August, 2005. Highlights: Jamie Lidell, Frank Black, Of Montreal, Amadou and Mariam.2005-12-17
100 Greatest Dylan SongsMojo Magazine Sept 2005 published the 100 greatest Dylan songs according to many industry illuminaries. Here's the list. Enjoy!2005-10-04
100 Greatest Dylan SongsMojo Magazine Sept 2005 published the 100 greatest Dylan songs according to many industry illuminaries. Here's the list. Enjoy!2005-10-04
Mojo New Music July 2005Mojo Magazine New Music Filter, July, 2005. Highlights: White Stripes, Precous Bryant, and Leela James.2005-12-17
Mojo Reissues October 2005Mojo Filter Reissues, October, 2005. Highlights: Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel, Grant Green, Public Enemy, and Brian Eno.2005-12-17
modest mousemodest mouse2006-02-26
Remy Shand - Way I Feel TheModern RandB. He is really good.2006-01-22
Modern Blues & Blues RockModern Blues & Blues Rock2006-03-20
Modern & Mainstream RockModern & Mainstream Rock2006-03-20
BenMixed up stuff I'm enjoying right now.2005-08-05
Songs of C - 1hr Pop MixMixed Pop hits beginning with letter C - 121405_1337 Public2005-12-14
B-Day Party Mix1-3hrMixed genre fast& slow hits - 39 local tracks - 2h 55m - 12-01-05_1117 - Public2005-12-01
another brick in the wallmix-up2006-04-23
mellow mostlymix of mostly mellow sounds, good for playing in a character 2006-04-22
SMOKEMix of Latin (Cuban, Mex, Span) for one of those late night get together's. Old tunes you don't hear too often......2006-02-28
Rock' n Roll MixXxmix of everything and anything awesome, radical, and generally off the chains!2006-02-16
Great StuffMix of alternative, pop and rock!2006-01-23
Y! Music Presents: Missy Elliott's PicksMissy Elliot is one of the most dynamic performers. Check out her music roots in this Celebrity Playlist.2006-01-31
album 1mil horas la agarradera/senorita dile a ella como la flor 2006-03-02
Doo WopMike's Doo Wops2006-02-01
Favorite Mike Patton SongsMike Patton has been my obsession since I was 13 years old, ever since Epic! Here are my favorates and then some.2006-03-07
Don't sleep on itMidtempo to downright slow songs to chill to.2006-02-10
Calming MusicMichelle Tumes, Jack Johnson2006-03-14
Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Playlist Of Rocking Out,Beatit~ Number One Albums 2006-03-28
Best of Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Best of 2006-03-18
Mia's Work TracksMia's Work Tracks2006-02-22
MI BEBEMI BEBE2006-03-08
Spanish MixMescla de music en spanish...orale!! 2005-10-24
Rock all the waymervelous rock playlists.2006-01-04
MerleFest 2006MerleFest is the world's premier Americana music festival. It was started in 1988 as a tribute to Doc Watson's son Merle who died in a tragic tractor accident. The festival now attracts over 78,000 roots music fans to Wilkesboro, NC from April 27th throughl April 30th. This playlist includes artists scheduled to perform in 2006.2006-02-04
Flat out mellow 70s shitMellow tunes from the 70s by some of the lesser known artists. Like I said, just your basic flat out mellow 70s shit!2006-02-27
Mellow1mellow and reflective music, contemporary2006-03-25
EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge, of course. 100 tracks of a little bit of everything, in no particular order. A few live tracks towards the end, but mostly her studio stuff. 7:41.36 2005-09-29
Melissa Etheridge LiveMelissa Etheridge's self titled album Live @ The Roxy2006-02-14
MAW remixMAW! MAW! MAW!2005-08-17
80s ChallengeMatt v. James2006-03-07
BluesMasters of electric blues guitar.2006-03-07
mary jmarys my life is one of my faves i love it2006-03-04
New Playlist #1Marty's Mix2006-03-11
moodsmarch 7,20062006-03-07
Blind MusiciansMany believe that blind people make such great musicians because their other senses (especially hearing) make up for their lack of sight. I'm not sure if that's true, but I sure am thankful that the blind musicians in this list chose the career they did.2006-01-10
Truck Drivin' SongsMany a great songwriter has penned a tune about the American truck driving subculture. This 32 track playlist contains the very best truck drivin' songs ever written. Grab your coffee and cigarettes and roll on! 2006-01-01
Truck Drivin' SongsMany a great songwriter has penned a tune about the American truck driving subculture. This 32 track playlist contains the very best truck drivin' songs ever written. Grab your coffee and cigarettes and roll on! 2006-01-01
Rap ClassicsMan. Where do start? My maxell tapes we're worn out from rewinding these jams.2006-02-13
madonnaMADONNA ....... HER MAJESTY!2006-04-16
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Mooca3_PL6_Public1made public on 6fen2006 14;502006-02-06
Mooca5_PL1_3FEB2006made public on 3Feb20062006-02-03
New PlaylistMade PUBLIC from prvate and added 10 tracks on 31Jan2006 9:442006-01-12
A Lil Steve Vai - 30minMade public 1/24 1427 1/31/06 removed one track2005-12-14
MiscMade public 1-29-062006-01-08
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HappyStep1_500tracksmade playlist to 500 tracks2005-12-12
New Playlist #7made it private on 1feb2006 13:15 made public on 2Feb2006 10:30 from test042 Had to make public again from luca1 for it to take 2005-12-12
Josh GrobanMade CD for Vicky2006-04-11
shahma music... dats wat v cal music....2006-03-08
M.S.Subbulakshmi - For the morningsM.S.Subbulakshmi, bajans, keerthans, suprabatham etc2006-02-16
Lovin' MusicLuvin' music with a smooth beats and systematic rhythms....for the right moods. All R&B favorites to help set the right ambiance.2006-03-10
Love SongsLove songs\ 2006-02-01
love story 2Love songs that are serious, but are applicable to all stages of a relationship2006-01-26
Love Songs from GlennLove Songs From Glenn2006-02-24
Love SongsLove Songs2006-03-03
love songslove songs2006-03-16
banzalove songs2006-04-21
Songs About DolphinsLots of people love dolphins. Some may love our cetaean friends a bit too much. This playlist features songs that are about or were inspired by dolphins.2006-01-07
Kim's FavoritesLots of oldies, mixed few newbie and of course IT'S ALL ROCK AND ALL GOOD2005-11-04
gospel songsLots of great gospel music to uplift your spirit!!! 2006-04-04
Flerb RockLots of good 'power pop' type songs from the 90's and 00's. 2006-02-14
Fusion-esqueLots of fusion/jazz/funk treats, including some rare live tracks.! 2006-01-03
Ben's mixxlots of different things. any suggestions?2006-03-09
Christian RockLots and lots of Christian Rock with a couple popular pop also Jonny Cash2005-12-05
lew1.5lost earworms...2005-10-25
surfLos Straitjackets and other bits of surf rock joy.2005-11-12
longingLonging for someone2005-11-24
JambotLong jams... Not much yet.2006-02-13
Night On Disco MountainLOG ENTRY #12: January 9, 2005 Fortunately, all of us survived the plane crash. Unfortunatley, we are all trapped on the top of Disco Mountain. It's cold and superficial up here. The smell of polyester abounds and I'm afraid our lack of rhythm may make survival difficult. Oh yea... We had to eat Pete...2006-01-09
Night On Disco MountainLOG ENTRY #12: January 9, 2005 Fortunately, all of us survived the plane crash. Unfortunatley, we are all trapped on the top of Disco Mountain. It's cold and superficial up here. The smell of polyester abounds and I'm afraid our lack of rhythm may make survival difficult. Oh yea... We had to eat Pete...2006-01-09
Live At Billy Bob's TexasLocated in Fort Worth, Billy Bob's Texas is the "Largest honkey tonk in the world." Billy Bob's is known for it's live concerts featuring some of the greateset country music stars in the business. This playlist contains 21 hours of live music captured at Billy Bob's.2006-02-06
Live At Billy Bob's TexasLocated in Fort Worth, Billy Bob's Texas is the "Largest honkey tonk in the world." Billy Bob's is known for it's live concerts featuring some of the greateset country music stars in the business. This playlist contains 21 hours of live music captured at Billy Bob's.2006-02-06
Local #4 - Brian WoodLocal #4 Playlist from writer - Brian Wood Y!U is missing the following tracks: 1. Castanet - Bluetip 2. Misery Loves Company - Mike Ness 3. 4. 5.2006-03-07
Local #4 - Ryan KellyLocal #4 Playlist from artist - Ryan Kelly. Y!U is missing the following tracks 1. Murder She Said - Ron Goodwin 2. War - Tones on Tail 3. The Good Son - David Sylvian 4. 5. Drop Dead \ Celebration - Siouxsie and the Banshees 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 2006-03-07
switches & footlklk2005-12-01
Living Dead BeatLiving Dead Beat if it aint Fucking slam You aint going to like it!2006-02-06
Stones LiveLive Rolling Stones2006-03-11
Live_deejaypretty3_Feb062006_8YMULive account from PP. Feb. 06, 2006, 8 YMU Public Shared Playlist. This is a subscriber account.2006-02-06
New Playlist #1little bit of this alittle bit of that....2006-02-17
Liszt piano concertosLiszt 2006-03-15
Moody MixListen to when I'm feeling moody and a little nostalgic.2006-03-09
Sarthak's Station! Listen to My Music exclusively... Handpicked selected songs... each for a differnt Mood! 2006-04-09
Sexually Disturbing SongsListen at your own risk! You have been warned.2006-01-25
U2 Concert PhillyList of songs played by U2 in the Philly Concert we went to.2006-03-15
U2 11/09/05 OaklandList of songs in order they were played in Oakland concert from 11/09/20052005-11-10
Lisa McClendon MixtapeLisa McClendon's soulful gospel is sure to soothe and keep you praising Him throughout the day. Her live recording is fresh and raw. Mixed with her Soul Music and first release, My Diary, My Life, the perfect mood is set for ministry.2006-02-15
My Stationlisa2006-03-09
Lint: A RetrospectiveLink (A.K.A. Tim Armstrong) is been giving them the BOOT for almost 20 years. Here's a playlist of his main bands over the years. 2006-01-30
Songs For DudesLinguist Scott Kiesling from the University of Pittsburgh has published a paper on how the word "Dude" has officially weaved it's way into American culture permanently. He says that the word "dude, enables young men to express closeness to other young men without causing suspicion of being gay". This playlist contains songs that use the word "dude" to great effect.2006-01-01
Move ItLil bit of everything from Trick Daddy to Trina to Big Tymers to Nelly and more.2006-03-08
Buzz bgLike you died and went to opry!2006-02-23
The After After PartyLet's just 'say' ... I've been partying all night ... all morning ... and now ... I'm chillin' at home ... with some friends ... winding down ... this is what I'd play ...2006-02-12
Can't Get Enough!Let's Get It Started, Ice Ice Baby, and Gwen Stefani2006-04-15
New Playlist #1Leonard Cohen2006-02-13
Musical Recipe: LemonadeLemonade Combine juice from 8 large lemons (2 1/2 cups) Add 1/2 cup of sugar - granulated - or to taste Add 5 cups cold water Add lemon slices Add ice and stir 2006-01-25
LSJUMB Leland Stanford University Marching Band songs Fall Folder 2005 (most of them)2006-02-19
Produced By Rick RubinLegendary producer Rick Rubin may be best loved for helping Johnny Cash get the respect he deserved at the end of his career with a seres of brilliantly produced albums. However, this producer has done much more. From his role at the beginning of Hip Hop with Run DMC and the Beastie Boys to his work with bands as diverse as Slayer, Neil Diamond, Weezer, Paloalto, The Black Clowes, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melanie C and many more.2006-01-02
SurgeLegendary are the mixes for this jet stream, hold yer hat!!2006-03-02
Joseg_Led Zep HitsLed Zeppelin mix -my 4 & 3 star ratings -- 34 tracks 2h 58m 45s - 120105_1448 - Public Blacklist tracks - Led Zep Jams -3Hr 1/31/06 renamed Joseg_Led Zep Hits2005-12-01
S&M SongsLeather, Whips, Clips and Chains baby!2006-02-23
SST!Lawndale, CA's own SST records, started by Raymond Pettibon's brother and Black Flag founder Greg Ginn, the Motown of US Hardcore, now in Yahoo! Music Unlimited! 2006-02-09
DJ Brando's office Mix2006-02-21
KZILALantzilla's Favorites2006-03-08
T.A.T.U. PARTYLaid Back Lesbians telling it like it is.2006-03-04
New Playlist #2Ladies Night2005-07-28
ddkumbaya kurt carr2006-03-11
Favorite Korn SongsKorn is one of my most favorate bands and this playlist contains songs that I love!2006-03-09
Edwyn Collinsknallgode2006-02-23
playlist #1Kim's Old Favorites-trial songs2006-04-25
DinosaurKid's Dinosaur Songs2005-10-19
Road Trip: Where The Rubber Meets The RoadKicking off a Road Trip? Here are some classics and future classics. Cars and automobiles.2006-01-25
ChillinKicking back music. Some romantic songs.2005-12-25
Danni's Songs!Kewl Songs!!! YAY!!!!!!!! WOOT GO MY MUSIC AND STUFFS!!!!!!!!2006-02-25
songbuKevin's playlist105-06-21
Produced By BabyfaceKenny "Babyface" Edmonds had his hands in just about every R&B hit of the 1990s. He helped bring back the smooth R&B tradition and some say that he's a master of "overproduction". This playlist contains 35 tracks produced by Babyface.2006-01-10
Love Sucks....Love Rocks....WhateverKelly Clarkson, Gloria Estefan, Deana Carter, Selena, Lee Ann Womak, Aerosmith, Melissa Etheridge, No Doubt, Mary J. Blige2006-04-06
Rodkelli, this is for you2006-02-19
Keller WilliamsKeller is probably one of the most amazing acoustic bass player today second only to Les Claypool.2005-12-13
keke new playlistKEKE MUSIC FOLDER2006-04-05
More 2006 Chillkeeping track of tracks for a 2006 chill mix2006-02-03
Album Covers With NudityKeep the kiddies and Tipper Gore away from this one folks... All the songs in this playlist come from albums that have nudity on the cover. The funny thing is, the playlist actually make some pretty good listening (for the most part)2006-01-01
Karaoke Revolution 3Karaoke Revolution Volume 32006-04-10
krishna ganamKannadasan + MS Visvanathan songs for Lord Krishna in Tamil2005-11-23
HomeworkJust what I listen to when I'm doing homework! 2006-02-01
CountryJust The Beginning But Still Some Real Good Stuff Here!!2006-01-20
my favs1Just stuff I like...alot2006-02-19
MineJust songs I like a lot2006-03-13
random songsjust some songs i like, others i've never heard but from artists i like and songs i've never heard from artists i do not know. 2005-09-27
Songs Covered By This Mortal CoilJust some of the many songs covered by the 4AD in-house supergroup.2005-11-26
ErkJust some of my favorite stuff...2006-02-26
FavoritesJust some of my favorite Maroon 5 (plus one Bowling for Soup) songs2006-02-08
BluesJust Some Great Modern Electric Blues Hope You Enjoy it !!2006-02-10
indie and alt.Just some good tunes I've been listening to while at work. Hope you like...2005-10-02
StuffJust some good songs 2005-07-16
Drum & Bass NicenessJust some Drum & Bass niceness.2006-02-20
Adult Alt mix - sep 05Just some cool Adult Alt tunes. My Best of 2005 playlist covers this stuff and so much more.2005-09-17
ChilledJust some chillout stuff2006-01-14
Driving Me LazyJust some chillin tunes.2006-02-23
Old Skool Hip-Hop Vol. 1Just put the player on shuffle and enjoy the music. Some super phat old skool hip-hop jamz from the early 80's through today. If you like what you hear, send me an IM2006-02-17
main listJust my first 240 songs2006-04-21
mainJust my first 220 songs is all2006-04-20
nickelback song listjust mostly Nickelback at there best 2006-02-22
sadJust like the title says, they're somewhat sad songs2006-02-19
2006 Mellow MorningJust like the name suggests, here are some tunes to play on a relaxed Sunday morning. Cocktail required.2006-02-27
Rockin' PraiseJust like the name says...2006-02-22
New Playlist #2just jazz...WELL MOSTLY2006-02-17
Jack JohnsonJust Jack2005-09-02
Relax A LittleJust hang out and have a beer.2006-03-08
My Stationjust good stuff... of course *I* think so.2006-01-27
Workout songsJust good 'ol songs with a beat that keeps me going on that treadmill at the gym...2006-02-27
burnjust fun2006-02-05
Jazmyn VizziniJust fucking listen to it you losers....2006-03-08
Ciara's CountryJust for fun times, and chillin' out!2006-01-28
JuneJust east of 17th street you'll find...2006-03-01
Share playlistJust a test playlist for sharing2005-11-30
ALT. n goodjust a sampling of some good shit I like...enjoy2005-10-08
01Just a nice collaboration of some of my favorite music that is more on the "popular" side of the world's ears...2006-04-03
Chris Gamits MixJust a mix that I threw together when hungover. Mostly indie rock with some older stuff in there. I threw in a Gamits song too.2006-03-10
Metal favoritesJust a mere taste of my headbanging, fist pumping, air guitar wailing favorites! MF'ing Rock ON, baby! I'll add to it as I go! When you play it, drink one for Dime! Black Tooth Grin...threeeee!2006-01-05
K's bestJust a list of songs I really, really like. Really.2006-01-14
Alternative MusicJust a few songs I like!2006-04-24
Waxing EclecticJust a few good tunes2006-03-13
Indie StuffJust a fairly random collection of songs that seem to sound relatively indie rockish.2006-02-17
One Day In December 2004Just a day in December...2006-03-01
musicjust a bunch of stuff i like2005-11-06
amy's dancejust a bunch of songs i play for friends2006-02-08
Energy Rap Dancejust a bunch of rap, hip hop, and soon to come dance songs that keep me going when I'm tired or just want to get ready for a party.2006-02-08
For Me... To Hell With HimJust a bunch of R&B and Hip Hop I like. Some old, some new.2006-03-07
many more songs!jus sum kool songs! this shows mi diversity in the music i listen 2- kool huh?2006-02-20
jose's musicjose's music2006-03-01
jose luis peralesjose luis perales2006-03-12
JonathanJonthan Weight's Playlist. Only some of my Favorite songs they are in order from Most liked from least liked. I'm big Eminem and Rascal Flatts Fan.2006-03-26
Jones likes Menjones is a bitch2005-12-09
kezia's playlistJonB2006-03-02
Johnny cashJohnny Cash's Greatest Hits2006-01-03
mellow fav's (feelin good about yourself)John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz2006-03-11
John Lennon CoversJohn Lennon has been gone for over 25 years now. This playlist contains Lennon songs as performed by a diverse group of artists including Eva Cassidy, Roxy Music, The Alarm, Pearl Jam, Louis Armstrong, The Letterman and many others.2005-12-13
Celebrity Playlist: John DoeJohn Doe of X fame picks his favorite albums for
Coltrane On The SideJohn Coltrane is as big a legend as one can become in the jazz world, but before he broke out on his own he was an important sideman. This playlist looks at his supporting role work with Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins.2006-02-08
Jethro Tull CoversJethro Tull is named after the dude who invented the seed-hole drill and first used steel to strengthen the plow. This list contains covers of some of Jethro Tull's best know, songs. The band, not the dude.2006-01-18
Jesse McCartney - A Cinderella Story Original SoundtrackJesse rocks!2006-03-14
The Songs of Leiber and StollerJerry Leiber and Mike Stoller are among the most important songwriting team in post World War II popular music. Although not well known because of their behind-the-scenes working life, the music they've written has been heard by most of people alive on planet earth. They have penned hits for the likes of Elvis Presely, Charles Brown, Wilbert Harrison, Buddy Holly, The Drifters, The Coasters, Peggy Lee, Dion and many others.2006-01-08
Christian RockJeremy Camp, Skillet2006-03-14
my cdJEN2006-03-26
New Playlist - Tue Mar 7 18.51.10 EST 2006Jean Carne2006-03-07
GB LoveJE2006-03-16
jazz mixjazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy2006-03-15
Fallen AngelsJazz tunes from the 90s television series, Fallen Angels2006-02-09
Jazz Covers of Modern Rock/Pop SongsJazz purists may cringe, and so may rock fans. But here are some reasonably good jazz covers of modern rock/pop songs. This list was inspired by Brad Mehldau and The Bad Plus. I went searching for the rest of the tracks.2006-02-20
New Playlist #1Jazz2006-03-15
Jazzy's HomeworkJass's Homework2006-04-25
James Brown! Need I say anything MoreJames Brown Need I say anything More2006-03-18
Jame's FavsJame's Songs2006-03-27
Summer DaysJack Johnson Mix2006-02-08
Jacks HitsJack Johnson Mix2006-01-22
emkeii`m not in love2006-03-11
jessieItz all about pure rock~n~roll!!!!! classic, punk, emo, indie....2005-07-09
Brentits my mix bitch's2006-02-11
eureka54Its my life2006-04-20
SLOW SAD MIXits jussa mix of breakup songs, sexin songs, and slow songs2006-02-26
D4LIts HOT!..OK Laffy Taffy got it2006-02-17
Aquemini- Outkastits good shit. man...2006-02-27
rodney carringtonits funny2006-02-14
Toya Hit'sIt's to cold chechk it out it's filled with mixed songs 2006-02-12
PharohIt's the end of the world as we know it (do u feel fine). WRNING: IF YOU LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST YOU WILL GO INSANE LISTEN AT YOUR OWN PERIL.Green Day, R.E.M,My Chemical Romance,Franz Ferdinand,Fall Out Boy,Audioslave,Louis Armstrong,Sum 41,Ron Burgandy2005-11-20
New Playlist #1it's something 2 groove 22006-01-26
chris's playlistit's my playlist, 'nuff said2006-01-09
My StuffIt's like 'dat. Suited for my many tastes, u feel me.2006-02-19
Explicit Titles From Normal BandsIt's easy to find explicit titles from ridiculous nothing fringe bands. Here are song titles that can raise eyebrows when seen in Yahoo! Messenger -- but from otherwise "safe" mainstream artists. 2005-12-13
Feeling BitchyIt's been a bad day.2006-03-08
Melodie's MusicIt's as mixed up as I am!!! Ha ha! 2006-03-02
Duran's Lesser Known BestIt's almost a shame this is my first public playlist, but fitting all the same: These lipsticked limeys are responsible for getting me in to music in the first place. That was 5th grade. Gone are the posters and pins, but the fervor echoed in these decadent duranie songs continues to reverberate.2006-02-17
New Playlist #1It's all good county2006-03-01
The Best of the Bradys (More of a Maxi Single Really)It's A Sunshine Day! You haven't lived until you've heard "American Pie" sung by grade schoolers. And I like Candy- Sugar Shop- it's really crazy because little Cindy is singing about tasting some guys sweet milkshake. Seriously. Check it out.2006-04-20
Break Up - Bounce BackIt happens, it hurts, we bounce back.2006-01-21
Island-DaveIsland Hood Boca Mix2006-02-17
90's playlist of deathIs this what the 90's were like?... well.. to me it was.2006-03-10
Songs For NagsIs there a nag in your life? Is it driving you crazy? If so, this playlist can help. It'll make you realize that you're not alone. It can also can serve as an excellent hint-dropper. Just play it for your significant other when the nagging gets to thick. 2006-01-01
Y! Music Presents: Jay-Z's PicksIs the Jigga man really retired? We don't know for sure, but we do know his Celebrity Playlist -- it's right here. 2006-01-31
Y! Music Presents: Jessica Simpson's PicksIs Jessica lost in Splitsville after her breakup with Nick? Well, we know there's nothin' like a good ol' Hank Williams song to get her through a lonesome ol' night. Check out Jessica's Celebrity Playlist rof her favorite songs ight here.2006-01-31
Metal & Rock AssortedIrreristible for listeneres whose interests span over a wide spectrum of genres of Rock and Metal2006-04-04
InspirationalsInspitational songs from Christian and Gospel singer. Be blessed.2006-01-11
AntidepressantsInspirational songs that make you feel better about the world and want to live a better life. In a non-cheesy way.2005-11-22
Arabella Mix 01Indoor Cycling playlist Arabella Mix 01
Maria Mix 12Indoor Cycling music list. 2006-02-18
Indie Songs About CaliforniaIndie songs about the great state of California.2006-03-30
C/Z Records SamplerIndependent label C/Z Records released some critical albums between 1992 to 1994. This playlist features one track from 16 bands that released records on the label.2006-02-02
Rave Up!In your head, you have one sweaty, Carling's-soaked set of rock and roll left in you. Three guys in two weeks for one show only. Covers only, with no ballads or drum solos. Rave Up! HINT: There is one Pere Ubu song missing. What is it?2005-11-30
Best of 1959In the year 1959, the Barbie doll went on sale in the USA for the first time. Fidel Castro became Premeir of Cuba, Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill allowing for Hawiian statehood, the Guggenheim museum opened to the public and the songs in this playlist were released, all destined to become timeless classics.2005-12-31
By His GraceIn the name of the Lord, all things are good in His eyes!2006-03-21
The Very Best Of Grunge In the late 1980s and early 1990s the pacific northwest gave us the anti-commercial genre we call grunge. These are some of very best grunge tunes of the era.2006-02-10
Early Hip-Hop BreakbeatsIn the late 1970's Hip-Hop was being born and the tools of the trade for the DJ was the "breakbeat". The DJ would locate the most danceable part of a song and loop it, cut it or scratch it. This playlist contains songs that were used by DJs in those early days. Try to pick out the "breakbeats".2006-01-18
Songs For PilotsIn our continuing effort to craft high-quality playlists for every profession known to man, we present this list of songs specially created for the airline pilot. Off we go into the wild blue yonder!2006-01-31
Top 20 of the 2000sIn no particular order, some of my favorite albums from the year 2000 on. I wrote a blog post about it:
Radiohead CoversIn my opinion, Radiohead is the second biggest gap in streaming music services, right after The Beatles. I hope this list can help tie you over for a little while. 2006-01-31
Mick Jagger Side ProjectsIn addition the bazillion Rolling Stones records and handful of solo efforts he has recorded, Mick Jagger has also lent a hand to many other artists over the years. This playlist contains songs where Mic contributes.2006-01-10
Gospel inspirationsin a world of hate and anger and terror come to the still waters of God's love let your soul be near him and give you peace and refreshment2006-02-22
Honky TonkinIn a dark booth in the back of the nightspot on Hwy. 51, on the wrong side of the tracks... the couple embraced.. knowing it would only be a matter of time before their secret was out.105-05-13
Worst Songs Ever Per Blender MagazineIn 2004, Blender magazine stirred up a firestorm of controversy when they selected the worst songs ever recorded. This playlist contains 24 songs from their list. Some are without a doubt horrible, others I have to shamefully admit, I really like.2006-01-19
The Best of 1961In 1961, MAD magazine pointed out on the cover of its March issue, that this was the first "upside down" year (meaning a year with a number that looks the same upside down as rightside up) since 1881 and the last until 6009. This playlist contains the very best music that was released in 1961.2006-01-25
Songs That Feature The ThereminIn 1919, A Russian physicist named Lev Theremin invented a radical instrument that is played without touching it. The player mover her hands around two antenna to control pitch and volume. The result is an eerie, sci-fi sound that was popular in spooky movies from the 50s and 60s like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "It Came From Outer Space". You have certainly heard a theremin even if you've never heard of the instrument. This playlist features songs that use it to great effect.2006-01-01
Hipster barImagine a bar where beautiful, exotic women prey on innocent, geeky internet guys. Now push play!2005-11-11
Grand Theft Auto: Bounce FMIf you turn your in-game radio to Bounce FM while playing "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" you'll hear the songs in this playlist. Funk-o-licious stuff.2006-01-21
WHBC HitsIf you remember that New Jack was not just a movie...105-05-24
Carry On SongsIf you know someone who needs a little inspiration to help them carry on through tough times, this playlist may help. These are the very best songs with the words "carry on" in the title.2006-02-04
Songs For A Retirement PartyIf you know someone who is getting ready to retire, this playlist will help you build the soundtrack for the retirement party. Pick and choose tracks that fit and maybe add some profession-specific songs. Then just add the food, booze and balloons and you're good to go.2006-01-03
Songs For A House Warming PartyIf you have a house warming party planned or, if you're buying a new house, this playlist can help with the festivities. A home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, so a soundtrack is in order. 2006-01-25
Ode To Waiters And WaitressesIf you have a friend who is a waiter or waitress, you should IM or email this playlist to them today. It contains 27 songs about waitstaff. Some better than others, but the waitress/waiter in your life will get a kick out of them all.2006-01-01
Redneck StuffIf you found this list you might be a redneck!2006-03-27
Worst Cover Songs EverIf you enjoy things like root canals, genital mutilation and say, removing your nipples with a rusty cheese grater. Then this playlist is for you.2006-01-11
Novelty Songs From HellIf you can listen to this whole list without clicking the fast forward or inflicting self-harm, you win!2006-02-19
Songs For A Marriage ProposalIf you are thinking about popping the question to're your significant other, load this playlist up. You're sure to find some songs that will give you some ideas or some courage.2006-01-23
Songs For BellydancingIf you are looking for some music to practice your bellydancing moves, this playlist provides the perfect workout soundtrack at just over 2 hours.2006-02-06
Payola Songs 2005If you are absolutely sick of the songs in this list, there is a good reason. They were all exposed as songs that were promoted through payola. The act of giving cash or gifts to radio programmers in exchange for airplay. 2006-02-04
Best of British FolkIf this playlist doesn't make you want to dress up like an elf, imbibe mead and feast on mutton, then I can't help you. These are the very best British Folk essentials. 2006-01-21
Songs Inspired By Children's StoriesIf only adults would read more children's stories and work at emulating the messages they contain. Not all of the songs in this playlist stay true to the original moral of the story that inspired it, but hey, this is rock & roll we're talking about.2005-12-21
Capital GIf I only had a '64 Impala... 2005-12-08
Jurassic 5 - Power In NumbersIf I may, I highly recomend getting riped and bumping this album.2005-12-16
Live Mud: 1960 to 1979If I had to pick only one Blues artist to listen to for the rest of my life, I would have to pick Muddy Waters. This playlist contains 5 complete, live, Muddy Waters albums that showcase the blues as they were meant to be.2006-02-02
Fun for the kidsIf I had kids, I would play them this piece. It's fun.2005-11-29
Great Songs Nobody KnowsIf any songs should be overplayed on the radio, it's these! But you never hear them . . .2006-03-24
hogeI've played only Hard Rocks at this time^^;2006-04-14
Tyler DurdenI'm Tyler Durden. These are my favorite songs. You may not be able to listen to all of them. They are all cool, even though i rated them all very poorly.2005-12-03
AngstvillaI'm practically a collector of sad songs. This playlist features some of the best and most depressing songs out there. Listen to it and weep.2006-02-28
Screw YouI'm pissed off and well you have to deal with it.2006-02-13
Rennaissance Acadamy Dance '05i'm dj-ing this thing tomorrow night (12-15)...a bunch of my friends go to RA (a highschool) and its a good excuse to miss the last day of school before break!2005-12-13
Alex's PicksI'm Blue - Eifel 65 Jamster Hamsterdance The Official Hamsterdance Song Accidently In Love- Counting Crows 1985 - Bowling For Soup American Idiots- Green Day Don't Laugh At Me- Tim McGraw Beautiful Soul- Jesse Mcartney Don't Laugh At Me- MArk Wills Naked Mole Rap Don't Laugh At Me - Tim McGraw Naked Mole Rap Don't Laugh At Me- Peter Paul & Mary 2006-03-18
New Playlist #4I'm at church 2006-03-14
lilmama's songsI'm A Love Child!!!!!!!!!2006-02-12
Get My Groove On Music!!I'm a big fan of dance/electronic music, but get tired of it all sounding the same. I've compiled some of my favorite remixes, and am looking for more to add to this list....A great upbeat boogie mix for work, commute, workout, etc!2006-02-06
80's in EnglandI was fortunate to live in England ... during my final high school years. It was a great time for big hair ... pegged jeans ... and fantastic music. I was introduced to acid house ... and bands such as ... the Smiths ... Yaz ... The Cure ... Depeche Mode ... Curiousity Killed the Cat ... and so much more ... 2006-03-10
6 Million $$$ manI use this for the treadmill...This stuff will have you running like a superhero!. I like to put the headphones on and think... "We have the technology. We can make him better than he was before..." " I bet you didnt know it, but i can run like the wind blows!" Try it.2006-01-14
Top 50 US Punk SongsI took Ian C. Rogers' playlist an updated it for the addition of the SST label (Black Flag & the Descendents).2006-02-09
Top 10 Worst Song Lyrics EverI recently asked some top music bloggers to pick what they felt were the worst song lyrics ever written. The resulting 10 tracks were put together from the responses I recieved. I certainly cannot argue with them.2006-01-01
My StationI quickly made a playlist of what was on my LAUNCHCast Radio station so that I could get a couple of hours of tune off line. Hope you enjoy it. As for me, I haven't even had a chance to listen to it all yet, so feedback appreciated!2006-02-03
lets have some funI put this togetherwhen I found some of my old favorites. These will keep you dancing.2005-12-02
House arresstedI put this together the night I came home on house arrest!2006-02-25
Under The Radar Low Key Indie 01.2006I put this playlist together to shine the spotlight on some great low-key indie bands who have been flying under the radar. I would say that most of the artists in this list are somewhere between Sufjan Stevens and The Great Lake Swimmers. So if you dig those bands this is a must hear list. I guarantee that you'll fall in love with something you haven't head until now.2006-01-03
Balinese MusicI put all the Balinese music I could find in this playlist (just 3 albums). If you're not familiar with Balinese music, listen to at least a little from each of the three albums. First is the quartet accompaniment to the Balinese shadow play. The second (starts with the second Tabuh Gari) is of a larger ensemble, with some good rocking tunes. The last album (starting with Gamelan Gong...) is a sampler of different ensembles and styles. Definitely check out the Frog Song and Kechak.2005-11-28
Sounds Unlimited SongsI played in a cool top 40 band in the late 80s, early 90s. We had a lot of fun, and played mostly during summer time at larger festivals and special occasions. The band's name was "Sounds Unlimited". This list contains a selection of songs from a typical evening on what we would usually play.2006-02-22
Mariah!I pick the songs and she sings 'em just for me!2006-03-26
Deltron - Deltron 3030I personaly give props to to DEL, the most original and creative word-smiths in the rap comunity today2006-01-12
Workin' ItI never want to forget. Ummmm.2006-03-01
teache mei luv it 2006-04-26
emio1I love this music --- it shows EASY - swininging LIVE! We NEED today so much! :-) ENJOY2006-02-17
Karaoke MixI love singing most all of these song at karaoke, these are new hits that were out recently on karaoke monthly as well.2006-01-01
abi's playlisti love my music don't youif you don't your stupid. thank you.2006-03-08
//-SADiE-\\i LOVE MUSiC!!2006-02-27
My 80'sI love 80's music. This is just my list of some of the songs that I love.2006-03-02
New Playlist #1I listen to these songs when I need a mood adjustment...and it always works!!!!2006-03-15
things to doi like to play this when i got things to do 2006-02-13
Lounge MusicI know not all this music is considered "Lounge Music", but I wanted to throw them in the mix! 2006-02-28
Dad1I is a person .... with gud speling...2005-08-27
Exceptional UnpluggedI have scoured the depths of Yahoo Music Unlimited to put together this 'best of unplugged" playlist. Meaning, these are great acoustic versions of songs that were good to begin with.2006-01-21
New Playlist - Mon Jan 23 22.49.35 CST 2006I have a unique taste in music. I love progressive rock as well as some of todays top hits.. I am also a softie for 80's love songs. I have other playlists that are dedicated to more insturamental rock and worlds best guitar players. Check them out too.2006-01-23
AngryI had a friend who used to always pop Yellow Jackets back when they had ephedrine. Until he quit, he used to get really ticked over stupid stuff. So this playlist is a tribute to an emotionaly unstable stimulant. Pretty much angry grrr metal.2006-02-10
Morning Becomes Eclectic 1-12-06I enjoyed Mr. Harcourt's selections on this particular morning and decided to see how many I could find in YMU. Here's what I got.2006-01-13
Sound alike - Alicia Keys and James BrownI enjoy finding songs that share melodies or themes from other songs. It's not a bad thing and it's bound to happen. In this case, it's pretty clear that Alicia was channeling some JB with her track "Fallin'".2006-02-14
Live 1968I created this playlist to get an idea of what was going on the year I was born, since I didn't get to see many live shows as a newborn.The resulting 13 track playlist is a great live compilation that highlights 1968. 2006-01-07
15-Song Ring Of CoversI challenge you to make a longer ring. Each song is a cover of the artist who performed the previous song. The last song is performed by Willie Nelson, who was the first artist covered! (Actually, Orbison performed it first, but Willie wrote it. Hey, this is tough work!)2006-02-20
Ode To The LotteryI can't promise you that you'll ever hit the lottery, but I can promise that if you ever do, I've got the playlist for your celebration right here.2006-01-12
Big Gay Dance PartyI can be confident when I say that these 20 tracks have reached the hard-to-attain pinnacle of "Gay Anthem"2006-02-19
Top Ten Live Albums of All TimeI asked some of the web's greatest music bloggers what they thought the best live album of all time was. This playlist is the result of the survey. You may not agree with them all, but you certainly will agree with some. And if you don't know these albums, shame on you.2006-01-11
Workout #1I AM HERE TO PUMP YOU UP2005-06-24
quiet pumpkinsI am a HUGE smashing pumpkins fan. I like the hard egde they have and the softer tracks too. This is a playlist of my favorite "quiet pumpkins" tracks.2006-03-30
80's FavoritesI admit it. My music tastes were set in the 1980s, and it's still some of my favorite music. I'm no Richard Blade, but this is an amusing playlist. I relied heavily on the YME similarities lists to compose it.2005-09-28
Hits 4 LyfeHypothetically2006-04-14
Hush Records SamplerHush records is a great independent label in Portland, OR started by Chad Crouch. The label released the first Decemberists 5 song EP. Alough the other artists on the Hush roster don't have the same name recognition, they are equally great and worth your time.2006-01-03
New Playlist #1Hung Up-Madonna2006-03-28
Puke SongsHuh? What? Are you serious? Yes, it's true, you can build playlists about any subject under the sun. People have written songs about everything. This vomit-centric playlist is a fine example. 2006-02-03
New Playlist #2hshdfhdfhdhdfhdsfhdfshdffshdfhdfhdfhdfh dfhdfhdfshdfhdfhdghdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfh dfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdd dfshdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfshdfhdf dfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfhdfh2005-12-13
smoothHow I like it 1/2 the time....2005-12-20
Songs About Houston, TXHouston is the largest city in Texas. The fourth largest in the United States and is the largest city in the US without zoning laws. It most certainly deserves its own playlist. So here it is.2006-01-31
Frenchy's LOUNGEHouse Lounge! Enjoy light and upbeat House mixes that will you get you groovin'! Mark Farina, David Morales, Miguel Migs, Thievery, Madonna, Conjure One, Moby, Hooverphonic, Masters at Work and a few others. 105-06-10
New Playlist #4HOUSE CLEANING TUNES LOL.......2006-03-14
Y! Music Presents: Pharrell's PicksHot, cool, sexy, and sure - that's Pharrell, and that's the vibe in his favorite music. Hear it for yourself with his Celebrity Playlist.2006-01-31
HOT SH*THOT SH*T2006-03-15
Rockin' KittensHot Chicks -- Hot Licks2006-04-12
Bird Flu BluesHopefully the bird flu won,t ever become an epidemic, but if it does here's the playlist.2006-02-09
Old School FunkHomage to red kool aid, syrup sammiches, jelly's, afro-sheen and Don Cornelius.2006-02-13
blahhmmm dili ko aram kun nano an dapat na himuon ko sani, tama ba an akon inahimo???? aba malay ko dilo ko aram2005-09-29
New Playlist #12hjkhkjhkj2005-11-23
rachels mix 2-14hit list2006-02-14
Album Covers of Storm Thorgerson & Hipgnosis Hipgnosis was a British art design group that formed in 1968 and gave us some of the most memorable album covers in rock history. They were especially noted for their work with prog rock bands. This playlist contains songs from albums that had cover art created by Thorgerson / Hipgnosis. Check out the album art as you listen!2006-02-06
BlaughHip-hoppish-R&B-ish-rappish-groovelicious mix.2006-02-19
Work MusicHip-hop, Rock En Espanol, Dance/Electronica, Indie Rock/Pop2006-02-13
Old School RapHip-Hop hasn't been the same. Bring oldschool back2006-03-25
Snowboarding_Hip-HopHip Hop for the slopes.2005-11-04
bounce with a thoughthip hop actually worth listening to2006-02-07
New Playlist #1hi, this isnt actualy sutekowriter's playlist, im her daughter but we didnt want to pay for me and her to have y!Unlimited, anyway this is the songs that i can find when i think of them, if you have any sugestions on what to put on here i would love too hear, i will listen to any thing....considering i have stuff from My chamical romance, kelly clarkson, some country, show tunes, even disco, and tons of other stuff you can kinda see im not picky . PLEASE give me sugestions2006-02-20
mikehi im mike2006-01-14
Kristinhi i love music From First to last, The Veronicas, Hawthorne Heights, Underoath, Aiden, thursday, silverstein, and saosin. 2006-03-12
T.I., Daddy Yankee , and lil WayneHi2006-04-14
zombie's rockin songshi playing salitare pretty fun oh and jumpin on my trampoline shh im tired2006-03-05
Becky's stuffHey, check out these songs a mixture of old and new school and be-bop.2006-03-05
Buckcherry - Crazy Bitchhey, a few lil songs i like2006-01-29
Clap Your HandsHere's what I'm really into right now. After listening to this whole thing, I realize that most of these are slow. So, I'd recommend this when you want to de-stress.2006-02-28
80s WaveHere's a two-hour mix of mostly-hits from the era of punky pop, purple hair and Purple Rain.2006-02-24
BeatlesHere's a sampling of Beatles music that I really like.2005-11-27
Worship team, Sun 2/26/06here is the worship songs for sunday. Make sure your familiar with the songs, practice is on friday at 4 pm, At the youth building.2006-02-28
more christianhere is a huge playlist of some of my fav christian songs 2006-03-29
some of my favoritesHere is a compilation of my favorites. It includes music from all genres.2006-03-20
Grey's AnatomyHere are some songs featured in the hit television show Grey's Anatomy. 2005-11-10
Covers of the Most Influential Songs in the History of Rock and RollHere are some great (or hilarious) cover versions of the 30 of the most influencial songs in Rock & Roll history. 2006-01-19
2005 - It Was A Very Good YearHere are my fave tracks from albums released in 2005.2005-12-09
New Playlist #2Henry's favorite repeat songs2005-11-23
RunningHellz Yeah2006-02-26
Johnny CashHello, my name is Johnny Cash...2005-11-17
New Playlist #1hello2006-03-29
Breaking the SilenceHeathen - Breaking the Silence2006-03-02
Gabi's PlaylistHawthrone Heights2006-03-04
33hawthorne hights,muse ,panic!at the disco,the postal service,senses fail,sparta,yellowcard,damian marley,and fort minor2006-03-21
Oldieshardcore oldies...thats all i have to say2005-10-07
heavy!hard rock extreme!2006-03-09
traditional christmashalfway decent in a thrown together way. Play on random as it is chunky.2005-12-04
I feel hip-yHalf pointy songs, half songs with a spread-out sort of whoosh. The initial theme was stuff that reflected hipness back on me. 2006-01-26
punk goes pop! haha! very funny2006-03-04
From Gyuhang.netgyuhang.net에서 추천받은 '슬플 때 듣는 음악' 들 중 외국 곡, 그 중에서도 찾아진 것들만 모은 리스트2006-02-19
Total Mix Of JamsGuitar Rock Intense Cool Heavy Influence Groove Thunder2006-02-15
PaRtY!Guaranteed Satisfaction.2006-02-16
walkingGrunge, Rock 2006-03-07
Friend's BandsGroups that friends of mine are/were/will be in.2005-12-13
Groovesgroovy, good for chillin and smokin.2005-09-15
New Playlist #1Grillz- Shake that- Humps- Check On It- You Had Me- FACK- Ass Lke - Just Lose- Bitch- Pimp Juice- Hot in Here2006-03-24
countrygrew up on this crap...2005-11-13
90'sgreen day, aerosmith, goo goo dolls, gin blossoms, vertical horizon2006-03-04
Good Green DayGreen Day that is actually good. Most is pre-american idiot2006-02-08
Luck of the IrishGreen Beer, Lots of People, Great Music2006-03-10
Zoegirl - ZoegirlGreat upbeat christian song! 2006-03-15
2005Great tracks I listened to in 2005105-05-14
New JamsGreat songs that I've been listening to lately, some mainstream and some indie, but all good. Check it out.2005-09-15
boys & girlsGreat songs by girls and boys, about girls and boys.2005-10-26
KaskadeGreat SF DJ2005-11-21
RunningGreat Mix to Run To2006-03-17
dianas songsGreat mix of classic country hits, classic rock, 80s and 90s rock. Perfect for a southern young adult in twenties and thirtys, and anyone else with a bit of Nastalgic taste.2006-03-08
Thomas AndersonGreat Indy Music2006-03-08
cindy's dance listGreat dance or workout songs.2006-03-10
Covers By Indie BandsGreat cover songs as performed by great indie bands. 2006-03-18
Acoustic MelancholyGreat acoustic tracks with a melancholy undercurrent.2006-02-05
Cars_JourneyGotta rememeber to turn the Shuffle button on in YME when you play this playlist.2005-11-09
Best of PhilGotta remember to turn Shuffle mode on in YME when playing this playlist2005-11-09
TravisGotta bit of everything. Just no all.2006-02-21
bobsGOT TO GET COMDEY2006-03-01
70's funk fusionGot through another Yahoo member. Thanks!!!2006-02-26
GospelGospel For Da Soul2006-03-09
Slipknot!!GOOOOO SLIPKNOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) and T.I. penguinator penguinator penguinator RULES THE PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2006-03-03
AmandaGood, modern lover's music.2006-03-26
Good TunesGood Tunes2006-04-26
OH YEAHGood Stuff! 2006-02-24
band suggestionsgood songs for a rock band to play2006-03-10
Type O NegativeGood selection of Type O Negative's most "gothic" songs.2006-04-13
Southern RockGood ole southern rock2005-08-21
country drinking musicgood older country2006-03-29
Silverstein - Discovering The Waterfrontgood music. if you dont have it, get it. 2005-11-05
GoodGood music.2005-08-30
my fun stuffgood music!! thats it!:)2006-03-10
old school country good drinking music2006-03-29
Norah JonesGood dinner music2006-03-08
DanceGood dance mix for a great workout2006-03-14
#2Good clean rap! 2006-02-14
Thousand Foot Krutch - Art of Breaking TheGood CD. Is that a chick on the cover or a really skinny guy?2006-02-27
Wes List 1good 'ol rock songs that have great memories2006-04-22
All songsgolfinginthesun2005-09-08
Goapele & FriendsGoapele, Amel Larrieux, Van Hunt, Jaguar Wright...they are all here to lull you into an abyss of self-reflection, explore the deep winding tunnels of love and return you to the light...ENJOY...2006-02-25
U2 "Everlasting Love"go to itunes to add Everlasting Love, Dancing Barefoot & Trash Trampoline2006-01-27
Gloria EstefanGloria Estefan2005-11-20
Quality "Christian" MusicGive me one cd's worth of music to convince you that not all Christian music bites. Stylistically, this is mostly indie rock and indie folk with a few choice nuggets to spice things up. Two of these are cover songs. Derek Webb covers Bob Dylan's "Every Grain of Sand" and Phil Keaggy covers Van Morrison's "When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God." 2006-02-19
Circuit PartyGive me a three day weekend ... with thousands of beautiful bare chested men ... trail mix ... and water ... I'm good to go! I will ALWAYS remember ... a certain Pres Day Weekend in NYC ... 2000 ... The Roxy (Victor Calderone) ... Limelight (?) ... and Twilo (Junior Vasquez). 2006-02-03
moeGina's Jams2006-02-21
New Playlist #1gfsggrggrgrg2005-12-12
Emo and HardcoreGetting serious2005-11-28
Hip-Hop MixGettin' crunk2006-01-04
Track Meet warmupgets me pumped up before i run2006-02-06
A list for when you get older..Get your head out of the gutter.. these songs are pieces of art!2005-12-14
Strip Club DJGet your hands out of your pants and put them together for Amber on the main stage.2006-02-15
boogie/party songsGet your dance shoes on. Get ready to party! Mix off song to keep you moving.2006-04-01
Party #1Get Down Get Down2006-02-13
Ghetto Booty ShakinGet down and shake that thang2006-02-19
OUTget crunk going out music...2006-03-09
New Playlist #15get crazy with the cheese wiz2006-01-27
Madeline's Musicgeorgia thinks this is the most awesomest playlist in the world and any one who thinks different is a freek and if you don't like corn chips then you are stuped. skool makes yoo sooper smart and by the way i'm writin u can tell i don't go!! i luv salsa and bean dip cuz it makes me fart.LUV GEORGIA<3<3<3 Madeline dawson is the coolest kid i no and she is the most original butter fish in the sea!!!!!! Anyone who doesn't absolutly luv teddy geiger es stupido! madeline <3's troy/ zach efron2005-11-25
George Benson Jazz mix - 1hrGeo Benson Hit streams - 120205_17412005-12-02
TempGeneric Praise and Worship/ Soft Christian Rock Features: Steven Curtis Chapman Rebecca St James Bethany Dillon Jaci Velasquez Third Day (predominantly Steven Curtis Chapman right now, always growing) Recommend turning Shuffle and Repeat on for that true Internet Radio feel.2006-03-06
Gay Hip-HopGay Hip-Hop artists are starting to break out. A niche market to be sure. Check them out here.2006-02-17
Gay AnthemsGay Anthems2006-02-14
Music Videos by Garth Jennings Garth Jennings recently directed the feature film, "A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", but he got his start doing music videos. This playlist features songs that Mr. Jennings created a music video for. Includes Badly Drawn Boy, Fatboy Slim, Pulp, Eels, Blur, R.E.M. Supergrass and more.2006-01-09
Christian RockGabriel's Christian Rock2005-12-05
G3 Concert clips mix from Sach's SiteG3 Apr '04 Concert mix clips from Joe's site Voodoo Child - Steve Little Wing - Joe Rockin' In the Free World - Joe Red House - Yngwie2005-11-28
FusionFUSION: A merging of diverse, distinct,or separate Elements into a Unftied Whole2006-03-15
New Playlist #1Funniest Country Songs2006-03-10
radio playlistFunn play list2006-04-13
Tracy Bonham - Blink the Brightestfunky2005-12-15
PartyFun party songs.. Great for weddings, beach parties, or anytime you want fun, well known, upbeat, dancable stuff. Not too black, not too white, and a mix of genres.2006-01-05
yessica songsfun music2005-09-19
For the girlsFun mix with some new songs!2006-04-27
My Industrial RootsFun fact: At one point in the early 90s, when grunge was happening, I was wearing a leather biker jacket, ripped slacks held together with safety pins, and a really horrible mohawk. Why? Because of these bands. 2005-12-02
Block Party!Full LP2006-03-27
Get to the GYMfrom warm-up to cool down... this is how to get your a** moving at the gym2006-01-19
Songs about children or celebrating childrenFrom the Arts & Faith "Songs about children..." thread.
Mojo Collection - The 50sFrom Sinatra to Mingus, the most important popular music records of the 50s, according to Mojo Magazine's book, "The Mojo Collection".2005-12-24
SoundgardenFrom BadMotorFinger to Out of Exile; My favorite SG AS and Chris Cornell2006-04-27
L.A.'s Top 100From an article of the same name by Steve Erickson which appeared in the November 2001 issue of Los Angeles Magazine and in the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2002 anthology. 105-05-17
Volume 2: Chicken and the Egg (These Came First)From "Hound Dog" to "Hallelujah" - original versions of 21 more songs you probably thought were first done by other artists.2006-03-19
Friday MixFriday Work Music: Music to get ready for the weekend!2006-04-14
The Friday Lounge SessionsFriday Night Lounge Session: Open a bottle of wine and invite some friends over for some conversation and quiet background noise.2006-03-03
3Friday afteroon.2006-04-14
French / English cover versions and vice versaFrench / English or English / French Cover versions2006-03-03
Aaron's JunkFor whenever!2005-11-14
Scratching a string to make silenceFor when words are too much and not enough, and evening is too bright and the night too sharp and the air in front of your eyes is an echo of half drunk chocolate...2006-02-20
johnny cash UltramixFor those who thought they've heard all the Man in Black had to offer.2005-11-25
Rude AwakeningFor those mornings when you need a swift kick in the head to wake up. 2006-03-08
cube alert 'red'for those days when i really, really need to block out everyone & everything105-05-12
Sofa spud dronin'For the couch-slouchers(hence the playlist-name) like me- who can sit staring at nothing (ok, I admit wall/roof) while listening to easy music......................2006-02-16
Songs for a Rainy DayFor the cold old rainy Georgia days, a little of everything to warm the heart and to sing along with.2006-02-25
Los Invasores (MM Purchased, Expired License)For testing, made public on 12/22/05, tracks originally purchased from within MM, These tracks are not available in the YMU catalog and so you can't play them unless you have a local copy on your computer.2005-12-22
African remixFor playing at party.For haveing fun2006-03-05
BUG Mafia - 4everFor every one. You now how it"s your real life. Ok! Now you now! <<> Romania...2006-03-06
my moodFor Chillin by my self2006-02-08
TECHNO FUNCKFor all the dancin' freaks out there!!!2006-03-27
New Jersey Bands For a state that gets teased an awful lot, New Jersey has given the world its fair share of great bands. You can hear 30 of them in this playlist.2006-02-11
New Jersey BandsFor a state that gets teased an awful lot, New Jersey has given the world it's fair share of great music. From icons like Bruce Sprinsteen, The Misfits and Bon Jovi to alt/indie heroes like Yo La Tengo, The Smithereens and My Chemical Romance to Rap stars like Queen Latifah and Naughty By Nature. This playlist is an excellent sampling of Jersey bands.2006-01-10
Incredibly great songsFlat out, undisputable classics. E-mail me with others that you think are deserving.2006-04-05
deejay_Live1_Nov29First Public Shared Playlist. 72 YMU stream tracks. ------ Created by ML2005-11-29
jerry1first play 2005-10-10
my first yahoo playlistFirst group of songs I played after downloading Yahoo Music Engine2006-02-26
BeatZFirme Beatz 2006-03-07
The Thistle & ShamrockFiona Ritchie has been hosting the NPR distributed "Thistle & Shamrock" celtic radio show from Perthshire, Scotland for over 20 years. She has a knack for finding the very best in Irish and Scottish music. This playlist contains artists that have been featured on the show.2006-01-17
Broken HeartFeeling sad and lonely? Wallow in the grief and savor the moment with these tunes! Let me know if you are seeking a particular tune or know of a song that deserves to be heard by the desperate and dejected!2006-02-28
Sad songsFeeling down? These songs will help you wallow in your misery.2005-10-12
Live_olo1_Feb062006_SteveGreen200Feb. 06, 2006. 200 YMU of Steve Green on non subscriber account. All are 30-sec clips.2006-02-06
New Playlist #1fdsgdsfgfdsgdfsgdsfg2005-12-12
Big Star -- greatest missesfavs from Big Star, including the 2005 "in space" CD and 90s-vintage "Live" thing, which I played more than perhaps any living human aside from the engineers.2006-02-07
DefaultFavorites Mix2006-01-20
Favorites - Feb06favorite songs of the moment, in February 2006. Mix of country, punk, pop. 2006-02-09
Extreme PopFavorite pop songs.2006-03-08
Favorite Indie MusicFavorite indie music. No more than 3 songs per band.2006-02-27
rockfave February indie songs2005-12-22
Fateful Decent DessertFATEFUL = FUTUREheads DECENT = MODEST Mouse DESSERT = CAKE2006-02-14
HardAtWorkFaster stuff to get you through your work day.2006-01-08
Fast Game MusicFast Paced Rock, to get ya in the mood for games like Counterstrike and Battlefield2006-02-16
Tony Hawk's Demolition RadioFamous skater dude Tony Hawk, has his own radio show on Sirius Radio channel 28 on Tuesdays at 7PM EST. It's called Demolition Radio and it's a mix of punk, hip-hop, metal, classic alternative, heavy alternative and once in a while, none of the above. This is 3+ hour playlist of songs Tony has played on the show.2006-01-12
FOB, AAR, Weezer, TK, etc.Fall Out Boy, Weezer, All-american Rejects, The Killers, Greenday, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, etc.2006-02-27
Dance MixF**kin' A Music!!!!2006-04-12
KrautrockerExperimental rock music like that produced by German bands in the 70s.2006-02-13
Treadmill Stepper Public 1Exercise for treadmill, stepper or spinning. Mostly classic rock with some Ace of Base dance.2006-02-28
matty's mp3 songsexactly 77 songs teenage paradise2006-03-04
scotty'severything, 80's 90's, bom jovi to danzig. 2005-08-28
Joes Songseverything 2006-03-17
Songs By HammersEveryone knows the posterboy who represents a meteoric rise to fame followed by and equally meteoric fall, MC Hammer, but are you familiar with the other musical Hammers floating out in the YMU universe? No? Well I got 'em for ya right here.2006-01-25
Ode To The SalesmanEveryone knows someone who sells something. This playlist if just for them. 2006-01-18
matt 1Everying from rock to comedy2006-02-18
Ode To The DolphinEverybody loves dolphins, they're smart, cute, fun, blah, blah, blah. If you love dolphins as much as most teenage girls, check this playlist out. It pays homage to our water-dwelling equals.2006-01-31
Superstars of CountryEver see that informercial for all those country songs? Here they are2006-01-08
Hip Hopesso2006-02-19
WeezerEssential rock!2006-01-29
Erika JamsERIKA JAMS2006-03-16
70's Funk FusionEntering the 1970s, we see interesting electric trends originating from the Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" sessions. Keyboardists are experimenting with electric pianos and hammond organs while bassists are injecting funky, percussive, hard-driving bass lines. This playlist explores this 70s evolutionary step.2006-02-03
LudesEnough here to put ya to sleep if you have one of them modern boring personalities. Go Zzzzs!2006-02-24
The Sweet Vibrations Sessions v3.0Enjoy an old mix2006-03-10
I don't know what to call this oneenjoy2006-02-28
Best Independent Album Releases of 2005Emusic conducted a writers poll this year to determine the top 50 independent album releases of 2005. Yahoo Music Unlimited has the vast majority of them. This playlist contains these fine albums. In total, it's 366 tracks or 23 hours and 17 minutes of the hippest music of the past year.2006-01-02
.emot'nil twisEmot'nil Twis Progres'vly Worse Tearborn2006-01-22
emoemo rox theres nothing else to it!2006-04-16
80s alternative, indy rockEmail me with any suggestions or comments. I have close to 40 public playlists, so I hope you enjoy them. This playlist is my personal favorite.105-05-30
old bubblegumEmail me with any comments or suggestions. I have nearly 40 public playlists available for your listening enjoyment, almost all of which are better than this one.105-05-30
70s rockEmail me with any comments or suggestions. I have close to 40 public playlists avaialble for your listening enjoyment, including 60s rock, old school metal, 90s rock, and rock sounds of today. 105-06-18
Playlist 3ELP 22006-01-15
Playlist 2ELP 12006-01-21
Steve Kim & ELOELO LIVES2005-11-23
Steve Kim & XanaduELO and XANADU 80's ROCK!2005-11-23
Elledge Playlist 1Elledge Playlist 12006-03-20
Blips and BlopsElectronic, ambient, IDM, etc.2006-02-13
State of MineEclectic, AAA format compliation. 2006-03-08
Folk and Suprise!Eclectic selection of music, some folk, little suprises thrown in now and again; The Lovecats, Pensylvania Polka or Eva Cassidy's version of Woodstock. It may all be an excuse to throw Notorious B.I.G. in the mix?2006-04-20
can you dig it??!!eclectic mix of some of my favs!! sit back and enjoy the madness.....2006-03-09
OunceEclectic as an ounce of pain, pleasure, and ecstasy spread on a bun.2006-02-23
Eazy-EEazy-E Playlist2006-04-21
jenny"s shiteazy-e2006-03-01
RisqueEasy-listening sorts with breezy, indelicate suggestions and sometimes wicked melodies.2006-02-19
Rat Pack & moreEasy to listen to while at work.2006-02-08
EasyEasy listening, very calm and relaxed playlist, good to listen without losing the focus2005-10-03
New Playlist #1Easy Listening2006-03-12
Easy ListeningEasy listening2006-04-19
New JamsEasy Listening2006-04-27
earworm 2.1earworms to stick in your head. 2005-08-30
60s Oldies mix -1hrEarly 60s oldies hits - 1hr 2m -120205_17302005-12-02
eaglesEagles Song2006-03-26
летний дождьлетний дождь2006-03-25
dvddvd music2006-04-23
Elizabethtown: The Hidden PlaylistsDuring the road trip scene in the film Elizabethtown there are glimpses of a mix CD track listing. These are songs from that listing.2006-02-20
Totally Awesome Musikaz.Dude, This is the coolest playlist EVER.2006-03-16
New Playlist #6dsfgfdgdfsgsd2005-12-12
New Playlist #8dsfgdfsgdfsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #3dsfgdfgdfsgsdf2005-12-12
New Playlist #12dsfgdfgdfgdfsgdfsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #13dsfgdfgdfgdfgdfsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #11dsfgdfgdfgdfgdfgsdfg2005-12-12
New Playlist #7dsfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfs2005-12-12
DefaultDreamy, emotive progressive rock ballads2005-08-29
Dinner Party - DowntempoDowntempo music, background for dinner party2006-03-04
blax traxDown and Dirty Ditties by Basic Black Bruthas. 105-05-25
Spaz MasterDorky and fun.2006-02-13
Jagged Edge HardDon't sound like the other CD's2006-04-04
Cartel & Hit the LightsDon't Knock the Hustle Tour 2006. These are the tracks Yahoo has available from this tour, kicking off May 11, 2006. Cartel & Hit the Lights are awesome, I can't wait to see them in concert! The Ransom album tracks are on yahoo, but you'll have to browse Cartel to see them.2006-04-27
Don Henley - Building The Perfect BeastDon't be a henley hatah. 2006-02-13
robs tunesdollerhydes indie faves2006-04-18
Birthday SongsDo you wish you had something different to sing other than the "Happy Birthday" song on your birthday? I certainly do. The good news is that you don't have to stick to that same old song year after year. This playlist has a slew of great birthday related tracks to choose from.2005-12-13
Watch me suffocate off your putrid hateDo you feel pissed off right now, well feed it and get more pissed off at those A-holes who are making you angry. We got all the tools so express them and check out our list. Hatefully yours Dead and dumb.2006-03-01
HouseDo the house2006-03-06
Happy Fun BallDo not taunt happy fun ball.2006-02-13
Misty Lane's Do not mess with my play list and I know your thinking about it.2006-03-08
party-mix1DMD-party1-mix party dance 2005-10-11
RevMarkJames.ComDiverse collection from www.revmarkjames.com2006-03-02
New Playlist #1Diverse collection from "the SPIRIT radio".2006-03-02
DishwallaDishwalla, an album by Dishwalla.2006-02-16
Dinosaur Jr.Dinosaur Jr.2005-12-22
My Differant StylesDifferent stuff I like2006-03-08
Radiohead coversDid you know that the first track on Hanson's latest live album is a Radiohead cover? Check out this playlist of all Radiohead covers. 2006-03-23
New Playlist #4dgdfgdfgdfsgsdg2005-12-12
DesibeatsDesibeats - a short introduction to Eastern flavors by way of the West. If this doesn't want to make you get up and dance in your cubicle, it will have failed :-)2006-03-16
Ciara'sDeppressed, lonely, angry, or anytime.. Just the good stuff!2005-09-22
Depeche Mode RemixesDepeche Mode has released piles of remixes over the course of their career. This playlist squeezes them down to a managable 22 tracks. Some of the best spins on their greatest hits.2006-01-18
Afterdark SFDeep Groovy House from SF2005-08-15
Daphne'sDdanzig, DRI, Ramones, Manson, Zombie, Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Newlydeads2006-03-09
christaindc talk, frontline, zoegirl, toby mac, newsboys, sixspence none the richer, david crowder band, third day, staci orico2006-03-04
momsDazed and Confused2006-02-21
Best New AltDave's own special brand of new and newish alternative music... melodic, powerful, perhaps energenic2006-03-14
songs that got us through the 70'sDave Mason, Stones, Santana, Van Morrison,Southside Johnny, etc.2006-02-26
The Dance Sessions v1.0Dance Sessions - 01.21.062005-12-29
Bertha's Housedance like no one is watching ...2006-01-08
Pheal The Sun 05 MixtapeDance and electronic from 2005. I think it flows ok for not having any crossfade. Let me know what you think - let's be community! 2005-12-29
Dance-MP3 PlayerDance 2/25/20062006-02-25
aloha dad memorial musicDads memorial music for service2006-04-05
dadDad's Playlist for the St. Patricks Day Party 20062006-02-27
List Oneda knees2006-02-22
RCA PrioritiesCurrent RCA priorities.2006-01-30
Dance MixCurrent Random Electronica/Dance Mix from the Library2006-02-20
Countrycurrent country2006-01-09
CrushingCrushing hits 2005-07-17
Little Slivers of CRunkjuicecrunktime music2006-02-09
Live_YMU235_Feb012006_ChristianCreated on Feb. 01, 2006. 235 YMU tracks. Public on Feb. 01, 2006 5:00 PM2006-02-01
Classic new waveCreated on 11-26-05. Renamed 1-06.2005-11-26
mooca5_PL9created and made public on 6feb2006 15:182006-02-06
mooca5_PL8created and made public on 6feb2006 15:172006-02-06
mooca5_PL7created and made public on 6feb2006 15:162006-02-06
mooca5_PL6created and made public on 6feb2006 15:152006-02-06
Happystep1_Public3Created and made public on 5feb2006 11:152006-02-05
Happystep1_Public2Created and made public on 5Feb2006 11:142006-02-05
Happystep1_Public1created and made public on 5Feb2006 11:132006-02-05
Mooca3_PL4_Changecreated and made public on 4feb2006 17:52 name change on 4FEB06 18:112006-02-04
Mooca3_PL3created and made public on 4FEB2006 17:502006-02-04
Happymooca19_PL1Created and made public on 31Jan2006 09:402006-01-31
Happystep2_PL1created and made public on 30Jan2006 23:592006-01-30
Mooca5_PL1_23Nov_21:32created and made public on 23NOV2005-11-23
MOOCA19_PL3_14FEB06created and made public on 14FEB2006.2006-02-14
Johnny CashCreated and made public on 1-30-062006-01-30
Mooca3_PL2_nameChangeCreated and made PUBLIC 4FEB2006 17:49 name change on 4feb2006 18:252006-02-04
Happystep1_Public4Created and made piblic on 5feb2006 11:162006-02-05
Banda El RecodoCreated 11-30-06 in production at 18:112006-01-30
a thousand rock tracksCreated 11-23-05 at 2:30 am. 1005 older rock tracks.2005-11-23
one thousand tracksCreated 11-23-05 at 2:22 am. This playlist contains over 1000 tracks.2005-11-23
The Irish RoversCreated 11-23-05 at 2:07 am. Good old Irish music (42 tracks)2005-11-23
Elvis Presley the KingCreated 11-23-05 at 2:03 am. Over 500 tracks from the King.2005-11-23
San DiegoCreated 11-23-05 at 2:00 am. I had no idea there were so many songs about San Diego. There are 18 tracks in this playlist2005-11-23
La Banda De SinaloaCreated 11-23-05 at 1:56 am. Si no te gusta la banda, no te vas a gustar esta lista de canciones. Arriba Sinaloa! (104 canciones)2005-11-23
AbbaCreated 11-23-05 at 1:50 am. I'm going to max the text out at 500 just to see if it causes any issues. Now is the time for all great men to come to the aid of their country. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. I am not even half-way there yet, this is getting tiring. Right now I am at number 310, no wait a minute, it's changed now to 353, I think I am running out of things to type and I just made it over 420, so i'm going to intentionally keep this a run on sentence so taht I reach2005-11-23
Pink FloydCreated 11-23-05 at 1:46 am. 307 tracks taken from about 21 different Pink Floyd albums (some duplicates are contained in this list)2005-11-23
Jesus Christ SuperstarCreated 11-23-05 at 1:42 am. The 23 tracks are from the original album (1970)2005-11-23
Cracker - Get on With It: The Best ofCracker - The Best of - 20062006-02-20
Cat Stevens CoversCovers of Cat Stevens songs. You'll find these are much easier to get through airport security than real Cat Stevens songs.2006-02-06
Number One Hits of 1967: The CoversCover versions of all the songs that reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1967.2006-04-13
Dads YahooCounty, doo wop, and rock oldies.2005-09-05
Branden's PlaylistCountry Music2006-03-11
New Playlist #1country2006-02-02
marks newcopperhead road steve earle2006-04-23
Da ShizzleCoolio foolio.2006-04-21
Antonio Carlos Jobim CoversCool takes on Tom's greatest.2006-02-27
radiocool stations free music2006-02-12
Raven Symoné - This Is My Timecool song2006-03-15
Smooth........Cool nights, dark rooms- dimly lit and you warm and cozy- lazing out- that's how this playlist makes me feel......................2006-02-27
One to Watch '06Cool new music that is all about '06...2006-01-11
Dinner MusicCool jazz for hot meals.2006-01-03
mmic's picscontinue list2006-04-07
GOOD GIRLS ROCK TOOContent2006-03-15
Gospel/JazzContemporary Jazz and Gospel Mix when your soul needs some spirtual cleansing and soothing.2006-02-10
smooth r n bcontagious-the isley brothers2006-02-28
Tim's PlaylistConsists of mainly rap. There are some oldies, classic rock, and very little country. A little alternative and R&B as well as pop.2005-09-30
Manchester MelancholyConsidering all the great (if gloomy) music that comes out of this city, there must be something in the water in Manchester--that is, the buckets and buckets of rainwater that fall daily upon what many say is not-so-merry olde England's answer to Detroit. Prepare to cry into your black-&-tan as you get all mopey to this Mancunian mood music.2006-02-21
Conjure oneConjure one2006-04-15
Ultimate Madonna 82-06Comprehensive singles collection from the Queen Of Pop2005-11-22
C ChristianCompilation of my favorite Christian music.2005-12-23
jordanCome in! and see for yourself!2006-02-10
Love songsCollection of love songs perfect for weddings2006-02-24
Best of BJMCollecting together some of my favorite Brian Jonestown Massacre songs. Adding more as I find them.2006-02-28
DepressioCollecting some dreadfully melancholy-inducing tracks. I love it.2005-07-30
ColdplayColdplay - Parachutes2006-03-13
Coffee SongsCoffee is loved by all genres of music. Just check out this playlist which puts together songs about coffee from bands as diverse as Black Flag, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Jonathan Richman and more.2006-02-16
CMJ NMR 948CMJ New Music Chart #9482006-02-11
Hip Hop Beats 3Club Hip Hop Beats2006-03-15
Hip Hop BeatsCLub Hip Hop Beats2006-03-15
Hip Hop Beats 2Club Hip Hop Beats2006-03-15
CC2Clearly now2006-03-07
Tango SongsClear the room of furniture, grab your partner, turn this list on and tango!2006-02-10
DanceClassics, Will Smith, and Vanilla Ice2006-04-15
ClassicalClassical greatest hits! A little bit of everything, and they are all playable.2006-02-03
Classic JazzClassic songs with a good feeling and content you wouldn't be ashamed to listen to in front of Grandma. 2005-06-18
Heavy Metal Covers Done AcousticClassic metal tracks covered acoustically. 2006-03-02
Classic JazzClassic Jazz Basics2006-02-06
Nashville1962classic country2005-12-30
Classic Alternative Songs About Nuclear WarClassic 80's Alternative songs written about or that mention nuclear war.2006-04-11
SalsaClasicos de la Salsa Boricua y Cubana2006-03-29
Happy TimeClap your hands. Kick up your heels. Have a good time. That's what I'm talking about.2006-02-16
HouseCJ's House Musc2006-03-15
HymnsChurch music2005-12-21
ChristianChristian Rock!2005-11-30
jesusChristian rock2006-01-23
Praise and WorshipChris Tomlin, Rebecca St. James, Scott Krippayne, Mercy Me, Tree 63, Matthew West, Reuben Morgan2006-03-14
Awesomechris rea, keith urban, celine dion, savage garden, jefferson starship, jon secada, faith hill, enya 2006-03-14
Modern BluesChoice of modern blues2005-10-26
Slicing My Life One Song At A TimeChoice alternative and electronica/downbeat from the late 90s and 00s. From The Beta Band to Royksopp, Ben Harper to The Postal Service, there's a bit of everything here to light your musical fire.2005-12-19
indie chillnesschill, intramental, with a hint of indie rock... featuring deathcab, stars, and matisyahu. good for relaxing to2005-10-25
VinaChill, cool & lay back music for the lover of music. This is for the Lover in you...2006-03-03
Alec & JJ Favoriteschildrens music2005-11-04
The Hot ListCheck This List Every Once In Awhile To See What A Great Artist or Album To Listen To! This week check out: The Postal Service. Great band and sound. Little on the punkish side. Sounds like: Green Day, Blink 182, Old school 80's pop band2006-02-07
LoungeCheck out this cool lounge playist!105-06-27
Y! Music Presents: Relient K's PicksCheck out the unadulterated pop bliss at the heart of Relient K's favorite classics. This Celebrity Playlist is one of the classics. 2006-01-31
Sound alike-1st ten seconds of each songCheck out the first few measures of these two tracks. Pretty similar huh? 105-05-17
Y! Music Presents: Terri Clark's PicksCheck out Terri Clark's deep and diverse infuences in her Celebrity Playlist. 2006-01-31
Produced By Johnny K Check out songs produced by Johnny K, known for his work in the world of Alt Metal.2006-03-09
Produced By Roy Thomas BakerCheck out a sampling of the production work of the producer responsible for the epic "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.2006-02-25
ChateauChateau is for when we are kickin' it back at the lodge.2006-02-19
Mood: CatharticCathartic = Emotionally purging or strongly laxative.2006-02-06
CatchyCatchy tunes.2006-02-13
Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood2006-02-15
STP FavesCarla's STP Faves2006-02-28
Songs For A HangoverCarefully selected tracks for a hangover. Nice and easy, no dramatic buildups or electric guitars, understated drums. Music for your well being and recovery.2006-02-07
OMG goodcant go wrong here2006-02-18
AlternativeCandy's Alternative2005-09-25
W.A. MozartCan't search by composer? Me neither, but here is some Mozart for your ears: Piano sonatas, Piano concerti, Symphonies, Cosi fan Tutte, die Zauberfloete, Don Giovanni, Le nozze di Figaro and a couple others.2005-07-06
Songs That Sample Science Fiction MoviesCan you find the sample and determine the film?2006-04-13
MaudlinCan be the pure-pop or soft-rock ballads- the sentimental (sometimes cheesy) melodies which I like listening to once in a while.2006-02-16
Musicalscalling all Bob Fosse fans...2006-01-10
More StuffCaching Elvis.2005-11-23
Byron Cage MixtapeByron Cage's music uplifts and inspires. I am not a fan of any recording artist, but I do enjoy the ministry of several. I believe God's music belongs to Him and if He inspires, gives the gift of music ability, then He should be glorified and honored, not the vessel He graciously uses.2006-02-16
waxburn ur brain music2006-03-07
New Playlist #30burn cd2006-04-11
LUCIANO PAVAROTTIbuongiorno!!2005-10-31
Brandon's musicBuncha my friends helped me make this playlist, so there is a bit of everything hope you like it, or at least some of it. *ENJOY*2006-02-18
kidsbunch of YMU music that I put together for my kids.2005-09-05
brytianis playlist brytiani jams from when she was like ten 2006-04-23
bryana's tunesbryana's faves2006-04-06
Most Popular Songs - All genresbryana's2006-04-06
test 2brube2006-02-17
davey's 2006 Broncos Rock 20062006-04-16
Streets MixBrittish electronica, The Streets, Postal Service, Modest Mouse, telepopmusik, etc. 2006-03-02
Riding in CarsBring on the Road Trip2006-01-06
ShmuelBrian's Country Slam! Old school with some new stuff that's cool. All Hanks, Tom T. Hall, Ledoux, Haggard and more2006-04-26
Soukous BurningBreathe. Shake Hip. Waggle Fingers. Grin Wide. It's raining. Ingredients: Rooibos, Shuffle and High Volume.2006-02-23
Mood: BravadoBravado = "Defiant or swaggering behavior" The tracks in this playlist are so full of testosterone that they're about to burst with bravado.2006-01-23
Brass MusicBrass Bands--Classical, Jazz, Pop--Empire Brass, Canadian Brass, Dallas Brass and others.2006-04-15
Pagan MusicBlessed Be!2006-02-23
MelancholyBittersweet. It just feels good to feel bad.2005-12-09
Billboard Top 10Billboard Us Top 10 Date: 11/03/20062006-03-11
Guitars at the FillmoreBill Grahm had a knack for setting the scene. Arguably, the 3 best live guitar solos ever recorded were recorded at the Fillmore in NYC over the course of 6 months. Clapton - "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?", Hendrix "Here My Train A Comin" and Duane Allman "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (Dickey's opening solo in the same track only whets your whistle). This is a playlists of guitar greats recorded off the soundboard at the legendary Fillmore auditorium in NYC or San Francisco.2006-03-07
New Playlist - Wed Jan 25 14.58.40 PST 2006Bill Evans Trio, "Portrait in Jazz", 1959. Before he grew that dumbass beard and decided that he wanted to be Jim Morrison he was a really really really good jazz player. 2006-01-25
New Playlist #1bill b's playlist2006-04-22
Abby's 90s SuperHits!Big hits from the 90s!2005-12-19
Songs About BicyclesBicycles have been around since the 19th century and we have loved them ever since. This playlist pays homage to the this glorious people-powered machine.2006-02-04
Mixed SongsBeyonce, Destiny's Child, Natalie, Pretty Ricky, Omarion, Ciara, Dem Franchise Boyz, Mike Jones, Nelly, Ying Yang Twins, Juvenile, Frankie J, Usher, R.Kelly, T-Pain, Baby Bash feat. Akon2006-01-05
Prohibition Era MusicBetween 1919 and 1933 throughout the United States, the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages was illegal. This gave rise to underground clubs called speakeasies, not to mention gangsters like Al Capone. It also produced great music that flappers could shake their scandalously bare arms and legs to. These are songs that were popular during the prohibition era.2006-01-23
Saturday Night SongsBest YMU available songs with "Saturday Night" in the title.2006-03-18
Best JamsBest soul, rnb, blues, hip-hop mix- classic sould and rnb as well as neo soul and some reggae and rap. Etta James...Lauryn Hill...Erykah Badu...D'angelo...etc2006-01-26
Best of Electronicabest songs of dance music105-04-01
Best of Ben Folds (Five)Best Songs From Both Ben Folds, and Ben Folds Five2005-12-09
Best of 2006Best singles of 2006 (so far). (In reverse chronological order)2006-02-17
Best of 2005Best singles of 2005. (In reverse chronological order.)2006-03-16
Best of TMBGBest of TMBG2006-01-03
Neil Strummin'Best of NY acoustic guitar2006-01-11
AtlantaLoungebest of contemporary country.2005-12-27
Best of 2005 - MetacriticBest of 2005 by : the best-reviewed albums of the year.2006-02-13
Best of 2004 - MetacriticBest of 2004 by : the best-reviewed albums of the year2006-02-13
daddys loves songbest music all the time here ...........Baby2006-03-10
best of Switchfootbest hits from rock artist Switchfoot2005-12-01
alternative 1Best alternative rock - last 20 years. Sinead O'Connor to System of A Down2006-03-05
Songs Written By Bert BernsBertrand Russell Berns was one of the great American songwriters and producers of the 1960s. Unfortunatley for the world, Bert died at the young age of 38. He left us many timeless hits like "Twist and Shout", "Piece of My Heart" and "Here Comes The Night" and those don't even begin th scratch the surface.2006-01-20
New Playlist #1Becky's CD2006-03-18
SteffBecause I'm awesome....2005-11-06
1980s CountryBeautifully cheesy. Reminds me of summers with my grandparents.2005-11-22
acoustic gemsBeautiful songs with acoustic guitar. Indie and alt-country. 2006-02-28
Mixed Tape - July '05 - Saturday EveningBeats. Beef. Barbeque.2006-02-10
Essential MixesBBC Essential Mixes from a variety of great DJs: Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Dish, Tiesto, etc.2005-10-05
Mellow Jazz Vocals -3.5HrBasia, Norah Jones, Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Geo Benson, Michael Henderson - 3h 36m 19s - 120505_1510 - Public 1/31/06 changed song order2005-12-05
Left Of CenterBased off Sirius' Channel "26 - Left Of Center"2006-03-24
Everything new for meBascily everything i'm liking right now and i have a billion playlists cause well... i listen to music alot of it doesn't make sence to dealte the whole thing... oh just so you know.. i got everything here rap but the pink pather theme.. dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun You must be really bored if your reading this. or maybe your just a nerd with nothing better to do because the ladys/men hate you cause your a nerd with nothing to do but read stuff i'm writing fat man.. heheheheh2006-02-13
Barsuk Records SamplerBarsuk Records (pronounced bar SOOK) is the russian word for "badger" and this small Seattle label helped launch Death Cab For Cutie into the "mainstream". This playlist contains artists who are or have been on the Barsuk label. Excellent stuff all the way through.2006-01-25
barosani manelelorbarosani2006-03-20
Barb's songsbarb's songs 1#2006-03-04
New Playlist #1BARB'S SONGS 1#2006-03-04
barbara sBARB'S SONGS2006-03-12
No Hit Critical DarlingsBands with immense critical acclaim and influence who haven't had top any top 40 hits.2006-02-25
ballsballs balls balls2006-02-07
All Purpose Shower MixBaby shower, bridal shower, whatever the shower here is the playlist. This mix has been perfected after a wave of showers have swept through my house. This one will have them grooving past the buffet table and through the endless unwrapping of presents. 2005-09-17
slow jamzBaby Makin Music2006-01-22
Chris Tomlin - Here I Am To Worshipawesome song2006-03-14
SUper Songsawesome music!!!! mostly like coldplay, kelly clarkson, simple plan.... some random good songs!2005-08-23
DeliriousAwesome band. OK CD.2006-02-18
My Type of MusicAwesome2006-03-21
cdbaby doesn't suckAvailable for $5 from The tracks in the list are not necessarily representative, so I recommend selecting View Album Page rather than playing this list.2006-03-02
AbstractAssortment of those which work at dual levels- most of the times the lyrics are good enough to be paid attention to.2006-02-16
zz topass kickin blues 2006-03-09
New Playlist #14asfsdfsdfsdf2005-12-12
New Playlist #15asfsdfsdfsdaf2005-12-12
fsfdsfd & dsadsaasdsadsa2005-12-13
Random stuff I foundasdsadasd2005-11-23
Best of BowieAs it says... the best of Bowie.2006-03-21
grey's anatomyAs good as the show Grey's Anatomy is, I think their music selection is even better. Here's a selection of my favorite songs from the show.2005-10-31
Newport Folk Festival 2005Artists who performed at the famous Newport Folk Festival in 2005.2006-02-18
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Weekend 2Artists who are scheduled to perform on the second weekend of the 2006 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.2006-02-21
artists from the bay areaartists from the bay area that I saw live lately and really enjoyed mmmmh, i would like to add some more but cannot find them on Yahoo! Music2006-02-28
COACHELLA 2006 - Day 1Artists from the 2006 Coachella Lineup, day 1. I am soooo psyched for this year.2006-01-31
COACHELLA 2006 - Day 2Artists from Coachella 2006 Day 22006-01-31
Forbidden Broadway: SVU (Vol. 8)Artist: Forbidden Broadway Album: Special Victims Unit (Vol. 8) April 16, 20062006-04-16
Artemis Records SamplerArtemis Records is an independent record label started in 1999 by industry veteran Danny Goldberg. As this playlist shows, they are all over the map when it comes to genre and quality.2006-02-09
Arjan's Favorites of 2005Arjan from's favorite songs of 2005, in decending order. Does not include 2 remix tracks.2006-01-03
Produced By Arif Mardin Arif Mardin is a legendary producer and arranger who was born in Istanbul, Turkey and has worked many years as a house producer for Atlantic Records. His projects have been very diverse and he has an almost uncountable number of hits under his belt. This playlist will give you a good overview of his career to date.2006-02-06
Blues Christmas SongsAre you who are sick to death of the incessant drone of popular holiday music polluting our airwaves? Well, these are Christmas songs as performed by some of the great blues masters. Includes John Lee Hooker, BB King, Sonny Boy Williamson, Tampa Red, Blind Blake, Charley Jordan and more.2005-12-13
Songs For An Italian DinnerAre you ordering pizza tonight? Why not kick it up a bit? Just add a red and white checkered tablecloth, a basket-bottle of Chianti and this musical selection. It's sure to make pizza or italian dinner night at your house exponentially more memorable.2006-01-02
Blue roses and Black blossoming hate.Are you full of beautiful hate and sorrow? Wel if you are come fly with me, because I'm everywhere. Hatefully Yours Dead and dumb 2006-03-05
AddictedAre You Addicted? This playlist is for you...2005-12-29
HaHaHaHaHa! GotchaApril Fools2006-04-01
GrungeAnyone else miss the days of grunge?2006-02-09
KNAK SIXanother set of alt/indie tracks I've added to my playlist. Check out the fuller description at, where you can also find links to my other playlists. -dnak (december 2005) 2005-12-07
Todd Rundgren Is DeadAnother recommended songs playlist with Todd Rundgren peppered throughout. I'm not reall digging Our Hero. Good playlist overall, just need to weed out the dandelions.2005-12-19
DamagedAngry, depressed, mental problems, bad relationships2005-11-22
Something differentAnd now for something totally diffrent.2006-03-15
PraiseAnd God is great.... a work in progress.2006-01-08
Tim's WorklistAn ongoing list of some worship type songs that seem to connect with me, yet don't distract me while i'm studying2006-02-28
Beatles CoversAn ongoing collection of Beatles covers2005-10-15
Ode To JupiterAn ode to the largest planet in our solar system. A gas giant. Jupiter.2006-03-21
Introducing tobyMacAn introduction to the music of Toby McKeehan, AKA tobyMac. Note: the DC Talk album Free at Last was orginally released in 1992.2005-12-13
Bands From Athens, GAAn impressive number of great bands have come out of the college town of Athens, GA. It started back in the late 70s and arly 80s when The B-52s, R.E.M., Pylon and Love Tractor were formed in the city. The critical acclaim these bands received helped shine a light on the city and more musicians moved in. Great music continues to be made in Athens to this day.2006-01-21
80's SongbookAn endless John Hughes movies, except with subtitles.2005-12-30
It's All GoodAn eclectic mix through multiple generations including rock, new wave, punk, funk, folk with a slight lean toward the 70-80s.2006-02-27
ashley 1an awesome song. it describes me when andrew and ben are buggin me.2006-02-18
Belliveau's MixAn assortment of songs I enjoy.2005-08-12
Influence Chain #1 - The Alarm To Guy LombardoAn "Influence Chain" is a playlist that starts with any song by any artist, in this case "The Stand" by the Alarm. The next song in the list is by an artist who influenced the previous artist and so on. This influence chain starts with the Alarm and traces back to Guy Lombardo.2006-01-02
Jam Based in a JarAmerican Jam bands are breaking down barriers quicker than pundants can invent new buzz words. Hear what I am talking about here.2006-02-13
ProductiveAmbient work music2006-01-26
Ambient JamsAmbient Jams2006-02-19
Great femalesAmazing Female singers and songwriters.2006-02-28
princeam i missing an album?2005-09-02
80s girls are hotAlways playin that top 40 crap... SCREW YOU DJ!2006-03-02
Genesis Archives Vol 1 DistilledAlthough the entire boxed set is essential, this is a satisfying distillation of the collection that will thrill you while still keeping to your budget.2006-03-24
FlopsAlthough I really enjoy most of the music in this playlist and am very happy it was created, my guess is that these releases cost the record labels far more than they recouped.2005-10-14
The Birth of Rock and RollAlthough hotly debated among music historians, Rolling Stone magazine recently crowned "That's All Right (Mama)" by Elvis Presley as the very first Rock & Roll song. The opposition believes that the title should go to "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets. In reality, all genres of music evolve without any specific moment of creation. Bestowing the title "1st Rock & Roll" song gives credit where it is not deserved. This playlist gives a true snapshot of the "birth of Rock & Roll".2005-12-21
Talking Heads Reissues - Rare TracksAlternate versions, outtakes and unreleased songs from the 3 classic Talk Heads re-releases.2006-02-16
Led Zeppelin CoversAlong with the Beatles, Led Zeppelin is the biggest gap in music subscription services. Maybe one day we can get the Led out with Yahoo Music Unlimited, but in the meantime, this 31 track playlist of nothing but Zeppelin covers should keep you happy. Especially good is Maktub's version of "No Quarter" and Zappa's take on "Stairway To Heaven".2006-01-04
Classic Rock LiveAlmost 7 hours of live classic rock. These are some of the most recognizable AOR hits by the biggest classic rock Gods available on Yahoo Music Unlimited, but every track is a live version. 2006-01-13
Allmusic "track picks" on 5 star "album picks."2006-03-04
Allen EdwardsAllen Edwards God and Country2006-03-08
Neil Young Favesall time most amazing neil. no awful hip hop song remakes of old man found in the following mix2006-04-15
Rock Gone BIGAll these songs should have you jumping around, playing air guitar, and lip synching. But I chose the occasional lighter then usual. Hope you like it.2005-09-19
stuff that gets on my nervesall these songs or bands rub me the wrong way. usually they feel overhyped or too cool for school. 2006-02-08
Me & My PastAll These songs are about somethings that reminds me of myself, or of people, places, or things that I have done. And what I have been through.2006-02-07
Sound effectsAll the Star Trek sound effects you ever wanted and then some...2006-02-15
Poverty SongsAll the songs in this 3 hour playlist have something to do with poverty. Bluegrass, country, rock, rap, r&b, pop and folk are represented.2006-01-02
High School Musical All the songs from the disney movie "high school musical." i hope ya like it! 2006-02-27
Different StuffAll the songs Alon told me to download.2006-01-07
80'sAll the good stuff.2006-02-07
EverythingAll the bullshit I like, everything frome Tenacious D.-Beyonce-Nine Inch Nails-Weezer, so literally everything. Basically just shit from my musical world.2006-02-10
Fav. SongsAll the best. Comin' to you from my hizzouse2006-02-24
My FavsAll the best of course. To lounge, party, drinking, after work and cruisin.2005-10-31
Greatest hitsAll the best music that I could possibly get together in one list. Just because the artist isn't here, doesn't mean they aren't great. This is just simply my most prefered listenings. Hope you like it. I might make another list like it, and put in all the artist that weren't on this one in it. XP This list ain't for no disco fan. Also, I threw some modern ones that I'm sure in twenty years will be greatest hits. At the bottom. Enjoy.2006-02-19
i love jesusAll that is rock, punk ska, and good2005-12-27
Coachella 2006All that I could find for the Coachella bands 2006-02-03
kids alternativeall sorts of kids music that I heard about on npr from this guys blog: http://zooglobble.blogspot.com2006-04-07
Sunday SongsAll songs on this list are about Sunday.2006-03-30
KKKKK_Dec2_rightsall should hav rights except one2005-12-02
Non English HitsAll of these songs were popular in America, but were not sung in English. An accomplishment that is very hard to reach indeed. 2006-02-08
The Most Played Songs of 1999All of these songs were in the top 50 of Billboards "Hot 100 Singles Airplay" chart in 1999. Meaning these are the tracks that were force fed to you through radio. They should bring you back to the time when you couldn't believe the year 2000 was coming.2006-01-19
mommy' mixesall of these songs i enjoy listening to.2006-02-27
Number One Hits of 1977All of these songs hit the number one spot on the US charts in 1977.2006-02-19
Number One Hits of 1987All of these songs hit number one on the U.S. charts in 1987.2006-02-28
Number One Hits of 2005All of these songs hit number one in the U.S. in the year 2005.2006-02-20
Songs For Girls Named LisaAll of the songs in this playlist are about or inspired by girls named Lisa. Send it to a Lisa in your life! The most famous "Lisa" is probably the "Mona Lisa", a painting by da Vinci. Second is probably Lisa Simpson. Make sure to check out my "Mona Lisa" playlist as well.2006-01-02
Truck stops and statelines tourAll of the bands on Truckstops and Statelines tour!2006-03-14
The Cure: AcousticAll of the Acoustic tracks from The Cure's 2001 "Greatest Hits" release.2006-01-16
Songs A-ZAll of my songs in ABC order...a little bit of everything2006-04-12
FionaAll of Fiona's music from Y! Unlimited. 2006-01-28
neosoulAll my natural bro.s & sis.s...PEACE2006-03-17
Zen 4/26all my favs2006-04-26
MmadonnathonAll my favorite Madonna songs in one place.2005-11-22
all genres!!!!ALL MUSICK!!!!!2006-03-29
Jack JohnsonAll Jack Johnson2006-02-26
2006 Indie rockAll indie! All '06! That is, all these albums are released in '06 - none of this "late 2005" crap. Play this one through your lame computer speakers and crank the volume until things completely distort. That's indie!2006-03-01
stuff1All I have to say is the recommendations of Yahoo! are FAR better than the ones I got from iTunes stupid Pandora/Music Genome project. I think the only genres Pandora would be good for are ones where you can't easily tell the difference between artists... so basically electronic/trance/dance stuff. This playlist is far from perfect as far as my musical tastes go, but for spending 15 minutes on it, it's not horrible.2006-03-26
Personal FavoritesAll Genres2006-02-12
EJAll Elton John... my favorites.2006-02-16
All Depeche ModeAll Depeche Mode, Martin Gore Solo, Dave Gahan Solo, Recoil (Alan Wilder's Project)2006-03-07
safranekqa-play3all coldplay2006-02-17
safranekqa-play1all coldplay2006-02-17
Paste Magazine SamplersAll available tracks that have appeared on Paste Magazine Samplers, from issue 1 to the current issue (20). 2006-02-18
mudvyneall about MUDVAYNE 2006-03-04
Songs Inspired By LiteratureAll 50 tracks in this playlist were inspired by literature. It's a very listenable, yet eclectic collection. If you're well read you'll be able to figure out which book inspired each song as you listen.2006-01-11
Home on the HighwaysAlison Krauss greatest hits2006-02-08
Celebrity Playlist: YellowcardAlbums selected by Sean Mackin and Ryan Mendez of Yellowcard for as "Music You Should Hear".2006-04-18
Celebrity Playlist: Rosanne CashAlbums selected by Rosanne Cash for as music you should hear.2006-03-19
Discover albumsAlbums I am checking out2006-01-20
AidaAida (Original Cast) Soundrack2006-02-12
1015 - Main RoomAhhh ... I can see it now ... once upon a time ... a very long time ago ... Spundae ... on a three day weekend ... in the main room ... trance ... progressive house ... sweeping blue lights ... hot go-go girls ... and sweaty sweaty SWEATY freaks getting their DANCE ON!!! 2006-02-09
wednesdayAh Wednesday sick for a week and a little down. Makes you feel better2006-04-19
New Playlist #15agsagsfdgsdfgsdag2005-12-12
New Playlist #10agfgfsdagafsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #11agfgafasgfsgg2005-12-12
New Playlist #14agfdgfdgavfsdafsd2005-12-12
New Playlist #12agfagfagsagfsgsfg2005-12-12
Mixed Tape - July '05 - Saturday MorningAfter breakfast. Book in hand. A moment alone. Warm sunshine. Favourite chair. 2006-02-10
Affect or EffectAffect or Effect? You Decide!2006-03-06
Aerosmith Top 20Aerosmith's Top 20 songs in Launch2005-09-23
Mood: Fieryadj. 1. Of, or relating to fire. 2. Burning or glowing 3. Easily ignited 4. Hot or inflamed 5. Spirited or filled with emotion2006-02-11
New Playlist #2adgfgfgfasdg2005-12-12
New Playlist #13adgfdgfagfgfadsg2005-12-12
New Playlist #9adgfdagdfag2005-12-12
AdamAdam is such a LOOSER!2005-10-10
Cliffacoustic punk and country2005-12-28
Guitar MusicAcoustic guitar heaven for a calming atmosphere at work or relaxing at home.2006-01-15
ChillinAcid Jazz Mix2006-02-21
Feathered HairAbsolutely the stupidest songs ever2005-11-29
aa #1aaaaaaa2006-03-16
CedricTL82A.K.A. Red Playlist is Detecated to Rev.G.T.Harewood and Curtis L. Tillman2006-04-02
maggies playlista wonderful playlist dedicated to one of my best friends, maggie- shes soo cool! everyone should get to meet a person like her.2005-11-27
good songsa wide variety of music i like2006-02-28
juegos de amorA very sexy playlist en diferentes idiomas. 2005-10-06
Love Is Many Cover VersionsA variety of covers of the 50s standard.2006-02-02
Merry ChristmasA variety of christmas music from Jazz to Gospel to Country.2006-02-10
looking at Elvisa stray search for a Misfits tune turned up their song "20 eyes", and then I thought of the Elvis Presley song "suspicious minds", and that turned into this. 2006-02-01
Steely Dan's BestA Steely Dan fan's favs.2006-02-16
A Zombie Apocalypse PlaylistA soundtrack for when Zombies attack from the Village Voice.2006-02-16
Anthony HamiltonA soulful throwback to the old days, Anthony Hamiton2006-02-16
80s KicksA slice of the 80s with just a hint of ska flavor. 2005-11-14
Female SinglesA single song from many of my favorite female artists.2006-03-06
ExcellentA selection of the best music that I have listened to.2006-03-01
RockitA selection of rock from the 80s....2005-11-26
RemixesA selection of great remixes, with some original songs presented side-by-side.2005-11-12
Anna's WorkoutA real workout mix.2006-03-05
Jack MontgomeryA Playlist with classics and new rock + hip - hop/ rap. Exactily what is cool!2006-02-16
my songsa playlist of songs i love..mostly slow jams so if you dont like that bye bye if you do enjoy 2006-02-26
Barking Mad, I Presume?A playlist of recent fun indie-ish pop-ish stuff. Late 2005 and even some 2006 pre-releases.2006-01-04
Palindrome SongsA palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backward as it does forward. This playlist contains only songs whose title is a palindrome. To make the list, the title needed to be at least 5 characters in length, with one exception. The lead off track is "Bob" by Weird Al Yankovic, which is a song composed completely of palindromic phrases.2006-01-01
cd01a nice way to get psyched for a race2006-02-19
Still Not CuredA musical journey of love - found and lived and lost. Soundtrack provided by THE CURE.2006-03-19
Mixed Tape - July '05 - Saturday AfternoonA mix tape, created for friends, songs that sound great, drinking a beer, feet dangling off the dock into the lake. 2006-02-10
Mommy'sA mix of the 80's 90's and a bit of the 70's thrown in for good measure.2005-12-04
Chill Chick SingersA mix of some of my favorite female vocalists, mostly with a mellow flair, but a little rock to pick it up a notch.2005-10-20
From BrazilA mix of new and old Brazilian music.2006-03-07
Andys A mix of music you wouldn't believe.2006-02-23
Reggae/RBA mix of modern Reggae, Reggae rap, and R&B2006-04-23
Kaiser ChiefsA mix of Kaiser Chiefs b-sides2006-03-04
UpbeatA mix of great beats from Deep Dish, Fatboy Slim, the Chemical Brothers, and other great artists.2005-11-12
Bring on the HouseA mix of good house tracks - I plan to play around with this one quite a bit so stay tuned.2005-11-12
April 14, 2006a mix of everything2006-04-14
Trip Hop/Downtempo/Ambient/Trance/Occasional Rock/World ElectronicaA mix of Ambient, Trip Hop, World Electronica, and Trance.2005-12-04
New Playlist #1A mix of all sorts of CRAP.2006-03-06
hiA MIX 2006-03-13
Celestial SeaA mere documentation now. So be it. It was great then, and that's all that mattered.2006-01-01
Taco PlaylistA lovely playlist dedicated to the greatest food of all time.... Tacos2006-02-23
80s Covers: AcousticA lot of time went into this one. These are covers of some of the most memorable songs from the 1980s, but they are all acoustic versions, so it has excellent continuity.2006-02-09
20 Essential Reggae ArtistsA lot of people are familiar with Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and Toots & The Maytals. Almost everyone loves Bob Marley. However, there are other Reggae greats you need to be familiar with. This playlist contains what I feel are the top 20 Reggae bands to ever record music.2006-01-24
Sex Machine: A Valentine's Day RompA little somefin for your Valentine and your badd self to get a little swerve on. 2006-02-03
tams jams 1A little of everything here.... So get up and move... Peace2006-03-03
Indie RockA little mix of 'modern' garage rock ... and some other stuff that I like ... old and new ...2006-02-23
HipA little hip, a little hop. 2005-12-25
mix the lime with the coconutA little bit of this and a little bit of that2006-02-12
My StationA little bit of all that good stuff that gets me through the day.2006-01-08
Uhgii's Top SongsA list of the majority of my 4-star rated songs. Plenty of variety, but primarily geared toward indie. Note, it's not meant to be played through, just add it all to your "Now Playing" list, and throw shuffle on. Enjoy!2006-03-07
JoggingA list of songs that are good to jog, run or exercise to.2006-03-06
RomanceA list of Romantic Songs Me and My Wife Like2006-01-28
girlsA list built by Liya and Neta2005-09-17
80sA large unfiltered collection of 80s music2005-12-30
Jazz n' rocka jazz and rock mix.....mostly rock just under an hour long. great for semi-long car rides with some of your favrite artists like breaking benjamin,avenged sevenfold,system of a down ,rage against the machine,weird al ....and more stuff 2006-03-22
Produced By Jay DeeA great sampling of the production and MC work of J Dilla aka Jay Dee.2006-02-15
CD 1A great mix of good rock music2005-12-22
Produced by Martin HannettA good sampler of the production work of Martin Hannett, a post-punk god-producer.2006-02-09
beat mixa good dance,gym,and getting pummped up mix, its pimpin hot!!!!2006-03-02
Vintage RockA girlie CoHo from chi-town...if you are truly from the City...then you'll know what I'm talking about but just add a lil' more flair & sassy to it ~smooches~2006-04-12
The Sex on E SessionsA Funky Cold set of Dance Mixes for Friday Night Party People.2006-03-09
Jeremy's Miracle MixA first playlist from me. Just very basic.2006-02-15
MSS-TamilA few tamil songs by M.S.Subbulakshmi2005-08-02
Coachella 2006A few of the bands/peeps playing at Coachella 20062006-03-07
DetroitA few Motown tracks.2006-03-14
Matt & Michael's PlaylistA dope playlist that Matt New & I built. Where else can you get the Chemical Borthers, the Pixies, Modest Mouse, Jack Johnson and Billy Idol together?105-05-31
Songs For Dancing The TwistA dance so easy, even white people can do it! Give yourself a "twist workout" today.2006-03-12
parents favoritesA couple artists I remember my parents listening to: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass and Boots Randolph.2006-02-03
Jagged EdgeA cool sexy cd with flavor!!2006-03-13
Chartlist Top 20A Complete Mix Of Old &New Songs2006-02-28
AmberA combination of Rock, Hip-hop, Alternative, Pop and mostly Rap2005-12-08
Keyboard Romancea combination of are modern rock with bands as My Chemical romance, Fall out boy, Slipknot, System of a Down, any many more2006-03-18
BeautifulA collection of mushy makeout songs.2006-04-08
Depeche ModeA Collection of Depeche Mode songs, created to avoid duplicates on my MP3 player.2006-03-06
RockA collection of contemporary and hard rock for all ages. Only the best make this list! A work in progress :)2006-03-07
Christmas - ClassicA collection of Christmas Classics2005-12-16
greatest hitsA collection of all the best songs. punk, oldies, happy, soft, 90's, party, and island are all from this playlist.2005-10-12
La Original Sonora DinamitaA classic Sonora Dinamita album2005-10-21
All For YouA Change Is Gonna Come2006-03-20
Songs I likeA bunch of songs I like.2005-11-29
DancingA bunch of electronica, some bubblegum, some ambient, some trance, some odd, but all possibly found at a rave full of those dumb little roley-poley's.2006-02-07
Songs About BlondesA blonde friend of mine was getting really tired of blonde joke, so she decided to do something about it. In order to prove that not all blondes are stupid she memorized all the state capitals. Eventually, her moment came at a party when someone told a blonde joke. She spoke up saying, "Not all blondes are stupid! Give me the name of a state and I will tell you it's capital." Someone called out "Vermont". She replied proudly, "V".2006-01-01
Playlist Haiku #1A "Playlist Haiku" is a 3-song playlist where the song titles create a proper 5-7-5 Haiku. Be creative with these.Try to create one where the music fits the poem.2006-01-23
Musical Recipe: Chocolate Chip CookiesA "Musical Recipe" is playlist where the title of each song is a single ingredient in a food recipe. Use it to listen, use it to cook.2006-01-18
-=C.C.C.=->>>>>>>---===BANDS===---<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>GC.SP.FOB.DP.PR.<<<<<<<<2006-02-27
YME4_1128_1129937 two second clips, 18 mb - made Private 120205_1542 1/31/06 made Public2005-11-28
Sing It, Girl90's R&B with a little new mix in. For those ladies who like to sing to themselves.2006-03-05
mOdErN90's - now mainstream mix. No rap or screamin' crap.2006-02-14
joseg_yme1_1-31_16299 Subscription tracks - public joseg_yme1_11-21_1629 1/31/06 renaming PL to recover old PL2005-11-21
80s Favorites80s songs I like.2006-04-16
80's big hair & rock80s 80's mix of rock and roll, big hair metal, and harder pop. No new wave.2006-02-23
Dup_80s-90s Hit Mix-1Hr80s & 90s mix of U2, INXS..- 16 tethered tracks 1h 4m 37s - 12-01-05_1038 - Public2005-12-01
80s-90s Hit Mix-1Hr80s & 90s mix of U2, INXS..- 16 tethered tracks 1h 4m 37s - 12-01-05_1038 - Public2005-12-01
80's gold80's GOLD2006-02-26
Mom's Super Funk 80's Funk2005-08-09
Obscure 80-90 shit80's all the way and then some obscure shit2006-02-27
80's80's 80's 80's 80's2006-04-24
Chocolate Music80's & 90's R&B. Term associated with old Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis recordings - but all of these are not JJ & TL records.2006-02-18
Number One Hits of The 00's So Far78 songs that have reached number one in the U.S. since the turn of the millenium in 2000 until Feb. 20, 2006.2006-02-20
70's Music70's Rock Cool Jams2006-02-19
JoseG_993_11-16_16447 Streams2005-11-16
JoseG_993_11-16_16447 Streams2005-11-16
Coachella 200668 songs by 68 bands that are scheduled to perform at the 2006 Coachella festival the last two days of April.2006-02-02
The Best of 198665 of the very best tracks from 1986. A better year than most give it credit for, as this playlist shows.2006-02-18
Jazz Mix500 Random Jazz Mix on the MP3 Player2006-02-20
JoseG R&B/Funk Mix50 tracks, Public 021606_11102006-02-16
Mood: Rowdy50 of the greatest rowdy tracks available on YMU. WARNING: combining with alcohol can be dangerous.2006-02-19
70's Classic Mix - 2.75 Hours42 song mix of rock & pop hits from the early mid 70's 2h 42m, 248MB - YME4_1128_1150 Pub 2005-11-28
B-Day Party Mix2-4hr41 mixed hits slow to fast - local tracks -12-01-05_1120 Public 1/31/06 removed 6 tracks from start2005-12-01
Zep Only 3.5Hr Mix40 Led Zep tracks A to Z mixed - 3h 38m, 200Mb - YME5_1128_1157_PUB2005-11-28
The Best4 stars...all my favorite songs.2006-01-21
Rock Party Mix - 3 Hrs4 Hrs of rock hits, classics - 1130-09472005-11-30
Devil in Greogia4 bands play the same song but wait Johnny Cash rewrote the song what is the change that he made? 2006-02-18
Joseg Early 70s Hits37 hit songs 1970-73 -2h 25m - local - 120205_1540 - Public - Early 70s Hits - 2.5Hrs 1/31/06 renamed2005-12-02
Songs For Cowboys32 classic cowboy tracks from the old west.2006-03-09
3121 Prince3121 Prince2006-03-23
David Bowie Covers30 classic David Bowie songs as remade by 30 different artists.2006-02-06
Party Playlist3/2/06 Tagworld party playlist2006-03-01
Good Stuff3 stars...not bad.2006-02-22
The Best of 19653 hours of music that will take you back to 1965. These are the very best songs of 1965 based on across the board critical acclaim.2006-02-08
Those 70s Covers28 covers of popular songs from the 1970s. 2006-01-08
The Alphabet26 songs. One for each letter of the alphabet. What's your favorite letter?2006-01-30
Reggaeton25 tracks, playlist created on 1-29-06. 2006-01-29
Those 80s Covers25 cover versions of songs that we loved in the 1980's. Includes remakes of Modern English, The Cure, Adam Ant, The Pretenders, Flock of Seagulls, Culture Club, New Order, Devo, Naked Eyes, U2, Wall of Voodoo, The Buggles and more.2006-01-21
George Harrison Covers24 Interpretations of the late, great Beatle, George Harrison.2006-02-18
Number One Hits of 197322 songs that hit number one in 1973.2006-02-22
Songs About Dragons 21 songs about dragons from a number of different genres.2006-02-11
Noise Pop Festival 20062006 will be the 14th year for the Noise Pop Festival, which happens in San Francisco, California at the end of March begining of April. This playlist features artists scheduled to perform in 2006.2006-02-08
2006 Albums To Know2006 Albums I am keeping track of2006-01-24
Number One Hits of 20022002 was not a stallar year for those with chart-topping dreams. Only 9 songs made it to number one over the course of the whole year. You can hear them all here.2006-02-20
qaml_1_Ymu_96_Jan3120061st qaml shared playlist. Jan. 31, 2006 2:00 PM. 96 tracks, Public.2006-01-31
1994-acclaimed music1994's best albums, according to acclaimedmusic.net2006-02-20
Number One Songs of the 1980's199 songs that reached the number one spot on the US chart in the 1980's.2006-02-28
Number One Hits of the 1970s197 #1 Hit songs from the 1970s. 2006-02-25
The Best of 19661966 was a good year for music. This playlist contains 40 songs from 1966 considered by most most music critics to be highly important and classic works.2006-01-21
Unas Cumbias19 tracks (updated on 12-25-05)2005-10-12
mooca18_PL2_28feb0618FEB2006 15:002006-02-28
Number One Hits of 197017 tracks that reached the number one spot on the U.S. charts in the year 1970.2006-02-22
Classic Punk Rock: The Covers17 classic punk rock bands doing 17 different cover songs.2006-03-13
Best of Electronica 200516 of the very best electronica tracks of 2005. This list will fit perfectly on a single CD.2006-02-13
The Cure Covers15 of The Cure's greatest hits as interpreted by 15 different artists. 2006-02-07
Jonathan Richman Covers15 Jonathan Richman songs as covered by 15 different artists.2006-02-28
Earth, Wind and Fire Covers15 classic Earth, Wind & Fire songs as covered by other artists. From Tuck & Patti, to Take 6 to Stryper. Yea, you heard me right, Stryper.2006-02-06
Live_新心音樂事工14_Feb012006_Christian14 Local 2-byte tracks. Feb. 01, 2006 Public2006-02-01
Drifters Covers13 of the Drifters greatest hits as performed by an eclectic blend of artists. Includes Elvis Presely, George Benson, Tom Tom Club, The Walkmen, Rosanne Cash, James Taylor and more.2006-01-09
Number One Hits of 200412 tracks that hit the number one spot in the U.S. in 2004.2006-02-20
Judas Priest Covers11 Remakes of some classic Judas Priest.2006-02-25
My Easter Basket 200611 items from my easter basket 2006.2006-04-16
Dance With Your Children10 children's songs that have their own dance. Spend some time dancing with your kids, they'll remember it for the rest of their lives.2006-02-19
SpinRecords Mix1/31/06 Renamed, made Public but it didn't get picked up. 2/01/06 try to make Public again2005-11-23
shoutcast-Jazz playlist1/31/06 renamed & made Public2005-11-23
Supertramp albums1/31/06 removed breafast in America album from mix2005-12-15
100 Track Mix1/31/06 new PL & made Public2006-01-31
Joseg Classical Great Hit Mix1/31/06 new & Public Idiot's Guide to Classical Music 2/1/06 still Private, try Public again2006-01-31
Joseg Rock-n-Roll Mix1/31/06 new & public - some old & new hits2006-01-31
Joseg Oldies Mix1/31/06 new & Public - oldies & remakes2006-01-31
Joseg Big Band Swing Mix1/31/06 new & Public2006-01-31
Joseg Special Song Mix1/31/06 new & public 2006-01-31
Joseg Old Skool Mix1/31/06 new & made Public 2/1/06 Public not picked up, try Public again2006-01-31
Joseg_Club Mix1/31/06 made Public, renamed -JoseG_Club from CLub2005-12-01
JoseG Epitonic Artists1/31/06 made Public 2/1/06 still Private, try to make Public again 021606_1115 renamed2005-11-23
Chads' hits volume 112005-10-11
test...just listen, there will be something in here that tickles your fancy2005-09-07
A.R.A.B.I.A.N....Here 4 al Romanians from all over the world..peace on u brothers ..2006-02-19
British Invasion... though my childhood is downright forgettable, these songs somehow redeem whatever good memories are left of it.2006-02-27
The Telegraph's top 50 covers... of which thirty-some are available. Ordered 50-1. From the Telegraph, "They did it their way", 2004/11/20.2005-12-07
Listen to me****=excellent ***=enjoyable **=no opinion yet *=not sure if I'm fond of it, but leaning toward not liking it. 2005-12-22 - Chris' Playlist #1#1 - offers up weekly playlists for all to enjoy. On top of that, they add some great commentary on all things music. Come check out what the two moderators are talking about this week at www.iNotable.com2006-02-15
Ode To Pablo Picasso"Well some people try to pick up girls and get called assholes. This never happened to Pablo Picasso. He was only 5 foot 3, but girls could not resist his stare. And so Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole." - Johnathan Richman2006-01-02
New Playlist #1"New Rock Classics", SF Chronicle 19-Feb-20062006-02-20
MYSTIKAL(The Best of)"Mystikal" The Best of Simply put this is undesputably the best of Mystikal in my mind and really its my mind that counts here anyway. Can You Dig It?So Free your mind, your ass will follow! PEACE OUT2006-03-09
Christian"Let every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."2006-02-17
grindin'"GET $"....DMX, Belly2006-03-05
No More College Rock"Dude. The requisite energy [for rock] does not reside in American centers of young adult learning. Nirvana is better than Phish, period!" - Iggy Pop. This playlist lacks any solid theme, but rest assured there are no college aesthetics anywhere to be found.2005-12-17
Blended"Blended to Perfection" Such an understatement for the finest hits in the two greatest genres of music ever to exist. Enjoy.2006-03-28
the last peace before waking"Black Hole" needs a shitload of space. "In My Life" could have a psuedo-sadistic treatment here. Yes!!! It so works! Golden!2006-03-13
Hume Road Sequence"A New Hope" 3.1 AM Euphoria "The Celestial Sea" 3.2 AM Euphoria "Silence" 3.3 AM Euphoria "Hanging On A Star" 3.4 AM Euphoria "Blue Highways" 3.5 AM Euphoria "Stars and the Highways" 3.6 AM Euphoria "A Love Supreme" 3.7 AM Euphoria2006-03-12
Spiritual Food Whenever things seem hard and I need to find gratitude. When I need to remember where to look and who to ask for strength and courage.2006-03-01
Brandan this a tight playlist it will make u dance. get cruck home boy. u will never say this is 4 star or 3 2 1 stars ever this is a 5 star list it is my songs.lean wit it, roc wit it because it is a tight list. there is rap, hip hop, reggaeton, and my top hits and old hits that is still tight2006-01-07
System of a Down SOAD For all the SOAD fans2006-03-17